5 Best Tips For a Successful Marketing Internship in Vancouver

June 6, 2014
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An international internship or professional experience in another country helps young professionals develop their resumes in an international setting. By working abroad, interns gain professional skills on their chosen career path while developing knowledge of foreign business practices.  They also enhance personal confidence, allowing them to thrive in any country or setting in their future career.

This is the case of Olesya, a Russian student that came to Vancouver to do her internship in the areas of social media, digital strategy and corporate communications. Among her tips on how to develop as an aspiring digital marketer, we found out the following:

1. An internship in Vancouver will provide you with hands–on experience.

Having a degree in marketing will give you an advantage but most of the employers are always looking for candidates with hands-on experience, no matter if it is from a previous job, internship or personal project. They want to see that that person is capable and can produce exceptional work before starting. If you have finished your studies and don’t have any work experience in the marketing world, internships will be key. If it is in an English speaking city like Vancouver and in a marketing agency attune to new trends, all the better. Mastering marketing terminology and metrics will take time and patience but you can get the basics down through an internship. An internship also stands out on your resume when you’re ready for a full-time position. It shows initiative and a willingness to learn.


 2. Your Internship is the best way to prove your worth

You may think that some tasks will not be as relevant to the area of digital marketing that you are hoping to learn, but it is the best way to prove your enthusiasm and make first impressions. Throughout your internship you will gain insights into all aspects of the business and how it is managed on a day-to-day basis.

Never sit around with nothing to do. If you have completed everything that has been assigned to you, let your supervisor know. If they are busy, use your initiative to find some other productive pursuit. Explore the company’s social media activity, review analytics figures (if you have access to them) or read the company blog. This will demonstrate to your supervisor how enthusiastic you are about the industry.

If you do have downtime, use it to put together a report on ideas or suggestions for the company’s digital marketing activity. Even if they aren’t implemented, it will show enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the business. Who knows, maybe the company will bring one of your ideas forward in the future.

3. You will get a better understanding into the aspects of Marketing you enjoy most.

An internship gives you the ability to apply the skills you’ve learned in University to the reality of business. In the marketing field you will find many paths for your career, such as affiliate, search, social media, digital, e-mail, mobile, and display marketing.  An internship in a small agency is the best way to get a taste of all of the options, as they are usually more open to showing all areas of their business.

Once you have a base knowledge in each area of marketing, you’ll be better equipped to choose a specific path to focus on in your future career.


4. Internships help you develop better work habits.

Through an internship you will learn how to manage tasks and projects and learn how to carry yourself in a professional environment.  You can also learn from your colleagues by observing their positive and negative work habits. Internship experiences makes you a better job candidate, help you decide what type of career you want to pursue and increase your chances of getting hired at a great starting salary.  Get as much internship experience as you can and it will pay off in the future!

5. Now you are ready for your next professional adventure.

Gaining experience is a great way to build your confidence, so that’s exactly what Olesya did. She developed her marketing skills, gained invaluable experience and engaged with a host of new contacts and networks in Vancouver. Once you see what you have accomplished so far, you will be more confident in your chances of securing a job. After you have completed an internship and begin your search for future employment you will see how important it is to make a great impression with your peers and supervisors.  This networking will act as a reference during interviews and will help with applications when you are asked about your past experiences.

If you are thinking about getting international work experience in Canada you should check out our Student Internship Program. Stepwest offers international students the chance to do an unpaid internship with some of Canada’s most dynamic and thriving companies, get in touch with us and we will guide you about the whole process!

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