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October 24, 2014
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Each month, we highlight one of our program participants experience through Stepwest Stories, the best way to discover about their professional internships or working experiences in Canada.

Gema came to Canada last May 2014 through Stepwest’s Working Holiday City Job Program and she became one of Stepwest Stories Star! Getting the chance to improve her English and have a working abroad experience were high on her list of goals and reasons for coming to Canada. Almost 5 months after her arrival to Vancouver, Gema spent some time with us and shared her story about how things were working out with her international experience.

After she arrived in Vancouver, Gema came to our office for orientation session, and after just a few days, she landed an interview that we arranged for her in an Italian coffee shop, located in the upscale neighbourhood of Yaletown, in Vancouver. Since then, we’re surprised about how quickly Gema has improved her English and how well the clients already know her! She even mentioned during our time with her that she is teaching some of the cafe’s regulars some Spanish! She greets everybody in the café with such a great smile and a cheerful attitude; we could see why she’s such a fan favourite! We invite you to check out her experience in the video below!

The Working Holiday is one of the most cost efficient ways to travel to another country like Canada, as you don’t need to save as much money before you leave. You will have a valid work permit during your whole stay and can work while enjoying all the country has to offer! Gema highlighted that organizing her work experience with us and getting our help was a great choice, so when she arrived, she felt well-prepared for the experience and even started making money quicker.

With our Working Holiday Programs, we guarantee you a job position: one less thing you need to worry about upon arrival and gives you great peace of mind. Plus, by participating in our Working Holiday program, you will get other great perks included in your experience too, such as your first night’s accommodation in Vancouver included, in-person orientation sessions to help you get settled quicker, and having the full support of Stepwest team during your whole stay, so you will feel more secure and welcomed in a new city.

Living and working in another country has its fair share of challenges and surprises, but if you can be fully prepared for the experience, it can be one of the most rewarding travel experiences you can ever have! Gema confirmed to us that slowly things are falling into place: she is reaching her goals and she is really happy and excited about her life and what comes next!

Stepwest Stories Gema WH City Job 2

 Like the sound of this? Find out more about our Working Holiday Programs in Canada and the rest of  Stepwest Stories we’ve share from our participants here!  Are already in Canada with one of our programs? Do you to tell the world about your Stepwest Story? Send your stories, photos and videos and become our next Stepwest Story Star!

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