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December 2, 2014
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Stepwest Stories is back, and our star today is Guillaume from The Netherlands, who has been doing a Graphic Design and Marketing internship in Canada! We spent some time with Guillaume in order to find out more about his international internship experience in Canada!

If you’re under the age of 35, are registered as a student in your home country and are from one of many eligible countries around the world, getting an International Co-Op Visa for Canada will allow you to experience living and doing your international internship in Canada, without undergoing the usual costly expenses of going on an expensive university exchange program. This is the reason why Guillaume came all the way to Vancouver, before graduating in the Netherlands with his degree in International Communications.

He undertook his marketing and graphic design internship at a company related to the promotion of Luxury Hotels across the world. The company is based in Vancouver, but promotes and provides expert advice on over 2500 of the best luxury hotels in 134 countries, and works with impressive partners like Visa or the American Multinational Financial Services Corporation. Guillaume worked in the marketing and design department and he has helped on different online communication tasks, including graphic design, something that he really enjoys and is really good at!

Tell us more about your internship in Canada.

I needed to complete an internship abroad in order to graduate from my International Communications degree in The Netherlands. I got in touch with Stepwest, told them about my background and what I was looking for, and they found the perfect match for me. During my internship, I was helping various hotels getting more exposure online through email marketing, promotional offers, and other digital channels. I really liked this internship because it included a lot of different missions where I’ve been able to work not only on marketing/communication tasks but also graphic design content.

Overall after gaining 4 months of work experience in Canada, I really felt like this experience would strengthen my resume and enhance my professional development.

Why did you contact Stepwest?

I was first in touch with an internship placement agency back in The Netherlands but they did not have much experience with Canada nor Vancouver. They connected me with Stepwest, who helped me with all the administrative paperwork. They guided me through the entire process, including the interview and visa application process, and it’s good to have someone ready to help you out.

I had a lot of questions before coming, and I never got to ask them anything as Stepwest provided me with everything I needed to know.

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What is your study background?

I studied marketing and international communications back home in The Netherlands. My first focus was marketing but I’ve always been interested in graphic design, and I was lucky enough to complete an internship in Canada that combines both things.

What was your biggest challenge coming to Canada?

I thought one of the biggest challenges would be meeting new people and adapt to a different culture but in just a few days it was not much of a problem. It’s not just a cliché; people in Canada are very nice and I felt welcomed from the very first day of my internship.

How would you rate your stay in Vancouver?

I really like Vancouver, it’s a great city with a lot of things to do. I enjoyed being immersed in a new culture, and I feel like I’ve grown up a lot both professionally and personally. It’s a very international city and people are really interested in where you come from and what you are doing in Vancouver. I definitely recommend coming here and make the most of your stay in this awesome city!

Would you recommend doing an internship in Canada with Stepwest?

Definitely. In my case, Stepwest has helped me a lot in pretty much everything and it left me more time to focus on other things as all the research for the internship was already done for me. Moreover, when I came back home, it gave me a competitive edge above my peers and seeking my first job back home definitely was easier after this internship.

Spending a few months in Canada was a great experience. If your university gives you the opportunity to complete an internship abroad, I definitely recommend contacting Stepwest to help you get the internship you want!

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