Stepwest Stories – Oskar, Working Holiday in The Rockies

March 28, 2015
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Stepwest Stories – Oskar, Working Holiday in The Rockies (March 2015)

Stepwest Stories is back, and so is our series of Stories in the Rocky Mountains! During our time in Banff visiting our Working Holiday participants last month, we stopped by the Sunshine Village Mountain, in the middle of Banff National Park and around a 15 minutes drive from downtown Banff. Known as “Truly Canada’s Best Snow”, Sunshine Village Mountain has become the home of our Working Holiday Resort Job participant, Oskar from Sweden, for the last 4 months.

“Getting used to the life in The Rockies took me about 20 minutes […]. The best part is that I can go skiing whenever I want, I have a lot of friends and there are a lot of people that come from different countries, so it feels like home already!”

The resort where Oskar has been working during his working holiday experience in the Rocky Mountains features more than 3,300 acres of skiable sites, ranging from beginner runs but also all the way up to the most extreme big mountain runs. Actually, one of its slopes has been named one of the 10 top off-piste destinations in the world, so for Oskar, a ski and snowboard enthusiast, this spot was a winter paradise!

Oskar skied all the way down from the Resort to the base to meet with us and share his international experience in Canada. He arrived in Vancouver 4 months ago and he currently works as a front desk agent. Oskar applied for his Working Holiday visa during International Experience Canada (IEC) 2014, got his job secured with the help of Stepwest, and made his trip from Sweden to Canada to have the time of his life and perfect his skiing skills. He came to our office for an in-person orientation the morning after he landed in Canada, where we helped him to get everything ready for his bus trip to Banff that same day: including applying for his Social Insurance Number, a Canadian bank account and his bus ticket that would take him to The Rocky Mountains, his final destination after his long trip from Europe!

Learn more about Oskar’s working holiday experience and the process he went through with our help before coming to Canada in the video below! If you are thinking about pursuing your work experience in Canada, watching this video will definitely help you decide to just do it!

If Canada is at the top of your travel wish list, you’re under the age of 35 (or 29 in the case of Mexico), from one of many eligible countries around the world and you have an urge to go travelling, a Working Holiday Program in Canada might just be the best decision for you! Experience the mountains during your Working Holiday!

At Stepwest, we guarantee a Resort job position and we make sure you have the easiest start to your international experience in Canada! Get to know more about our Working Holiday Resort Job Program on our website and don’t hesitate to Contact us if you are thinking about applying for a Working Holiday Visa in 2015! You still have time!

“I would totally recommend this experience. I got a year off of work and I wanted to spend it learning English and doing some skiing, which is what I get to do every single day!”

Now that you know what Oskar thinks about his international experience during his Working Holiday in the Rocky Mountains with our Resort Job Program, check out the video below to discover what the area looks like from the eye of a professional photographer. If you love to ski and snowboard, you might want to book your flight right after watching this video!

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