Stepwest Stories – Silvia & her Business Essentials Program

May 28, 2015
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Stepwest Stories – Silvia & her Business Essentials Program 1

We are really glad to introduce the story of Silvia from Mexico and her experience in Canada. Silvia graduated from an International Trade Degree and worked for the last two years at the University of Guanajuato, México. She enrolled for our Business Essentials Program in order to have the chance to study and work in Canada.

“I always wanted to do an exchange program while I was at University in Mexico but I couldn’t make it. Business Essentials offers the perfect mix I am looking for: to improve my English and give me the chance to work in Canada!”

We remember when Silvia came into our office for Orientation on her first day, we were really excited to meet her since we had been talking over emails and Skype calls for the last few months preparing everything for her trip. She was finally here at Stepwest office!

After almost three months of finishing up her study term at the College and working at her current job, Silvia took some time out of her busy schedule to tell us about her experience. It was great to see how great everything had turned up for her in Vancouver.

During our time with Silvia, she confirmed that she knew that the beginning is always the hardest part. Even though it can be hard to get used to speaking in a different language and starting over in a completely different country is challenging, Silvia knew things would get better and it has! She has met great friends, learned a lot and visited many great places. Silvia tells us, “I’m really glad that I took this opportunity!

Stepwest Stories – Silvia & her Business Essentials Program 2

Silvia is now about to start her full-time work experience in Vancouver although she has already been working part-time since she arrived. Silvia was convinced before coming to Canada that there is no better way to improve her English than through a study and work program in Canada,  and it is the reason why she joined our Business Essentials Program. So far, Silvia is thrilled to be practising her English skills in Vancouver.

“The experience with Stepwest has been very rewarding. Since the very beginning they were really helpful and everything was easier for me thanks to them. I know I have a team backing me up in Vancouver and that gave me a lot of confidence!”

We are really glad that Silvia is having such a great time in Vancouver during her study and work experience in Canada, and what is even more rewarding for us is that she is happy with the services we have provided for her. “Stepwest helped me to take the step I always wanted to take but I was always overwhelmed about the whole visa process and the fact of moving to another country by myself,” she says. We want to wish Silvia the best for the rest of her stay in Canada and in her career. We are sure that when she moves back to Mexico she will bring back her contagious smile and all the best memories from an awesome experience in Canada! Thank you, Silvia, for letting Stepwest be part of it!

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