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July 31, 2015
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Stepwest Stories is back again! This month our Stepwest Star comes from France and her name is Chloe. We are really excited about this story as Chloe was in touch with us for a longtime before she finished her last year of classes and her internship. Chloe didn’t want to take any risks and she wanted to be ready for her International Co-Op visa application from International Experience Canada. She knew the visa process could take a while and she didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to complete an internship in Canada.

Chloe is currently studying in a Business School in France and she decided that completing a whole year abroad getting international work experience is a must. In addition to her Vancouver internship, Chloe previously completed an internship in the UK! For us at Stepwest, we were really excited to welcome Chloe in our office almost a year after our first email. We got the feeling that we knew her already. It was even more exciting that during that time, her sister Charline shared Chloe´s enthusiasm to come to Canada, and Charline enrolled for our Business Essentials program, packed her things and came to Vancouver to have her own internship experience as well!

Chloe started her internship in digital marketing and PR in a well-known marketing agency. She joined a great team that was ready for her arrival with a lot of projects and challenging marketing tasks for her and combined these tasks with their supervision and support.  “The specific things I wanted out of my internship in Canada were mostly getting familiar with the digital side of marketing, experience the fast-paced agency life and overall enhancing my knowledge within the marketing and PR.” 

She stood out during her performance at the company. We had the opportunity to talk to her supervisor during our visit to her office and the Director highlighted how motivated and committed an employee Chloe was.

I am currently having my last weeks at my internship and in Vancouver and I honestly can’t believe these five months went by so quickly! I feel really prepared as I apply for jobs in the public relations field and I am confident that I will transfer my experience to my future profession.

During our time with Chloe, she didn’t hesitate to tell us that her experience during her internship in Canada has taught her a lot about the workings of a marketing agency and all the job related to. “I have realized how inspired I am by marketing and how it is the right career path for me to pursue”.

She even got involved in a twitter campaign supporting Kristi Gordon, weather channel tv presenter of Global News, creating a hashtag #KushionsForKristi to support the TV host when the public criticized her pregnancy on TV. Being on one of the main Canadian TV channels was something that she never imagined during her internship program! 

Chloe spent a total of 6 months in Canada involved in challenging marketing projects during her internship. Her internship included an English environment, amazing landscapes, a great trip to the Canadian Rockies where she experienced Canada to the fullest and even she got the chance to meet her favorite actor Gran Gustin during their filming in Vancouver, The Flash! She met the whole cast!

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We are really glad for Chloe’s success, and right now she is preparing her next internship experience abroad for 2016! Maybe we will have her back in Vancouver, right, Chloe? From our Stepwest Team, we want to thank Chloe for sharing her experience with us. It´s been a pleasure to help you finding your internship in Canada and we wish you the very best in your career. We are sure you will make the most of this experience now and you will have a lot of success in your career with such a good references that you take with you from your Canadian host company! Thank you, Chloe!

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