5 Things You Must Try On Your Working Holiday in Canada

April 14, 2016
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We know that Canada is a big place and it can be a bit overwhelming deciding what you want to do once you’ve landed for your Working Holiday in Canada (besides work!). Do you want to explore the world-famous wilderness and experience the nature first hand? Do you want to try your hand at winter sports? The list can be absolutely endless, but we’ve gone ahead and complied a list of the top 5 things that you MUST try while on your Working Holiday in Canada! If your Working Holiday in Canada is specifically in Vancouver, then we have also included additional links to the mentioned activities within the city. Keep reading to find out what these activities are!

#1 – Indulge In Winter Sports


While on your Working Holiday in Canada, it’s essential that you make some time to try out some of our winter sports. Canada is known for hockey, so if you get the chance, be sure to go rent a pair of skates, grab your helmet plus equipment, and try your hand at hockey! You can check out some local Vancouver arenas, which sometimes offer free skate days. Take some of your friends or co-workers, form a team, and play! Alternatively, you can also look into some other activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and much more. If you are interested in spending your Working Holiday on the Canadian Rockies and indulging in winter sports, you can look into our Working Holiday Resort Job programwhich offers you the opportunity to live, work, and play on top of famous Canadian snow resorts!

#2 – Taste the Local Cuisine

Travelling is no fun without trying the food, and a Working Holiday in Canada is certainly no exception! It’s important that you try the food here and meet some locals while you’re at it. Some foods that Canada is really well known for include seafood, specifically B.C. sockeye salmon, mussels, clams, and also lobsters for our Eastern provinces. We also have the infamous “poutine”, a delicious mixture of fries, piping hot gravy, and squeaky cheese curds. There are also sweet treats such as B.C. Nanaimo bars and Beaver Tails for dessert! Some excellent places to meet locals would be local pubs and breweries, because we Canadians love our beer. A Canadian drink to check out while you’re getting to know people would be our Caesars (aka the Canadian version of the Bloody Mary).

#3 – Hike A Challenging Trail

Another must is to go hiking to make the most of the beautiful nature that we have here! If you get the chance, make sure that you go for at least 1 hike during your Working Holiday in Canada. Also, if you are within the Vancouver area, you can check out some trails in Greater Vancouver region right here. Alternatively, here are some great hikes that are within 1-2 hours of driving from Vancouver. No matter your experience with hiking or your fitness level, we can assure you that there will be something to suit you during your Working Holiday in Canada! Remember to do your research beforehand on which trail you will be hiking and to pack and dress accordingly to keep safe!

#4 – Kayak in Our Beautiful Waters


Our nature isn’t limited to only solid ground! Canada is known for the abundance of beautiful water bodies, which offers you the perfect opportunity to go canoeing or kayaking in! If you’ve never had the chance to canoe or kayak before, then this is definitely an item you need to put on your Working Holiday in Canada bucket list! We would recommend the novice kayaker to go with Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Centreif they are within the Vancouver area, as they offer lessons, tours and rentals from three locations – Granville Island, English Bay (close to Stanley Park) and Jericho Beach. If you’ve never done this before, we definitely recommend asking for some lessons with an instructor because they can make sure that you are kayaking or canoeing safely during your Working Holiday in Canada.

#5 – Camp Out With Friends


Your Canadian Working Holiday adventure is NOT complete until you’ve gone camping! Take your partner, some of your friends or your co-workers, and set a date to go out into the great Canadian wilderness and camp out for a night! Want specific campsite recommendations? Stay tuned and check back for our upcoming article on the top campsites that you can find in British Columbia! Camping is great because you can get away from the busy city that you’ve gotten used to during your Working Holiday in Canada for a little while, and how refreshing is that? So pack your gear, grab your friends, and bring some marshmallows for roasting on a campfire!

Final Takeaway


In conclusion, this list just barely scratches the surface of the endless number of things you can do during your Working Holiday in Canada. We’ve only listed the top 5 that we think are the most defining of Canada and essential for every Working Holiday traveller to experience. Of course, this list is just a beginning point, some inspiration for you to kick off your Working Holiday in Canada on the right foot. Once you’ve tried everything on this list be sure to keep exploring and finding new things to make the most of your Working Holiday in Canada. Did we miss anything? Is there an activity you feel like definitely should have made the list but didn’t? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media like Facebook and Twitter!
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