Top 8 Camping Spots For Working Holidays in Vancouver

April 22, 2016
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As summer approaches for those of us living in Canada, there are more and more opportunities to go out and explore the great Canadian wilderness. We’ve recently shared our article “Top 5 Things You Must Do On Your Working Holiday In Canada”, and it featured camping as a must-do during your Working Holiday in Canada. Now, we’re not just going to tell you to go camping and leave you with 1 or 2 suggested campsites. We’ve actually gone ahead and created this article in order to give you 8 of the top campsites to be found within interior British Columbia and explain why it’s an awesome pick for camping during Working Holidays in Vancouver! Remember, provincial parks are owned by the provincial government, hence they are cheaper compared to private grounds. Reservations will almost always be needed, which you can make through Discover Camping. Now let’s get down to the actual camping spots!

Campsite #1 – Cultus Lake Provincial Park

Top Campsites - Cultus Lake

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Drive Time From Vancouver: 1 hour 30 mins

One of the most popular campsites within the Lower Mainland and a great option during your Working Holiday in Vancouver, this provincial park is known for its warm freshwater lake and amazing forest-clad mountains. The park is evenly divided between the northwest and southeast sides of Cultus Lake. Four campgrounds, a large day-use area for picnicking and boating, and ample opportunity for fishing, water skiing, wind surfing and hiking!

Campsite #2 – Golden Ears Provincial Park

Top Campsites - Golden Ears

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Drive Time From Vancouver: 1 hour

This is one of the biggest provincial parks that you’ll find in B.C.! It’s a great pick if you want to brag about visiting the largest B.C. park once you return home from your Working Holiday in Vancouver. Famous for its large variety of recreational opportunities, the trails within the park are an excellent choice for those looking to go for some serious hikes or horseback riding. Additionally, water activities such swimming, water skiing, canoeing, and fishing can be found on Alouette Lake. The park has 3 major campground areas, which are surrounded by Hemlock forests and rugged mountains.

Campsite #3 – Alice Lake

Top Campsites - Alice Lake

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Drive Time From Vancouver: 1 hour

Another top campsite for Working Holidays in Vancouver! Alice Lake is surrounded by towering mountains, dense forests and grassy areas. Activities include: canoeing, cycling, fishing, hiking, horsebackriding, swimming, water skiing, and wildlife viewing. Campfires, picnic tables, and playgrounds available. The trail around Alice Lake is popular for an evening stroll and for the more adventurous there is the Four Lakes Trail. Excellent views of the Squamish River and the Tantalus Range from the DeBeck’s Hill Trail. This is a favourite family park that’s very popular, so be sure to book early or risk missing out!

Campsite #4 – Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

Top Campsites - Porpoise Bay

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Drive Time From Vancouver: 2 hours 20 mins

Porpoise Bay is a provincial park that’s located on the Sunshine Coast. This park offers many activities for coastal fun and is a very popular family park. The isthmus separates the park from the Straight of Georgia. The site is known for its secondary growth forests, wide and open grass areas, and sandy beaches. Very Working Holiday friendly, with a clean air policy in effect via the use of communal campfires. The policy allows you to relax and take in the wonderfully salty sea-side air without campfire smoke. Activities include canoeing, cycling, fishing, hiking, swimming, picnics, and a playground for children (or sometimes fun loving adults!).

Campsite #5 – Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

Top Campsites - Rathtrevor

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Drive Time From Vancouver: 3 hours 10 mins

This place is filled with everything you could ask for when you go camping on your Working Holiday in Vancouver! Surrounded by majestic trees, beautiful ocean sunsets, and a wide sandy beach with campsites amongst the Douglas Firs. At low tide, the beach is the perfect place for playing in the sand and exploring the shoreline (that’s home to creatures like cute, tiny crabs!). When the tide is back, you have the perfect opportunity to go swimming in the warmed water. Bird watching is also popular, particularly in the spring time when birds fly in for the herring spawn. During February, March and April, Rathtrevor Beach is also one of the best spots to view the migrating Brant geese.

Campsite #6 – (EC) Manning Provincial Park

Top Campsites - EC Manning

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Drive Time From Vancouver: 3 hours

An excellent park located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains that is suited for all season recreation. Another very popular destination choice with B.C. locals (and Working Holiday goers). A diverse landscape combined with easy access are some of the factors that attract endless visitors every year. The park combines a variety of scenic, historic, floral, and fauna attractions, as well as animals like marmots, small birds, eagles, deer, and evens bears during the warmer months. If you’re into wildlife, then Working Holidays in Vancouver don’t get much better than paying a visit to EC Manning!

Campsite #7 Rolley Lake Provincial Park

Top Campsites - Rolley

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Drive Time From Vancouver: 1 hour

Rolley Lake Provincial Park provides a quick escape from the urban life that you might have gotten used to during your Working Holiday City Job. The park is a predominately flat, wilderness area blanketed with tall, second growth conifers. The warm-water lake provides opportunities for swimming, fishing, and canoeing. Sixty-four campsites are nestled in the trees just minutes from the lakeshore. Canadian Working Holiday makers can also enjoy picnicking and short hikes at this awesome park!

Campsite #8 – Sasquatch Provincial Park

Top Campsites -Sasquatch-Provincial-Park

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Drive Time From Vancouver: 2 hours (near Harrison Hot Springs)

For a more “rustic” experience, we have the Sasquatch Provincial Park. This park has two locations to camp by: Deer Lake and Hicks Lake. Located north of Harrison Hot Springs, Sasquatch Provincial Park is known for its small lakes, a unique second-growth and birch forest, and scenic mountain ridges. Hicks and Deer Lakes are ideal for motor boating and canoeing while Trout Lake provides a great fishing experience (providing that you have the appropriate fishing license). Working Holiday makers can also enjoy camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, and picnicking here. A destination sure to be the highlight of many Working Holidays in Vancouver.

Special Mention – Widgeon Falls 

Top Campsites - Widgeon

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Drive Time From Vancouver: Not applicable

This one is a bit different, but we couldn’t resist putting it on the list anyways! This is the option for you if you consider yourself an extreme explorer who isn’t afraid to get his or her hands dirty. In order for you to reach Widgeon Falls, the only route is by canoe or kayak from Grant Narrows. There is a canoe rental shop at Grant Narrows that rents for overnight trips. You can set up your tent in one of the ten camping areas once you arrive. There are currently no camping fees for the campsites and reservations cannot be made. Working Holiday makers can experience a series of waterfalls that offers a great place to relax, as well as Widegon Lake, which is popular for fishing.

And those were our top picks for campsites within British Columbia – all within reasonable proximity to one of our most popular Working Holiday in Canada destinations – Vancouver! Want a guaranteed job placement for your Working Holiday in Canada so you can spend less time stressing about finding a job and have more time exploring places like the ones we’ve mentioned in this article? Sign up with one of our Working Holiday in Canada programs, either the City Job Program or Resort Job Program, and let us take care of everything for you!

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