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November 24, 2016
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Stepwest Stories Giorgia VIII

Sorry Giorgia, we loved this pic too much! Giorgia´s Facebook post of her first day of real winter in Vancouver (Nov 2015)

This  month’s Stepwest Stories comes with an Italian accent guys 🇮🇹! We are happy to share the story of Giorgia- Italian girl from Rome who moved to Vancouver in September 2015 and spent six awesome months studying and working in Canada through our Business Essentials Program.

Giorgia studied Marketing & Advertising at the Libera Maria SS. Assunta University in Rome and graduated right before coming to Canada. She knew that if she wanted to have a successful career in Marketing in Europe, english was a must. Before her Canadian experience, she didn’t feel her english was good enough to move up in career ladder. Even though Giorgia already worked for a Digital marketing agency cooperating with big brands like Mercedes Benz or Fendi during her studies, she knew she needed to get more confident with her english skills. She said to us: 

“I wanted to go out of Europe! USA, Australia, Canada… Canada? When I saw I could work while studying, I thought this was the way to do it. And I will never regret it!”

Once you meet Giorgia you realize how energetic this girl is! She had six months to improve her english, gain work experience related to her career and earn money to pay off her Canadian adventure, and so she did! After six months in Vancouver doing our Business Essentials Program, she reached all of her goals!

Giorgia was attending classes in first 3 months of her time in Vancouver, while working as well. She points out how working while studying makes big difference between Study&Work programs and English study program only. Just the fact of being able to join the Vancouver job market made her believe that she needed to push herself more than a regular english student. This young italian girl is sure that this program not only gives you life changing experience, gets you out of your comfort zone 100% and makes you more vulnerable, but at the same time you realize how much you are capable of doing by yourself, in different country, speaking different language.

Giorgia Stepwest Stories Collage

Canada was Giorgia’s first experience abroad, and even though it was tough for her at the beginning, we were so glad to hear that she really appreciated our help since the day 1 when she decided to come to Canada. Giorgia decided to do the Canadian Study&Work Program in July and already in September she landed in Vancouver. It was a real pleasure to help Giorgia arranging her whole stay: study and work permit, insurance, ESL classes before starting the Career College Program, so she would refresh her english before the hard work would start…

“Stepwest helping me arranging everything, international classmates, and an irish friend, was enough for me to get my goal! I was comfortable with my english. The feeling of achievement is amazing!

Giorgia admits that it might be tough regardless of whether you think your english level is high, especially when you work and need to keep up with meetings, presentations, exams, etc.. but she loved it! She said she had great work experience at a digital marketing agency in Vancouver where she got to understand how businesses in North America work, participated in current agencies’s campaigns and what is the most important, she learned LOTS!


“When you are in your home country, in my case Italy, you didn’t know which agency to choose! You are thinking: should I check directly in Canada? Or should I contact an agency in Italy? My friends in Canada recommended me Stepwest, and since day one I felt I know exactly each and  every step I need to take in order to study & work in Canada, and this was great!”

Today, Giorgia is back to Italy and she confirmed that the work experience in Vancouver made her land some great interviews back home. She currently has too many plans in mind, actually considering moving to another country!? 😉

“I thought leaving Italy and going to work to another country would always be too though but now, after my experience in Canada, I am ready for anything! Just like the song of Frank Sinatra, but this time about Vancouver: “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. It’s up to you,…

Grazie mille giorgia per la tua simpatia nei nostri confronti e per tutto l’italiano che ci hai insegnato qui a Stepwest! noi ti stiamo aspettando qui, in Canada, per vivere a colori il tuo ritorno. Buona fortuna, conquista tutti! Siamo sicuri che basterà la tua persona, bella dentro e fuori, il tuo sorriso e la tua vice da brividi! Ci vediamo presto a Vancouver!

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