Stepwest Stories – Martin from Slovakia and his Study & Work Canadian adventure

May 7, 2017
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We bring you our next Stepwest star to get inspired! Maybe the rest of the year could take you to Canada with one of our Working Holiday, Student Internship or Work and Study Programs and you could have an unforgettable time like Martin from Slovakia who is enjoying his last few days of the Canadian adventure!

Martin is a Media and Marketing Communication graduate from Paneuropean University in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava! Canada has always been a dream country for him, he had the first taste of it 10 years ago when visiting his family in Ontario and he knew instantly he wants to return one day!

After finishing his studies and working back home the usual 9-5 job for a while, he decided it is time to get some international experience and see the true Canadian nature. This time he wanted to experience something different and as he says: I knew that Vancouver and BC have some of the most amazing nature so my choice and direction was clear.”

Martin said his decision was very spontaneous and as the Working Holiday visas were not available at that time anymore, he looked for other options. He got in touch with an agency back home which helped him find a great option: the Work & Study Program. This program allowed him to work on the side of his studies and partly pay his expenses in Canada. He applied for the Business Essentials Program through our agency in Vancouver. It only took a few weeks before he made the trip happen and he confirms it was a great choice!

“I am really happy I went for the Work and Study program because it gave me a fantastic positive experience! I met so many people who became my friends and I got to know cultures I did not know before. I take this experience as a great step before applying for the Working Holiday visa for next year which I am thinking about now.”

Martin is a very talented photographer and traveler who took a full advantage of his time in this country and seen such amazing places that many don’t see in years. He has spent pretty much every weekend during his Work & Study travelling and exploring every possible corner of BC. “This place is as the Canadians would say, “blessed by nature”. I would definitely recommend it as a place to study, for its international experience and people you can meet from around the world.”


But Martin came here to learn too.  He confessed that the study part of the program was very intensive. Even though the study in itself was not very demanding, with combination with work it was a little overwhelming. “The school definitely helped me to improve my English. Even though there were few people from Slovakia there, no one could use any other language except English, this helped us a lot to improve otherwise we would end up speak our native languages.” During the study period there was also time left to work and use the 20hour work permit, Martin said, “but in the first few months you need to have some money saved on the top.”

As to his Work experience part- he says: “It was really great. We had an option to do an unpaid professional internship as well and work in two places at the same time, but as my aim was to travel around the country, my choice was to keep on working in a paid position. I worked in a well-known coffee store and I had no problem to cover all my living expenses and take trips every single weekend.”

When asked about the help of the agency he said:  Stepwest was helpful when it came to all things connected to the study and they also help the students to find placements during their work experience part of the program.”

Martin is now all done with both- the work and the study part and is fully enjoying his last few days here. He is planning to go back to Slovakia for Christmas and New Year to reconnect with his family and old friends. But he is already planning to apply for the Working Holiday program 2017. “Even if I wouldn’t make it back to Canada for the next Working Holiday, I can definitely say that I will return here one day even if it is only going as a tourist to see all the people I met while I was here, it would be so great to meet them again.” 

Thank you so much (and Dakujem 🙂 ) Martin for all those amazing photos and inspiration you gave us when bringing out your Canadian adventure story!

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