Stepwest Stories – Irene from Barcelona & Work Adventure in Canada

December 14, 2017
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Are you ready to live abroad? To gain international work experience? There are probably a million unanswered questions that might be crossing your mind about living abroad, but the only way to know is to get started! Once you have stepped off that first flight to that new country, then all your questions will be answered. StepWest Stories is here to showcase all the magnificent stories that our participants have to offer. This time Stepwest Stories is featuring Irene Forcadell from Spain!

Irene previously studied Law in Spain and is currently doing our Business Essentials Program at a college in Vancouver, Canada. From the first day she contacted us, we could tell she was a hardworking and ambitious girl who knew exactly what she wanted to gain from her International Experience in Canada.

Irene already has a career in Bilbao, Spain where she has been working for an International Trade related company for the last 3 years. She also graduated with her Masters in Port Companies Management and Maritime Law from the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain. 

She contacted us from Spain and after meeting with us in Spanish to know more about the program itself, and getting to know our job placement coordinators via Skype meeting as well, Irene decided to join our study & work program in Vancouver! Irene was an amazing client to work with, always on top of things and ready to get all her documents prepared on time so she could process her permit application as soon as possible, and so it happened! Irene got her study & work permit approved for Canada and she was now ready for her adventure outside of Europe! Irene mentioned that she was happy that:

“Everything was taken care of before I left my hometown, which made me feel reassured and confident about leaving for Canada!”

Arriving in early October 2017, she has landed a part-time job at a local café in the heart of Vancouver city. When we asked her how her international experiences will impact her future career and personal development, she said:

“ It has helped me in a lot of ways, first off, being in a college in Canada, it has and will help me in improving my English. Secondly, it is really important to make the effort to understand and learn about other cultures and people, and you can only do that if you get to live abroad.”

Irene also shared with us her passion for winter sports. And of course, Vancouver seemed like the perfect choice for her because of her that! She mentions that “Vancouver was always my first choice because it is a safe place to live with lots of opportunities for my career. It is also really well known for its winter season and as I snowboard myself, I am really excited for the upcoming winter season where I can see the beautiful natural mountains.”

It was a dream for Irene to live abroad at least once in her life. She knew that there was so much offered outside of Spain and wanted to experience life with a different perspective. Irene made sure that where she chose to live was outside of Europe, because since I am going to be gone anyway, let’s move to another continent! 

When we asked her what advice she would give to other who are thinking about going to Canada to gain international experience, she said,

It is the best experience you can get in your entire life! Living abroad not only brings you to learn about different countries, but most importantly you learn more about yourself “

Her study and work program in Canada was the best choice for her because she would be able to gain the required business knowledge, plus international work experience in the field. She knew that colleges in Canada have a good international reputation for high quality education, so as she says: you get the full package! 

We want to thank Irene for her time answering our questions and being always available for us. We are glad to have her story featured by Stepwest Stories – she is a great professional and we know this young Spanish lady will make the most of the time she will be in Canada!

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