Stepwest Stories – Samira from France & her Marketing Student Internship in Canada

January 11, 2018
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One of the most rewarding experiences in life, travelling or working abroad, can also be one of the most difficult at first. Have you ever considered participating in a Student Internship program? Not only can you gain valuable international work experience in your field of study, but also go on an awesome adventure in a new country! If you’re unsure about the process, don’t worry, Stepwest will be there to help you the entire way. Before and after arrival we will support you and answer any questions you might have. StepWest Stories is here to share experiences from our participants and help you find out which program is best suited for you.

Samira from France, came to Canada to participate in our Student Internship program in marketing & media in Vancouver for 4 months. The 22 year old concentrates in Management Information Systems and was required to complete an internship in a foreign country.

Samira previously worked for companies like Emirates and Qatar Airways and also completed an internship at her Business School ISC Paris. All the previous experiences helped her to understand what kind of job she would enjoy, but she knew that having an experience abroad and outside of Europe would give her a completely new view and it would improve her resume greatly, so she did! Samira contacted us through her agency back in France in December 2016 and she was in Vancouver by May 2017 to start her internship experience!

Enjoying internship in Vancouver

With so much to explore, Vancouver is a great place for your next internship

We asked her why she chose Vancouver, Canada, and what her experience was like living here, and this is what she had to say:

“I chose Canada, specifically Vancouver, because my goal was to only speak English during my journey. Canada has very friendly people and open minded. During my time in Vancouver, I stayed at a homestay where I lived with 2 roommates, Cynthia, from Argentina and Irene, from South Korea. I created a really good relationship with both of them”

Samira did her interviews over Skype with her host company and needed to prepare for it! She completed some interview preparation with our coordinators to make sure she would come across as genuine and professional. Stepwest helped her stand out among other candidates for the position, and Samira landed her internship opportunity at a really important and well known marketing agency in Vancouver!

While in Vancouver, Samira did not miss any of the good spots in the city during her free time! She was lucky enough to be in Vancouver throughout the whole summer, and did a lot of hikes, outdoor activities, beach time, patios, etc. Being in Canada and enjoying an amazing summer with her friends, Samira was immersed in English 24/7!

One of her biggest highlights of the trip to Canada was all the outdoor activities she could do living in Vancouver, hiking Grouse Mountain and Squamish Park were her favourite ones! There is so much to do in Vancouver and the surrounding area, that each experience will be totally unique to you. Check out some of the things that you could look forward to during your internship in Vancouver in this video shared by Beautiful Destinations

Samira believes that this experience will help her future career because it has improved her English and allowed her to quickly adapt herself in lots of situations. Living in a foreign country for 4 months, Samira says that she has become more independent, and can work with people who come from all corners of the world.

Currently Samira is back to Paris, working in her field of study, and about to graduate with her Masters Degree!

Once last piece of advice that Samira wanted to give to those who are thinking of going abroad was:

“Enjoy this experience, They won’t know it yet but it will be the best experience of their life. They will meet new people and discover something new. At the end of the day it’s very rewarding”

Get outside between working hours for views like this in Squamish

With over 30 industries available (advertising, engineering, technology, and fashion, and more), in 4 different Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal, you can find the right job and the right environment that will give you the best experience professionally and socially. If you have intermediate english skills and wish to improve on your speaking and writing abilities, this program helps students become immersed in the culture and learn the language much more easily.

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