Stepwest Stories – Dann from Mexico & his Study and Work in Vancouver

April 19, 2018
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Stepwest Stories is back again! Are looking to have an experience in Canada and get valuable work all while improving your English in Vancouver? Have you ever thought about living in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities? Then you should take a look to our study and work programs in Vancouver! Dann from Mexico is currently participating in our Business Essentials  Co-Op Program in Vancouver, so we had the pleasure to get to know him, and find out how he is enjoying his time here in Canada so far.

Dann is an actor from Mexico City, who decided to take his life to a whole new stage in Canada. He already has a lot of experience in travelling around the world! He traveled through Europe and lived in Paris for some years, where learned French and attended a well recognized acting school in Paris!

He realized that having real life experiences in another country would benefit his career very much, so after graduating of his studies in France at École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, he wanted to improve his English by coming to study and work in Canada! He said that he had this idea about what Canada was like, but wanted to see for himself! And so far …Vancouver has exceeded his expectations!

Even for Dann, a well travelled guy, he says that moving to a new country is intimidating at first! Some things that helped him during his first days in the city, while he didn’t know anyone yet and was getting ready to start his College Program, was going to free cinematic events, Vancouver Public Library, sightseeing spots like Stanley Park, Capilano Bridge, etc.

Going to events in the city really helped Dann to meet new people, and once he started his College program in Vancouver things got way easier! Even better, he started to join our Stepwest monthly events, which allowed him to meet participants that were doing different experiences than him: Working Holiday, internships in Vancouver, among others.

With so many other international students in his class, he has met people from all over the world, and raves about the multiculturalism that you can find anywhere in Canada! It’s easy to make friends when everyone is so nice! He says that:

“Vancouver is such an accepting, inclusive, and accessible city”.

During his Business Essentials program, Dann will complete a 6-month study term, when he can work up to 20 hours per week, which helps him a lot to pay some of the expenses of this new Canadian adventure. Once the study term is completed, he will be working full time for 6 months in Vancouver! No classes anymore!

He is studying Business Management, and hopes to get a job in his field since the movie industry in Vancouver is so big, and there are a lot of companies based in the city, he is working hard to achieve his goal! He is currently completing the study portion of his program, while working part time, and has made some great friends in his class. They always laugh and have a good time, so going to school never seems like a chore, but a pleasure!

Dann at his first Canucks hockey game!

On his time off Dann likes to explore the city, and he even got the chance to go to his very first hockey game with the Vancouver Canucks! He says there is so much beauty in BC that everywhere you go is special, and that Vancouver is one of his favourite places to be. Trying new things in Canada was one of the things he was most excited for, because he says it’s such a different culture than in Mexico City or Paris. He says he feels safe here, no matter where he goes, and it’s a very freeing experience.

“I like the fact that Vancouver is so chill. It doesn’t feel like some other big cities where it is so busy and chaotic. Vancouver is just calm and you feel relaxed, but it also has the excitement of a city”

We are really glad for Dann’s success, and right now he is is also taking acting classes besides his regular studies and he is super excited to learn about what the industry is like in Canada, and how he can apply that to his own career!

From the Stepwest Team, we want to thank Dann for sharing his experience with us. It´s been a pleasure to help you through your journey in Canada and we wish you the very best in your career. We are sure you will make the most of this experience now and you will have a lot of success in your career with such a good references that you take with you from your Canadian host company! Thank you, Dann!

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