Stepwest Stories – Claire from France & her Digital Marketing Internship in Canada

May 28, 2018
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You never know what to expect when you’re living abroad, but the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture makes it worth it. Whether that be through a Working Holiday or Student Internship in Canada, both give you the opportunity to travel to Canada and see what the country has to offer, and that’s what Claire did this 2018! This time our Stepwest Stories Star comes from Castres, France!

Say hello to Claire! We’re featuring her in our Stepwest Stories today as she talks about how her time in Vancouver has been so far during her internship experience. Claire travelled from Europe to partake in our Student Internship program for 6 months. This talented 22 year old marketing student is doing an internship in Digital Marketing where she manages social media accounts, SEO, and email campaigns for her host company in Vancouver which will allow her to graduate back home in France of her Bachelor’s Degree at Grenoble École de Management, in Grenoble, France. Her program requires her to complete two, 6 month internships in her field of study and she chose to do one abroad, so she could gain international experience. She decided that the best destination for her was Vancouver, Canada!

Claire is currently part of the marketing department of her host company in Vancouver and works in one of the most touristy areas of the city, Gastown. Claire knows that if she wants to be hired in Marketing it is EXTREMELY important to have real work experience! This is where the first reason to participate in a full time marketing internship came into her mind. You will learn a lot in University, but when you go to the real job market, it’s up to you to put what you’ve learned into practice. That’s why Claire is convinced that her internship experience in Canada will not only be a great personal experience, but professional one as well.  Claire knows that this internship in Canada will get her ready for employers back in Europe that want results and also want to hire a marketing professional who can get the job done— Claire is certain that as a student about to graduate you need to put the extra effort in by getting an internship and gaining as much experience and knowledge as you can! It’s a very competitive market and she wants to make a difference! 

Claire told us a little bit about her experience in Vancouver and what she’s enjoyed the most during her time abroad. Having never travelled to Vancouver before, she describes the city as very safe and clean, and the people are very respectful. Additionally, there are so many restaurants and things to do which makes this city very desirable. Her favourite spots in Vancouver include Gastown, Lighthouse Park, and Deep Cove and she loves all the outdoor activities like hikes, along with all the restaurants the city has to offer.

The opportunity to live abroad can be intimidating at first, especially in a city you aren’t familiar with, so what’s Claire’s best advice if you’re deciding to live abroad?

“Take chances, try new things, and meet new people”

For example, living in Vancouver has challenged her to try new activities she would have never done back home. “Trying new things and being open minded to put yourself out there is important” when living abroad she says. You never know what you will like, and now some of her favourite things to do are outdoor activities!

In fact, her best experience in Vancouver so far was when she ran the BMO 8km race! “The atmosphere was perfect” she explains, because “there were lots of people, loud music, the sun was shining, and to be able to be doing sports outdoors” was such a fun experience!

One of the challenges when living abroad is definitely meeting new people, although it wasn’t too bad for Claire because her boyfriend was already in Vancouver when she arrived, she said it was helpful to live with other roommates as she created a close bond with them. Another way she met new people was through our monthly events! Claire has made many close relationships with some of the other participants by participating in our events, and it’s a great way to meet people who are in a similar situation to you!

As Claire finishes up her time in Vancouver, she says the biggest lesson she’s learned from this experience is how to live independently and be more open minded. She had to go through the moving process a couple times since living here and figuring that out gave her a boost of independence which is a quality that will help her back home. She’s also become more open minded through trying new activities and meeting new people. Vancouver has such a diverse population, so she’s been able to meet people from all different countries! When she gets back home, she will finish her last year of her Masters in a co-op. The internship experience she gained in Canada will help her with her study and work back home and we wish her the best of luck!

Thank you Claire for taking the time to give us your feedback about your internship experience in Vancouver and with us! It has been great seeing you enjoying your internship in Canada and that you are making the most of your time here! And even better, getting amazing feedback from your host company about the work you have been doing with them! Congratulations on all your good work and thanks for sharing it with us!

Claire also did a takeover over on our Instagram! She showed us a day in her life as an intern, so you can see what it’s like to live and work in Vancouver. You can watch it on our stories today, or it’ll be saved in our highlights so you can watch it anytime!

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