Stepwest Stories: Christiane from Germany & her Engineering Internship in Vancouver!

December 28, 2018
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Today’s Stepwest Stories is about the engineering internship of one of our incredible participants. Introducing Christiane, our participant from Germany who is completing an internship in Canada through our Student Internship Program in Vancouver!

Inspired by the quote “Living in the moment could be the meaning of life”, Christiane decided to move her life to Canada for three months to complete an internship as part of her studies in Business Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences RFH in Cologne. Since last September, Christiane has been enjoying her work experience in Vancouver and it’s been the best decision she’s ever made!

During my internship in Canada, I can apply my skills from the classroom to real-life work experiences. I’m being part of tangible projects to gain the real-world experience that I will need in my career once I go back to Europe!

Last month we had a chance to meet with Christiane and she sat down with us to discuss her journey in Canada and how her internship experience has been so far in Vancouver, Canada. We love Christiane’s fun-loving energy and constant laughter, so we’re excited to share her story with all of you, read our interview with her to learn more!


How are you liking Vancouver so far during your Internship?

Vancouver is such a friendly city! I love the people; my homestay family and co-workers are all so welcoming and helpful. The city felt like home even after one week and I’m enjoying seeing the city and exploring more parts of B.C. Doing an internship in Canada, instead of just learning English in classes makes the experience way more enjoyable as you get to interact with so many people that live in the city.

What is your study background in Germany?

I am from Cologne, Germany and I studied Business Engineering, which is a combination of Economic and Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Applied Science RFH Cologne. Now, I’m completing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering, that’s why I wanted to complete an international internship, to get work experience abroad!

Why did you choose to do an internship in Vancouver?

I knew that once I finished my Masters it would be harder to go live abroad, so this was my chance to do it. The opportunity of doing an internship in Canada and ran with it, so far it is like a dream! I love nature — mountains and sea, and I thought I could easily combine my internship work experience and social life here. There was no doubt in my mind when I chose Vancouver, I was very set on coming here.

What is your favourite part of your internship in Vancouver?

My internship in Canada has been very good so far. I get to learn about how Mining and Engineering works in Vancouver and gain work experience for the future in my career. My co-workers trust me to work independently and share ideas, so I love being able to be part of the team. I also love being part of a start-up because I can see how far the company has come over the past few months.

Christiane during her Engineering Internship in Vancouver!

What has been the biggest challenge of doing your internship abroad?

The language was the biggest challenge in the beginning because everyone spoke so quickly and it was hard to understand. However, I took English classes for a couple of weeks before starting my internship in Vancouver and I have quickly adjusted to the language.

I now feel much better about my English skills! Although it was a challenge, I developed lots of self-confidence while adjusting to my new work experience through my internship and have become more open-minded as well.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to do an internship in Canada?

My advice would be, do it! I know that doing this internship in Canada will help me a lot in my career when I come back to Europe. There are so many things that you can not learn in class that you can only learn by doing, that’s why having the opportunity of doing an internship abroad gives you more confidence as a professional when you come back home. I would not change this work experience in Canada for anything!

I would also recommend researching the city you are going to do your internship in. It will make you feel more comfortable once you start your new adventure. Another thing that has helped me was choosing to live in a homestay. I like having someone always in contact with me during my time in Vancouver, and my homestay family is very welcoming and accommodating. I go out with my homestay family from time to time and it’s nice to have someone who is always there for you, besides your host company when you are completing your internship.

Working with Stepwest has been very easy and helpful!. There is nothing they could have done to make my internship experience of coming to Canada better. When I first started talking to them, they helped me prepare for my internship interview and that was probably one of the most helpful things they gave me! Also, they helped me get everything sorted with my International Co-Op Internship work permit under International Experience Canada, so I was sure I was coming to Canada with the right work permit for my internship! It gave me peace of mind to know that I was in the right hands for my work experience in Canada.

What is your next project?

I love Vancouver so much, that I think I might live here after I finish my internship and Masters back home! Who knows? Maybe with a Working Holiday in Canada!

I did not expect to want to come back and live here longer, but my internship host company is willing to hire me after I finish my Masters in Germany, so I would love to come back as early as next year and work for them again for a longer period! Having a longer work experience abroad is what I am aiming for right now and Canada matches all my requirements, so I will be back for sure!

Christiane during her Engineering Internship in Vancouver!

It is amazing how one quote can change your life. Christiane’s belief to live in the moment because it could lead her to life-changing moments has led her to new work experience in Canada through her internship! She’s excited to explore more places in British Columbia, Alberta, especially the Canadian winter for snowboarding, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes her. We are also excited that she wants to come back after her internship and live here for an extra year with a Working Holiday, that is such amazing news!

How did we help Christiane with her internship in Canada?

  • We supported her in her internship permit process.
  • We helped her with her interviews directly from home.
  • She was able to understand what are the expectations of a Canadian employer.
  • We provided her with an amazing internship matching with her background!
  • Orientation before her trip & full support during her stay.

If you’re interested in going on a life-changing journey yourself securing your internship in Canada, check out our Student Internship programs. If you’re not from one of the International Experience Canada (IEC) countries, then we can still help you with our Study & Work programs. Contact us for a FREE consultation, we can’t wait to help you get your Canadian work experience adventure started!

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