Stepwest Stories: Gabriel from Costa Rica & his Hospitality Internship in the Canadian Rockies

March 12, 2020
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Gabriel - Grotto Canyon Trail

We want to introduce Gabriel, our Stepwest Stories Star! A graduated Chef from Costa Rica currently completing his Hospitality Internship in Canada through our work experience program in Canada.

Almost a year ago, Gabriel decided to leave Costa Rica to challenge himself with new work experience abroad. The Canadian Rockies, to be more exact, Banff, Alberta, would be his next stop! He has brought to Canada his joy, professionalism, and of course his amazing culinary skills!

Before starting the process with us, his Culinary School in Costa Rica gave us the best references for Gabriel. And his school was right: in just a few months here we have already received the best feedback from his host employer in Canada. Here is his story!

Graduated Chef looking for a work experience abroad

Gabriel graduated in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at Carolina Coronado CTS Culinary Trainer School, where his amazing cooking skills could not be unnoticed! He worked for several pastry shops back in Costa Rica and even started his own project: Bakeaholic. He catered many events to celebrate special occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings, Parties, and way more during his studies in Costa Rica.

Gabriel studied a lot to take his pastry skills to the next level! He had never worked abroad before and, when the opportunity to complete a Hospitality Internship in Canada, working as a Chef at the Canadian high-end Hotel came up, he did not think about it twice! He applied to our work experience programs in Canada, and in less than 6 months he started working in Canada!

Securing a Culinary Job – International Experience Canada

Gabriel was looking for paid work experience abroad. His school, CTS, suggested that he reach out to us to support him on this venture and in securing his work experience in Canada. Gabriel had a lot of experience already working in the kitchen and with a strong level of English. So right away, we knew that we would be able to secure the best work experience possible for him in Canada.

Alberta and Banff National Park both host many top-class restaurants, hotels, and resorts. We asked Gabriel if he would be interested in working in this environment. He knew that this work experience would be the opportunity of a lifetime to improve his skills working with high-level chefs and professionals from all around the world.

Hospitality Internships in the Culinary and Gastronomy fields in the Canadian Rockies have a very high demand during the summer and winter seasons. Luckily Gabriel was ready to start his work experience in June, right at the beginning of the summer season!

Gabriel - Northern Lights

We connected with him to understand what his preferences were, and what he was expecting from his work experience abroad including his job preferences and his goals for his work experience abroad. We wanted to learn more about his professional background to make sure that we were able to offer him a position aligned with his professional career and expectations. Once we had everything clear, our placement team worked with Gabriel to adapt his resume to the Canadian job market and started to get him ready to submit his profile to different Hotels in Canada.

Soon after, then the time came when we had a job interview secured for Gabriel! We made sure to assist Gabriel so he would be ready for his interview through our interview preparation session. Gabriel did an amazing job during his interview and he had a job offer immediately on the table in no time! Thanks to the agreement between Costa Rica and Canada through International Experience Canada, Gabriel was able to secure his work permit for Canada with our assistance. There are very few work permits for Costa Rica but Gabriel was lucky enough to secure his Invitation to Apply for the work permit and got it secured!

Our team provided him with everything he needed before his departure. Just 4 months after starting the visa and work permit process, Gabriel was on a plane to Calgary, Alberta to start his work experience in Canada!

Living and Working in the Canadian Rockies

From the very beginning of his experience, Gabriel knew he made the right choice! Just like several of our other participants, such as Javier from Chile, he started working at a top resort in the heart of the Canadian Rockies where he would be able to share his skills and knowledge and learn from his new co-workers.

In Banff, Gabriel works as a chef and participates in the preparation of top-quality desserts for clients of the resort, receptions, special events, and way more. His knowledge and practical skills are highly appreciated by his colleagues and he is currently doing an amazing job!

At first, Gabriel started working in fine dining, which is something he enjoyed as it brought him a new professional experience and the opportunity to try something different. But it was a challenging time for him as he understood that creating pastries is what suits him best!

However, in just a few weeks, Gabriel was able to jump back to what he really liked, and we can say that looking at his work, he did not disappoint!

During his Hospitality Internship work experience in Canada, Gabriel has already gained skills that would help him stand out in the job market internationally. The very first skill he learned was about is time management. The steady pace of work within Canadian resorts has led Gabriel to improve his time management skills and his ability to jump from a project to another. He has improved a lot already, thanks to its patience and great professionalism.

Gabriel also highlights that he is working every day with international chefs and this has helped him improve his cooking skills. Thanks to his Hospitality internship in Canada, Gabriel is learning every day and it will help him stand out on the job market once back in Costa Rica.

Working while discovering Canada

We like to call Gabriel our “National Geographic Reporter” because of all the incredible places that he has had the opportunity of visiting when he was not working. Whether it is the great landscapes of the Yukon or the beautiful roads of Alberta, he always finds a way to surprise us! He really enjoys working in Alberta because of all the natural beauty that the Canadian state has to offer.

Gabriel works specifically in the little town of Banff, often listed as one of the most beautiful national parks to visit by National Geographic magazine. Banff and its surroundings are full of incredible treasures worth seeing!

So far Gabriel has been able to travel a lot around Canada, and one of his favorite places is Dettah in the Northern Territories, where he could proudly display the flag of Costa Rica during the Northern Lights.

Alberta has much to offer and we are sure Gabriel’s objective is to visit all the important places in the province! He’s been able to do and see so many new things there, including a helicopter ride in the middle of The Canadian Rockies!

Many thanks for sharing all your adventures with us Gabriel! We are looking forward to seeing more of your awesome pictures and videos around Alberta and Canada!

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