Accounting Internship in Canada

Guaranteed Accounting Internship in Canada

Stepwest’s accounting internship program is aimed at international students who are currently working to achieve a qualification in the accounting sector. The majority of CGA (Certified General Accounting) firms, tax firms, government agencies and internal accounting departments in Canada look for candidates with not only educational background but also professional experience so it has become vitally important to gain hands-on practical experience before advancing into full-time employment. If you have experience with accounting computer software and accounts payable/receivable then this is a great way to develop these skills to the next level within a professional environment. Not only do host companies look for candidates with the above-mentioned attributes but they also look preferably towards candidates who have experience on an international setting. We work with some of Canada’s most dynamic companies who have hosted several interns in the past so they will be able to give you the best possible insight into the daily operations of a North American firm.  You will be able to choose from cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, all of which are amazing host cities for a Canadian internship in the accounting sector due to their thriving economies.

 Bernadette - Internship Canada “This international internship program in Canada will definitely help me with my accounting career back in Germany.”
(Bernadette, Germany)

Our Internships in Accounting allow you to engage in multiple real world situations and put your theoretical studies to practical use. You will work alongside professionals and learn from their experience, which will no doubt help you in your future career. Once you add this professional experience in accounting to your resume you will be able to focus more directly on what direction to take your career. Whether it’s becoming a Chartered Accountant or working as a Tax Return Specialist, this internship in Canada will give you an insight that will truly help you decide.

 Career Options:

  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Training
  • Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Media
  • Tax
  • General Accounting
  • Internal Accounting
  • Credit
  • Securities

As accounting is one of the most important components to any operational business, there is always a great diversity in the career paths that are available to current students and international interns. Therefore, we have partnered with host companies who are involved with a huge variety of sectors, which will enable you to learn about multiple facets of the accounting industry.

 Skills you will learn:

  • Finance
  • Auditing
  • Tax reporting
  • Computer skills
  • Accounting attributes
  • Interpersonal skills in a North American office setting.
“Through my accounting internship in Canada I gained a lot of professional experience and my English level has improved a lot which has allowed me to communicate better with colleagues and clients throughout my work.”
(Carlos, Spain)
Carlos - Internship Canada

Stepwest offers this guaranteed internship placement opportunity through our Student Internship Program in Canada, which has been developed with your interests to the fore. With our international internship program you will benefit from our outstanding services and ongoing monitoring, which will make you feel comfortable throughout your placement. If you are planning a career in Accounting then check out our Student Internship Program page.

To read testimonials from some of our participants who have successfully completed our Internship Canada Program, visit our Blog. We look forward to meeting you at our Stepwest office here in Vancouver.

Guaranteed Accounting Internship in Canada or Your Money Back

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