Networking Internship in Canada

Guaranteed Networking Internship in Canada

Today there is nothing more critical to successful business operations than effective networks. Almost every industry requires professionals who can perform tasks such as installing and configuring routers and switchers, monitoring network performance, developing and maintaining networks, activating accounts and troubleshooting problems. With the growth of the IT industry and its importance to all other industries, there is a huge demand for young professionals with networking skills – both academically and professionally. Having North American experience on top of your academic qualifications will truly help you stand out from your peers when it comes to advancing in the jobs market.

Career Options:

  • Network Administration
  • Software Programming
  • HTML Programming
  • Ecommerce
  • Network System Operations
  • System Administration
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Network Communications
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Development
  • Informational Analyst


Throughout your networking internship in Canada you will get the chance to develop your Networking skills alongside seasoned professionals who will guide and mentor you through your time with the host company in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary or Montreal. They will support you by giving you daily tasks; project assignments and team projects, which will help you, understand the operations business in a North American setting.

Skills you will learn:

  • Programming
  • Administration
  • System Administration
  • Data Analyzing
  • Ecommerce skills
  • Project Management
  • Teamwork
  • Presentation skills
  • System Design/Creation
  • Voice/VoIP Administration
  • Network Operating Systems (NOS) such as Windows, UNIX & Cisco
  • Switching (VLAN & IP)


Stepwest offers this guaranteed internship placement opportunity through our Student Internship Program in Canada, which has been designed completely around you. With this program you will benefit from our outstanding services, dynamic host companies and ongoing monitoring throughout your internship placement. If you are currently studying Networking or have recently graduated and want to improve your resume with top international internship experience in Canada then check out our Student Internship Program page to find out more or to apply.

To read testimonials from some of our participants who have successfully completed one of our Internship Programs in Canada, visit our Blog. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to Vancouver.

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