Public Relations Internship in Canada

Guaranteed Public Relations Internship in Canada

After graduating with a degree in Public Relations (PR) your options can be extensive and it is often difficult to know exactly what will be the best route to take. That is why many graduates decide to take an international internship – either after graduating or during college. An internship in Public Relations will allow you to develop your overall skills and put your educational background to practical use.

A Public Relations internship in Canada will help you discover which career path in the PR industry is most suited to your education, skills, and interests. A general Public Relations degree gives you a great foundation of knowledge and skills to use, and can be a gateway to different jobs in the field. Vancouver is a city that has many growth opportunities in related sectors such as government, public policy, politics, business, marketing and more. These sectors are in need of students or graduates with a PR background. This makes it the perfect city for you to gain international work experience in the Public Relations industry.


 Related Career Options:

  • Marketing coordinator
  • Copywriter
  • Fundraiser
  • Direct marketing spokesperson
  • Media buyer
  • Investor relations
  • Account executive
  • Public information officer
  • Employee relations
  • Production coordinator
  • Media planner


  • Special events coordinator
  • Researcher
  • Counselor
  • Marketing manager
  • Art director
  • Media relations
  • Marketing communications
  • Freelance writer
  • Strategic planner
  • Multicultural relations
  • Government affairs



Over the last few years, employment in professional jobs in the fields of PR and communications has gone up significantly. There is a growth in company demand for communications to reach both internal and external stakeholder in a business, making employees with PR backgrounds and knowledge a crucial part of the company’s operations.

With multiple sectors and subsectors in the Public Relations and Communications industries available to work in, there are endless opportunities and different job options in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. We work with host companies in a range of Public Relations sectors, which gives great diversity when it comes to placing you in the perfect international internship. You will be assigned a supervisor who will mentor you throughout your Public Relations internship in Canada, giving you in-depth knowledge and insights on the operations of a North American PR industry.

 Skills you will learn:

  • Business writing
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Negotiation, reasoning, and debate
  • Media awareness
  • Market research
  • Information deduction
  • Strategic thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Management
  • Teamwork
  • Statistics and measure
  • North American business sense
  • And more

Stepwest offers this guaranteed internship placement opportunity through our Student Internship Program, which has been designed completely around you. With this program you will benefit from our outstanding services, dynamic host companies and ongoing monitoring throughout your international placement. If you are currently studying Public Relations or have recently graduated and want to improve your resume with top international experience in the PR industry then check out our Student Internship Program page to find out more.

To read testimonials from some of our participants who have successfully completed one of our Internship Programs in Canada, visit our Blog. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to Vancouver.

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