Consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, it is no surprise that Vancouver has become one of the most thriving and dynamic places for new businesses. The favorable climate and proximity to an abundance of amenities such as ski-hills, beaches, nightlife and shopping districts has led the way for the emergence of a new wave of exciting industries to develop across the city. Marketing start-ups, IT specialists, world-class hotels and restaurants, international trading groups and evolving social media hubs have grown dramatically in Vancouver over the past 5 years.

This diverse range of industries has allowed for Vancouver to be one of the top cities in which to take part in an internship Canada. You will obtain expert training from professional supervisors throughout your international internship at one of Vancouver’s most exciting companies.

The team here at Stepwest, have developed outstanding relationships with host companies in various sectors, offering but not limited to:

Through these relationships you will be able to add professional North American experience to your resume, which will help you stand out from your peers in your future career.

 Bernadette - Internship Canada “I might try to stay in Vancouver to pursue an MBA as I have fallen in love with the city!”
(Bernadette, Germany)


As a city, Vancouver is a refreshing young place that is home to a diverse range of nationalities. Every year it plays host to millions of tourists who come here to take advantage of everything from snowboarding to kayaking or hiking at one of the hundreds of local treks. It has a bustling shopping and nightlife scene that caters for tourists, locals and even the thousands of cruise ship visitors who arrive daily throughout the summer. Vancouver is also a year-round destination, which means it is always busy. Therefore, if you want to take part in an international internship, Vancouver is definitely the place to be!

Comprising of a well-educated, internationally diverse and young work force, Vancouver has bred some of the most exciting start-up companies in its unique downtown hubs and across its many emerging suburbs. As a city, it is home to some of the best universities and colleges in North America, therefore deciding to do an international internship in Vancouver will allow you to learn from some of the best minds in the business. This will enable you to bring your own ideas to the fore and also bring your new experiences back to your home country to pursue your future career goals.

Whether you want to travel, study and work in Canada or you decided to choose to complete your co-op internship in Vancouver, you will be welcomed by the famous Canadian hospitality, have some of the best outdoor activities at your doorstep, enjoy a mild climate and most of all, you will gain professional experience from a top Vancouver based host company. With Stepwest, you have the option of partaking in the following programs in Vancouver:

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