Lessons learned from a failed internship interview in Canada

June 17, 2014
Posted in Study & Work

Did you fail your first internship interview? No problem, this will be actually good!

You did your first interview in Canada, everything looked good for you to get the internship position at this company that actually looked a pretty good place to work for, right? You can actually see yourself already working there, although you haven’t done the interview yet. You already know that getting an internship position in a language that is not your first language could be tough, but you trust that your studies and positive attitude will help you get the internship position in this great host company in Vancouver.

Interview day arrived and after the interview, you can not tell if you got the position or not. There were some tricky questions that you were not sure if your answers were good enough, so you may not get it, but you still have some faith that it will work out. Some days later, you get the call and your thoughts were right, you did not get the internship position.

At this moment, although you may think this is the worst new ever, because it means that you will need to do more internship interviews in Vancouver, it is not a bad new at all, actually this is a good new for you as a professional to analyze what you can do better for your next interview and it will help you in your career.

1) This situation will force you to be out of your comfort zone, where most of the best opportunities show up, so be ready for taking a different path. Since you missed out on this last internship position, now’s the time to see what else is out there.


2) Take this opportunity to ask yourself what else you can do with your skill set and try to apply for another internship you hadn’t considered before. For instance, if your media communications internship fell through, why not putting your writing skills to the test for a marketing company?  If you are an IT engineer and your internship position in that cool company in Vancouver didn’t deliver, why not being opened for interviewing with a Vancouver start-up? If you’re so focused on one career path, you might be missing out many different opportunities in your career. If you are open to other opportunities you may be surprised of the options you can have ahead.

Once you start your internship in Vancouver you may love it or not like it that much, but in any case, you’ll learn something important about the industry you are doing your internship for and what you like better of your job, which will be really good for your future professional career decisions.

3) After failing an internship interview, for sure it could be the right time to take a look at why you missed out on the internship. For example, was it your interviewing skills? When you get turned down for the internship, it is always good to ask your placement coordinator what you can improve for next time. Listen to the feedback without being defensive and work to address the issues.

For instance if your interviewing skills didn’t communicate enough how good you would be able to do the job, you can check many tips for getting to know what are you doing wrong while speaking with your interviewer.  For example, you can check our last post about do’s and don’t of your internship interview in Canada. Remember this will be an opportunity for self-improvement.

Does this ever happen to you? Have you consider turn your disappointment into opportunities? Share with us your experience! 

If you are considering doing an internship in Canada, do not hesitate to contact with us! We will be more than happy to help you find the appropriate program would be the best for you.

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