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Mar. 20, 2020

Biometrics for Canada IEC Visa Applications – Your Top FAQs

Wondering what is required for Canada biometrics? We explain how, when and where to submit them for your Working Holiday or other IEC visas.

Dec. 5, 2019

Stepwest Stories – Maider from Spain and her Study & Work experience in Canada

Maider from Spain came to Vancouver to study and work after she graduated from University in Spain. Find out more about her experience with us!

Mar. 1, 2019

Stepwest Stories – Mariel from Mexico and her Study & Work experience in Canada

Work and study in Vancouver like Mariel from Mexico! Get to know her experience working in Canada through our Business Essentials program.

Jun. 19, 2018

How to Rent in Vancouver for Your Working Holiday

On a working holiday in Vancouver and need somewhere to live for a while? Let us show you everything you need to know about how to rent in Vancouver.

Apr. 5, 2016

5 Tips For Writing A Canadian Internship Cover Letter

Want to land an internship in Canada? Let's start with the basics - write an impressive Canadian internship cover letter to guarantee your internship interview!

Mar. 28, 2016

5 Benefits To Going For an Internship In Canada

Discover the top five benefits of doing an internship in Canada.

Nov. 16, 2015

Top 10 Tips To Ace Your Canadian Internship Interview

Are you ready to start interviewing for a professional internship in Canada through our Internship Programs or Education Programs? Discover our top tips and tricks to help you nail your internship interview!