Internships in Canada

Our Canada Internship programs guarantee your dream internship in Canada. Gain hands-on experience in your field of study, build a professional network and develop the skills to stand out in a globally competitive job market.

Why Do An Internship In Canada

An internship in Canada is one of the smartest career steps you can take. Canada has one of the world’s largest economies, giving our interns the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in leading industries. Be a part of a team developing a new technology, build a portfolio of project work, or get your hospitality career off the ground at a five-star hotel in the Canadian Rockies.

Canada’s multicultural foundation means you will learn about many different cultures and meet people from all over the world. Use this experience to grow your professional network and strengthen your future as a leader in today’s globalized work environments. The icing on the cake? You get to spend your time off exploring Canada!

Have a specific internship industry in mind? Check out some of our most popular internship fields, or get in touch to talk to our team of experts.

Canada Internship Programs


1 - 6 months

From C$1,290

Vancouver Internships

This progressive, multicultural city is a leader in technology, engineering, entertainment and green business. You'll have the opportunity to learn from tomorrow’s innovators and leaders, while adopting the Vancouver lifestyle: a mix of city life and the Great Outdoors.


1 - 6 months

From C$1,290

Toronto Internships

Toronto is an international hub for finance, business, the arts and culture. Build a global professional network while working in one of North America’s leading cities. Life in Toronto? If you’re into the arts, music, food, beaches and lakes, this multicultural urban jungle is the place for you.


6 - 24 months

From C$1,290

Hospitality Internships

Launch your career in hospitality working in Canada’s top tourism destinations. Our team has developed through long-lasting relationships with esteemed hotels and resorts across Canada and will sort you out with the perfect hospitality internship to meet your goals.


1 - 6 months

From C$1,290

Impact Internships

Gain professional experience in impact-based organizations driven to make a difference in the world. Learn from like-minded people and develop the skills to launch your career in conservation, green innovation, wildlife protection, community development, and more.

June onwards

1 - 6 months

From $1,290

Summer Internships

We work with great host employers passionate about helping international students get the best summer internship experience. Consequently, our participants work in teams of professionals on awesome projects - all while experiencing life in Canada!


There’s proof to the saying that the early bird catches the worm. We’re now taking applications for 2023 internships across Canada, so why wait?

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Is my Internship Guaranteed if I Register With Stepwest?

YES, your internship is guaranteed or your money back! In our consultation, we take time to learn about your previous experience, current studies, and level of English. If we feel we cannot assist you, you will not be accepted into the program. If for whatever reason we cannot secure your internship, we will refund you the money!

How Far in Advance Should I Start Searching for My Internship in Canada?

We recommend you start searching for your internship in Canada at least four months in advance. This is because you will need to have an internship in Canada secured in order to apply for your work permit, and you will need time to prepare for your interviews, get selected, and so on.

Your visa will then take up to two months to be processed, so if you want to secure a summer internship, you will need to register in March.

2023 Internships in Canada

Get the diary out! For 2023 spring internships in Canada, you will need to start planning this November. For 2023 summer internships in Canada, start planning in January.

If you want to get ahead (which we always recommend), get in touch now to talk to our team and start planning your dream 2023 internship in Canada.

What English Level Is Required To Complete an Internship in Canada?

You must have at least an intermediate level of English. Your interview will be in English so you must be able to carry a conversation and talk about your experience, education background and show why you are the right person for the host company to get you on board for an internship with them!

Can I Get an Internship in Canada With No Previous Experience?

Of course you can and we are here to help! After all, that’s the point of the internships, right? Some fields are more competitive than others, but during our consultation meeting with you we will take our time to understand your goals and motivations, your experience and English level (if English is not your first language). We will then send you a consultation report summarizing how we can help you land the perfect internship, including positions, potential start date, specific interests and more.

What if I Fail My Internship Interview?

If you fail your interview we will always get feedback from the host company. We will be able to provide you with this feedback in case there is room for improvement, and will work on it together through our interview preparation process. Remember that we will work with you until you are offered an internship in Canada!

Are the Internships Paid?

We can guarantee unpaid internships for short periods of time. Our main goal is to make sure that you get the best experience possible, gain academic credits and get experience in a specific field of your studies to improve your resume. If you are seeking a paid position in your field of studies for such a short period of time and with limited experience, you will not get to be a part of some of the projects available for interns.

Can I Choose the Company for My Internship or Will the Company Choose Me?

You can certainly let us know what industries or specific companies you are interested in, but we can not guarantee that that specific company will be looking for international interns. Also, remember that even when internships are unpaid, you still need to pass the interview process.

Can I See the List of Host Companies Where I Could Do My Internship?

We have been securing internships in Canada for international students since 2010, so you would be reading a library of books rather than a list! Our host companies numbers are always growing and not all the host companies will hire international students all year round, but if we see that you are interested in a specific area, we will do our best to find the best host company for you! We work in such a personalized approach that we know that one size does not fit all.

What’s the Benefit of an Internship Abroad vs. Internship at Home?

An internship abroad is an investment in your professional career in the long run. You will not only show that you have taken the initiative to get an experience out of your comfort zone, but will demonstrate your ability to work with people from different countries and cultures. Having an internship abroad certainly makes a huge difference when you are in the recruitment process, so don’t miss the chance!

Can I Travel to Canada With No Visa if I Have an Internship Offer Letter?

No, you can not. Under Canadian immigration rules, student internships, even when unpaid, are considered work and require a work permit. Even if you have an internship offer, you still require an internship visa, so you must be sure the company you want to complete your internship at is eager to do the proper process with the Government of Canada. This will involve paying the corresponding fees and submitting your internship offer to the Government of Canada. As a Recognized Organization of the Government of Canada, our participants are guaranteed to intern for companies that will comply with the regulations to get you on board and welcome you to Canada!

How Do I Apply for the Internship Visa?

First step, you need to get your internship offer in Canada. No worries, we take care of this part. Next, our team will guide you through every single step for you to secure your internship work permit or visa. From the process that your host company must do to offer you the internship, to the documentation for your internship application, getting your invitation to apply under IEC, biometrics, etc.

Do I Need To Pay To Book a Consultation To Get Started?

No, our consultations are free, as it is very important for us to understand how we can help you before you pay anything! We do not want you to pay unless we are confident that we can help you achieve your career goals!