Summer Internships in Canada

Want to do a summer internship abroad? As one of the world’s largest economies and trading nations, a Canadian internship ticks all the boxes. Plus, we guarantee your dream summer internship in Canada – or your money back!

Why Do a Summer Internship in Canada


Boost Your Global Resume

On a Canadian internship, you get to gain industry insights overseas and network internationally. This results in a global mindset and an impressive resume for a globally competitive job market. Plus, you have your foot in the door if you return to Canada after you graduate. It's a win, win.


Make a Real Impact

We work with great host employers passionate about helping international students get the best summer internship experience. Consequently, our participants work in teams of professionals on awesome projects, making a real impact.


Intern in Canada and Travel!

Free of academic obligations (for summer, at least), you can focus on getting the most out of your Canadian work experience. Firstly, as summer internships are shorter, you are trained faster and get included in projects from the get-go. Secondly, you get to spend time off exploring Canada! Think: sunny road trips to the Canadian Rockies, Whistler or Tofino. Beats home, eh?


Use Your Internship for University Credit

Want to get a summer internship in Canada to use towards University credits? Because we have close relationships with our host employers, we will ensure your summer internship is correlated to your field of study. In short, we've got you covered.


Our Complete Support

On our Canada Summer Internships Programs, you receive complete support for your move to Canada. Firstly, we help you with resume revisions and interview preparation, your internship visa application, housing, and more. Moreover, we continue to support you throughout your summer in Canada. Above all, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your internship experience!

Canada Summer Internship Programs


1-6 months

From $1,290

Toronto Summer Internships

The fast-paced, international city of Toronto is an international hub for business, finance, culture, tech and arts. As a result, get work experience in the most prominent companies in Canada. Plus, a summer internship in Toronto will allow you to build a strong global network.


1-6 months

From $1,290

Vancouver Summer Internships

Vancouver tops the charts for business friendliness, economic potential and quality of life. Consequently, a summer internship in Vancouver enables you to learn from the best in the business. Plus, you get to experience the West Coast Lifestyle!


1 - 24 months

From C$1,190

Hospitality Summer Internships

We work with the best hotels and resorts across western Canada and can secure your dream internship in the hospitality, tourism and culinary industries. In short, get a guarenteed paid summer internship in Canada’s top tourism destinations!


4 - 6 months

From C$1,290

Non-Profit Summer Internships

We work with leading social enterprises, non-profit organizations and social impact companies driven to make a positive impact on the world. As a result, you can be part of the change by tackling real-world issues. For example, work in green engineering, an environmental internship and tons more!

Want to Learn More?

If you know exactly what summer internship field you are interested in, or want to hear more about our Canada Summer Internship Programs, get in touch!

We’ll help guide you on the perfect summer internship in Canada to match your goals.


When Should I Start Looking for Summer Internships in Canada?

Plan for the summer, but start that plan in the winter! That is to say, we recommend you start preparing for your summer internship in Canada around four to six months before your desired start date. This is because the sooner you start, the more likely you will be able to get your internship visa on time.

Plan ahead: 2023 summer Internships in Canada

If you want to start your 2023 summer internship in May, start planning by November. That being said, the sooner you start planning, the better! This is because you will have more internship options available and more breathing room to secure your 2023 international co-op visa. 

Remember, internship visa applications take around two months to process, so you will need to submit your application by March 2023 at the very latest. For more information on what this entails, read our guide on Applying for the Canada Internship Visa

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our Internship Programs and start planning your 2023 summer internship in Canada!

Who Is Eligible for the Summer Internship Program in Canada?

If you are a registered student in your home country, and your home country has an agreement with the Government of Canada, you can apply for the internship visa. You can check to see if your country is eligible on our internship visa requirements page.

Can You Get Me a Summer Internship in Canada if I Plan Last-Minute?

We wish we could guarantee that you will get your internship visa approved, but even if we rush your application and secure your host company as soon as possible, we can not control the processing times of the Government of Canada. This is why it is very important that you apply for your internship visa for Canada in advance!

Does Stepwest Sponsor Participants for Summer Internship Visas?

No, your host company in Canada does. This is because you must have an internship offer from a Canadian company in order to apply for your international co-op visa for Canada.

Moreover, the Canadian company must have previously completed the steps through the employer portal and paid a fee to the Government of Canada. If you are curious about how to apply for the internship visa for Canada, check out our guide!

Do You Offer Graduate Summer Internships in Canada?

We do not have opportunities for graduates, as you are required to be registered as a student back in your home country to be eligible for an international co-op work permit.

Are There Paid Summer Internships For International Students?

Overall, no. This is because the majority of work experience opportunities for international students are aimed to gain University credits. While some employers might offer some sort of remuneration to interns, it is not guaranteed. As a result, we can not guarantee you a paid internship.

Our goal is to help our participants with real-world experiences by responsible host companies that can offer you a meaningful internship, that if it was to be paid, you might not be able to be part of.