Want to be a travel ambassador for Stepwest, eh?

We’re searching for talented digital content creators from across the world to help us grow our community. Become part of a team of adventurers, share your travels in Canada and inspire others to do the same!


As a Stepwest ambassador, you will have access to many amazing perks, including:

  • Personal and professional mentorship from our work and travel experts, including support in building your personal brand, learning the foundations of content marketing and the ins and outs of the travel industry.
  • Social media shout-outs: We will feature you on our social media platforms.
  • Feature on our Ambassador page: We will add your bio, a fun FAQ and links to your social media and blog posts.
  • Social media take over: You will have the opportunity to take over our Instagram and TikTok stories for a day.
  • Earn cash! As a Stepwest ambassador, you will receive a personal referral code to share with your friends and receive rewards!
  • Join our community: Become part of a unique team of travel enthusiasts and play a larger part in the global community by promoting life-changing experiences in Canada.
  • Share your ideas with us: You will have the opportunity to present new ideas to Stepwest.
  • Boost your career: Gain professional experience from an established organization, which you can add to your resume.
  • Reference: Receive a reference for future job opportunities.


Spend one year working with us as freelance creative brand ambassadors, creating compelling content from your past or present adventures in Canada. As a Stepwest ambassador, you will provide:

  • Instagram reels: Create two Instagram reels per month highlighting your adventures in Canada, tagging @stepwestcanada.
  • TikTok’s: Create two TikTok vidoes per month, tagging Stepwest in the caption.
  • Instagram stories: Curate three Instagram stories per month, tagging @stepwestcanada.
  • Mention on your social media bio: Mention that you are a Stepwest ambassador on your social media bios, either tagging @stepwestcanada or linking to our website.
  • Mention on your blog: Mention that you are a Stepwest ambassador on your blog, either on your about page or wherever appropriate, with a link to our website.
  • Advocate for Stepwest: Mention Stepwest on your social posts where appropriate.
  • Blogs: Provide one blog post per month for our website and share a link to the post on your social media channels.
  • Photography and video content: Provide a minimum of five images/videos per month.
  • Build a community: Seek out opportunities to engage with other adventurers and share your stories, and theirs, via our social feeds.
  • Above all, be a Stepwest ambassador! You will always be representing Stepwest as a kind, compassionate and sustainably-minded adventurer.


We want you to show us how you are an effective storyteller who understands social media as a medium for sharing and inspiring others.

  1. Create a TikTok video showing us one of your typical adventures in Canada. Top tip: camera-quality video is not required! We’re on the hunt for authentic content from your travels.
  2. Complete and submit the application form below.

Get Started

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