Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions cover all your responsibilities as a participant of a Stepwest program and include all refund or re-placement situations, as well as cancellation details.


A. “Program” refers to any and all Stepwest programs, including those offered in conjunction with study programs.
B. Unless specified “Internship” refers to any work term, including internships, entry-level casual jobs, co-ops and practicums.
C. “Applicant” refers to any participant in a Stepwest program.
D. All fees, refunds, or dollar amounts listed in this document are in Canadian Dollars.


This agreement will begin when Stepwest receives from the applicant a completed and signed online Application Form.
This agreement will end on the internship termination date or as otherwise terminated in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

A. Application

1. To apply for a Stepwest program, applicants must submit: completed, signed online Application Form, up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV), and a Letter of Objectives –  in Word or Pdf version. Please note that for applicants looking for a placement in the fields of Architecture, Graphic Design, Journalism, Media are additionally required to submit a sample/portfolio of their work.

2. Once all the required application documents stated above have been submitted, Stepwest will arrange an admittance consultation conducted via Skype with the applicant. The applicant is then either accepted or declined.

3. If successful in the admittance consultation the applicant will be notified via an Admittance Consultation Report. The Admittance Consultation Report outlines the field of the internship. Within three business days of receipt of the Admittance Consultation Report, the applicant must sign and return the Admittance Consultation Report by email to Stepwest.

4. Once Stepwest has received the signed Admittance Consultation Report, the applicant will be invited to submit the program deposit. Submitting the program deposit activates the registration of the applicant.

5. If the applicant acknowledges that he or she does not agree with the terms of the Admittance Consultation Report that are materially consistent with the application form and no agreement can be reached within ten business days, this agreement will terminate.

B. Consent

The application to Stepwest’s programs requires the collection of personal information including your date of birth, nationality, residential address, resume and your passport’s identification page which is used solely to determine program eligibility, and eligibility for Canada work permits under International Experience Canada. This information is not sold or shared with any third parties.

Personal information may be shared with our partners in Canada in order to arrange your accommodation, medical insurance and other in Canada support services offered as part of your Stepwest program.

Macro-level participant information not specific to any individual may be shared with the Government of Canada for research purposes and/or statistics on travel among Foreign National youth. This includes information on gender, age, nationality, province travelled to, duration of stay in Canada, program purpose, program type (internship or working holiday), and industries worked.

By submitting your application you provide express consent for Stepwest to use your personal information for the above-mentioned purposes. You may withdraw your consent to share your information with the Government of Canada by emailing your program coordinator or info@stepwest.com and letting us know your preferences. Withdrawing your consent will not disqualify your application or affect your program participation in any way.

C. Program

1. Applicants certify that the information given in the Application Form is correct and acknowledges that any false information may compromise their participation in the program. The applicant declares that they are 18 yrs old on the start date of the program. The applicant declares that they have never been arrested or convicted of a criminal offence.

2. Stepwest strongly advises that no travel arrangements be made before a program is confirmed.

3. Stepwest shall not be responsible for or deemed to be in default by reason of delays in or failure of performance of this agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control and not being limited to civil war, war between nations, insurrections, strikes, riots, fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, serious accidents, any act of government, governmental priorities, allocations, regulations, or orders affecting materials or facilities, acts of God or the public enemy, failure of transportation, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, or labour trouble-causing cessation, slowdown or interruption of work and failure of suppliers and sub-contractors to furnish labour or materials within their contractual delivery times.

4. Applicants must make themselves available for a “mid-term” meeting. This meeting will involve a Stepwest representative visiting them at their place of work and it will occur midway through their internship. Stepwest and its partners may use materials gathered at this mid-term interview such as testimonials, photographs and/or videos for promotional use including marketing material such as brochures, posters, websites, and in any medium. If the Applicant does not wish Stepwest or its partners to use the materials gathered throughout your program for marketing purposes, the applicant must send the request in writing to Stepwest. 

5. Stepwest and its affiliates are at times forced to make changes to services and reserve the right to do so. Changes will be minor and may only involve the beginning of the placement. If a significant change needs to be made, the applicant will be informed as soon as possible about the necessary changes prior to their departure and in case of a cancellation, a full refund will be made. Stepwest will not be held responsible for any travel costs incurred.

6. If an applicant wishes to change travel dates they must inform Stepwest of this change in writing (email). Stepwest will attempt to accommodate the change and will confirm the change to the applicant in writing. Changes may be subject to administration fees.

7. Because of any language or cultural considerations, the participant cannot expect to command the same responsibilities that they may have had in their own country.

. If a participant begins their program and decides it is unsuitable for their requirements, no fees paid will be refundable, although every effort will be made by Stepwest and its affiliate to find a suitable alternative program with the time available. Stepwest will not be responsible for any additional travelling cost etc, which may be incurred in any such situation.

9. Applicants agree to remain flexible in terms of the hours required to work during the placement and the duties they are expected to perform.

10. Stepwest cannot guarantee that their homestay host families will conform to the applicant’s expectations of what a ‘family’ should constitute. The definition of a homestay host family can cover a number of living situations, and will not necessarily embody a traditional nuclear family (specifically one father, mother and their children). Applicants are advised to confirm before their departure that they are satisfied with the family. The applicant agrees to participate in their host family lifestyle and respect the host family members at all times.

11. Stepwest and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse any applicant who does not meet the program eligibility requirements.

12. To participate in any Stepwest program, you must have a valid visa and work permit. Stepwest may assist you in your visa application process. In some cases, we may refer you to a third party immigration consultant. They will assist you, at your own expense. Stepwest is not responsible for assuring your visa, or for the work performed by third party immigration consultants.

D. Health / Safety

1. The applicant must have medical coverage for their entire stay in Canada and must offer proof of this to Stepwest and to their host company.

2. The applicant declares that they are in good health and require no specialized medical attention. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they are fit to travel and to undertake any duties.

3. All travels before, during and after the program are at the applicant’s own risk. Choosing to operate any motorized vehicles, obtaining the necessary license, permission and insurance will be the responsibility of the applicant.

4. Stepwest and its affiliates cannot accept responsibility for the applicant’s health & safety whilst in the hosting country or for any loss or damage to property or any third parties property or persons howsoever caused. Applicants take part in all programs at their own risk.

E. Documentation

1. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has a valid passport and obtains appropriate documentation for entry to the hosting country. Stepwest and its affiliates do not accept any liability for the financial loss incurred by failure to have the correct travel documentation.

F. Insurance

1. It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance to cover any eventuality that may occur throughout their program (including repatriation, loss of property or personal injury or illness). Refunds are not given as a result of illness whilst participating in any program.

2. Stepwest has a partnership with Travel Healthcare Insurance Solutions Inc. also known as Guard. Me and offers an insurance package specially tailored to the needs of applicants. Stepwest strongly recommends that our participants take out the available insurance package.

G. Conduct / Behaviour / Conflict Resolution

1. Applicants are required to respond promptly to all correspondence from Stepwest. Applicants must complete regular monthly reports throughout their placement. They are required to complete the reports in a timely and regular manner. Applicants must ensure they provide Stepwest with accurate and updated contact information, which includes a telephone number, current address and email.

2. The applicant agrees to act with maturity, flexibility, respect and adaptability in all aspects of the program. The applicants’ behaviour must reflect that of a professional, you must show a positive attitude and punctuality. Applicants will ensure they have an acceptable “G-mail”, “Hotmail” or “Yahoo” email address, and will monitor this email address regularly for correspondence from Stepwest.

3. Applicants must ensure they attend all meetings, and seminars requested by Stepwest. In case the applicant cannot attend the scheduled meeting, notice must always be sent to Stepwest at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

4. Applicants must respond to a proposed interview within 24 hours of being notified of an opportunity. Stepwest must be notified at least 24 hours in advance if a change in time or day needs to be made to an interview.

5. The applicant must respect the rules of the host company and act in a professional manner at all times. Excessively bad timekeeping or absenteeism could lead to the expulsion of the participant without reimbursement of any fees.

6. Stepwest and its affiliates reserve the right to dismiss from the program any applicant who is deemed to be a danger to themselves or others or whose conduct is deemed to be detrimental to the program. In the event of this case, Stepwest and its affiliates cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the applicant.

7. Applicants must make a good-faith attempt to resolve any internship-related concerns, issues, or difficulties directly with the host company. They must detail in writing any relevant discussions and/or actions with the host company and must inform Stepwest immediately of any such difficulties issues or concerns. Should any difficulties, concerns, or issues continue after good-faith discussions between the applicant and the host company, Stepwest will contact the applicant and the host company in an attempt to resolve the situation. If an applicant is forced to quit due to racial or sexual harassment, or abuse of any sort, they will be considered dismiss (see point 16)

8. If during the program the applicant experiences problems, Stepwest suggest that they follow the following steps;

a) Try to resolve the issue themselves

b) Communicate the problem to Stepwest and discuss the best solution

9. Complaints must be in writing. We will confirm in writing that we have received your complaint within 5 working days. If we are required to investigate and contact the overseas partner then a full response will be received within 1 month of Stepwest receiving the complaint.

10. No compensation shall be given to the participant unless Stepwest deems the circumstances to be extreme. The participant agrees that under no circumstances shall WAVA Limited be liable for damages or compensation arising from any claim related to the assessment of inconvenience, disappointment, discomfort or loss of enjoyment.

H. Fees.

1. The applicant agrees to pay all fees in accordance with Stepwest and its affiliates’ requirements and to submit all the requested documentation in a timely manner. Stepwest cannot be held responsible for any delay or additional cost caused by the applicant’s failure to do so. All fees are payable in Canadian Dollars.

2. In case the applicant is due to pay any visa/permit-related fees to enter Canada, this payment won’t be part of the program fee unless clearly stated.

3. Program changes or departure changes will be subject to an administration fee of CAD50. Please check with Stepwest if you wish to amend your dates as further charges may be incurred. All changes to a booking must be put in writing to Stepwest.

4. Prices are subject to change without notice.

I. General Cancellation

1. In the event that Stepwest or its affiliates are forced to withdraw or cancel a program, a similar program will be offered to the applicant. In the event that the replacement program is unsuitable, Stepwest will refund 100% of the fees paid by the applicant, minus any costs incurred. The replacement program may not be the same price as the original program.

2. Applicants agree to settle the full balance of the program at least 4 weeks before arrival to Canada.

3. In the event that an applicant withdraws from the program, the cancellation must be made in writing to Stepwest. The cancellation can be submitted by email to info@stepwest.com. Failure to submit the cancellation in writing may result in the refunded amount being affected.

4. Cancellation is effective from the day Stepwest receives the cancellation in writing – not the day it is sent. Please note that cancellations received out of office hours will only be effective from the next working day. Please note that office hours are 9 am –5.30 pm Monday to Friday Pacific Time Zone (PT). In the event that applicants have changed the dates of their programs, the cancellation period will be effective from the original program start date, not the amended date.

5. If an applicant does not receive a visa or permit to come to Canada, they will receive a refund, less a $300 administrative fee. In order to receive a refund; a copy of the Canada immigration refusal letter must accompany all cancellation requests due to visa refusals.

6. Applicants who refuse an interview in accordance with the internship fields or job positions agreed and set in the signed Admittance Consultation Report will be withdrawn from the program and will not receive a refund. Applicants who refuse an internship or job offer in accordance with the internship fields or job positions agreed and set in the signed Admittance Consultation Report will be withdrawn from the program with no refund.

7. Applicants who refuse an interview due to company size, notoriety or location, will be withdrawn from the program and will not receive a refund. Applicants who refuse an internship or job offer due to company size, notoriety or location, will be withdrawn from the program with no refund.

8. In the event that an applicant registered in a program is not sent to an interview within the given timeframe, or in one of the internship fields or job positions agreed in the signed Admittance Consultation Report, they will have the option to withdraw from the program and receive a refund of their deposit minus any costs incurred or transfer the deposit to an alternative program subject to eligibility, availability and or successful application.

9. In the event that a placement has been offered by Stepwest and is accepted by the participant, and then the participant withdraws from the program, the participant is liable for the full cost of the program.

10. In the event that an applicant withdraws from the program before an interview has been arranged, they will receive a full refund, less a $300 administrative fee.

11. In the event that an applicant withdraws from the program after an interview has been arranged, they will not receive a refund.

12. For applicants enrolled in programs offered in conjunction with study; the school refund policy will be cancelled within or after completing their first month of study in Canada, will not receive a refund.

13. An applicant who missed an interview without informing neither Stepwest nor the employer beforehand will be withdrawn from the program with no refund. If an applicant deliberately performs poorly at an interview as the employer does not match their preference, no further interviews will be arranged and they will be withdrawn from the program with no refund.

14. An applicant who is dismissed from their internship without just cause (and has at least 16 weeks remaining), Stepwest will arrange another interview within 2 weeks at no additional cost. If an applicant has less than 16 weeks remaining in their program, they may be offered a new placement in a different program.

15. If an applicant is fired for a poor English level, they will be considered dismissed (see above).

16. An applicant who is fired from their internship or job with just cause (e.g. poor performance, unbecoming attitude, lateness, or poor attendance) will be withdrawn from the program with no replacement and no refund.

17. In the event that an applicant chooses to leave a program early, whatsoever the reason, they will not receive a refund.

18. If a refund is warranted by these terms & conditions, it will be made within 90 days after the cancellation request has been received, and approved by Stepwest. Any applicable refund will be made after the deduction of any banking or shipping fees. All cancellations will be followed by an annulation of the visa or permits granted by Canadian Immigration.

J. Placement

1. Stepwest must use reasonable endeavours to arrange the Internship in accordance with the Internship fields described in the Admittance Consultation Report.

2. If an applicant fails an interview, they will be informed of the reason for their failure. Stepwest will then arrange a second interview within the following 2 weeks. The applicant’s internship start date may be delayed as a result.

3. Applicants will attend interviews until they are given an offer. They will go to a maximum of three (3) interviews. If an applicant fails three (3) interviews, they will be given the option of changing programs or withdrawing from their current program with no refund.

4. Applicants must ensure they have appropriate professional clothing for their interview with the prospective host company.

5. Stepwest may attend the interview with you. If Stepwest does not attend the interview, you are required to notify Stepwest of the outcome immediately following the interview.

6. All work placements are paid at minimum wage or above. All paid internship placements are paid at a stipend rate of between CAD200 and CAD350 per week. In some cases, the paid internship could be paid on a salary basis.

7. The location of unpaid internship placements can be in Metro Vancouver’s Translink zones 1 or 2. The location of paid internship placements can be in Metro Vancouver’s Translink zones 1, 2 or 3. Casual job placements in Vancouver can be Metro Vancouver’s Translink zones 1 or 2. Resort job placements are done on a separate zone system.

8. Applicants must agree and meet all the rules and regulations as stated by the host company (written or unwritten). This may include requirements to sign liability waivers, confidentiality agreements. Applicants must strictly follow all the health and regulations of their workplace. Applicants must be proactive in learning as much as possible about them. In some cases, applicants may be required to obtain a Serving it Right or Food Safe Certificate at their own expense before beginning work with an employer.

9. If an applicant wants to quit before the end date of their program, they must contact Stepwest immediately and give at least 10 business days’ notice to their host company. If an applicant quits with no notice to the host company or without informing Stepwest, they will not receive a refund or a new placement.

10. If an applicant would like an unpaid vacation during their internship, they must request this from their host company directly. Applicants must give Stepwest 10 days’ notice of any approved vacation time. The host company has the right to decline vacation time.

12. If a host company offers the applicant a permanent job, the applicant is free to accept. Visa and work permit processing will be the responsibility of the applicant and their host company. Stepwest or the school will not be involved in any way.

13. It is the responsibility of the applicant to request a reference letter from their host company.

14. Any conflict between these terms and conditions and others the applicant has previously signed with Stepwest will be resolved in favour of this agreement.

K. Cancellation & Refund Policies – RO Work Experience Programs Only

1. If the participant is unable to obtain the work permit, for reason out of his/her responsibility: 100% refund

2. If the participant doesn’t let Stepwest provide work permit application support or doesn’t follow the instructions regarding the work permit application process and the work permit is denied: No refund

3. Cancellation within seven (7) days of registering: refund 100% of the program fee, except a $500 cancellation fee will not be refunded.

4. Cancellation after the invitation for the work permit application has been received: refund 50% of the program fee.

5. Cancellation after the work permit acceptance has been received: No Refund.

6. Notice for cancellation or program changes must be given in writing and emailed to thomas@stepwest.com

7. Any request for a change of program after initial registration including, but not limited to, changing program start dates, may be subject to a $100 administration fee. Stepwest will consider requests on an individual basis and reserves the right to refuse to accommodate requests based on Stepwest’s sole discretion.

8. In the case of an event beyond the control of the participant (i.e. accident, death in the family, impossibility to travel for medical conditions not known at the time of the enrolment), Stepwest may consider at its own discretion the possibility of a partial refund of the program fee. In these circumstances, Official valid documentation must be provided at least 10 days prior to the departure date will be required in these circumstances. No refunds will be made for medical conditions preexisting prior to the program registration.

9. Stepwest and its affiliates reserve the right to deny participation in any Stepwest program to any participant at Stepwest’s discretion.