Hospitality Internships Canada

We offer guaranteed paid hospitality internships at five-star hotels and resorts across Canada. Boost your resume working in Canada’s top tourism destinations!

Start Dates



6 - 24 months


From C$1,190

Program Overview

Hospitality is quickly becoming one of Canada’s leading industries. Completing a hospitality internship in Canada will expose you to one of the most multicultural industry hubs in the world, bolster your global employability and better equip you for a career in an international setting.

We strive to find opportunities that provide the highest impact on the direction of your career. Work as an events coordinator in Banff, a pastry chef at a five-star hotel in Whistler, or greet tourists at a ski resort in Jasper. The possibilities are limitless for your hospitality internship experience in Canada!

What’s Included


  • Resume revision and cover letter preparation
  • Individual interview preparation coaching
  • Interview with five-star Canadian hotels
  • GUARANTEED Hospitality internship in Canada
  • Complete visa and trip support
  • Guaranteed discounted staff accommodation arranged before arrival
  • Pre-departure orientation

In Canada

  • Guidance on getting your work permit upon arrival
  • Welcome orientation
  • Assistance in setting you up for life in Canada: bank account, SIN, Canadian phone number and more!
  • Transport organization to the resort
  • You’ll have our Vancouver-based team to answer any questions throughout your time here!

The Fun Stuff!

  • Live and work at a five-star hotel or resort in Canada
  • Meet hospitality professionals from around the world
  • Gain professional work experience on the doorstep of Canada’s top tourism destinations
  • Earn money to fund your adventures during your time off!

What’s Not Included

Airfare, medical insurance, visa application fee, local transportation, food and rent.

What Will I Do?

Our Hospitality Internship program offers a customized internship experience designed to help you achieve your professional goals while in Canada. We do not place our participants in predefined roles. Instead, we work with each individual to find the best opportunity given your preferences and level of experience.

Possible Hospitality Internships in Canada include:

  • Sous Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Commis Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Confectioner
  • Baker
  • Junior Chef
  • Front Desk
  • Guest Services Agent
  • Fine Dining Server
  • Banquet Server
  • Host
  • Bartender
  • Concierge
  • Plus tons more!

Let’s Get Started!

You can start a Hospitality Internship in Canada year-round!

We recommend you start planning at least three months in advance as you will need to apply for your International Co-Op or Young Professional visa (unless you have already secured your Working Holiday visa!). Check if you’re eligible to apply.

Next, book a free consultation with our team to chat about your hospitality internship goals, and we’ll take it from there!


Who Can Participate in the Hospitality Internship Program?

  • Passport holders from an IEC country that has access to the International Co-op or Young Professional work permit category. You can check to see if your country is eligible here.
  • Students currently enrolled in University and graduates. Your studies must be Hospitality, Tourism or Gastronomy related. You can also come from Business related studies if you have high interest in the Hospitality industry.

Do I Have to Be Registered as a Student to Participate in This Specific Internship?

Not for this specific program as positions are only paid. If you are registered as a student back home you will be able to apply for an internship visa. If you have already graduated you will be able to apply for a Young Professional work permit.

What English Level is Required for a Hospitality Internship in Canada?

You must be able to carry out an interview in English, and your level of fluency will depend on the role and department you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for guest services you must be fluent in English as you will need to communicate with guests. If you are interested in working in a position as cook or chef, your English does not have to be perfect, as they will be checking your gastronomy and culinary skills! This is one of the requirements we check during our free consultation.

Where Can I Do a Hospitality Internship in Canada?

Resort towns are the most popular locations to do a hospitality internship in Canada. Think: Whistler, Banff, the Okanagan Valley and Lake Louise, among many others! You will be working at Canada’s top tourist destinations so you will get the best experience from your internship.

Can I Get a Hospitality Internship With Accommodation?

Yes, all of our hospitality internship offers will come with guaranteed accommodation at a discounted rate for staff members. Once you are accepted by the hotel, you will have your housing already sorted out!

Can I Choose My Employer for My Hospitality Internship in Canada?

You can select the areas and if you have interest in a specific hotel or resort, we can of course review the possibilities, but remember that you must be selected after successfully passing your interview. The employer must be eager to do the visa process with you, which is why we will organize interviews with employers that we know are eager to do the visa process with you.

What Are the Positions Available for This Internship?

Culinary & gastronomy, guest services and front office, food and beverage, among others!

Can I Get a Paid Hospitality Internship? Will I Work Full-Time?

YES, all our hospitality internships are full-time and paid! The beauty of the hospitality and gastronomy industry is that education and training always comes with experience, so even if you are still a student back home, hotels and resorts in Canada will pay you a salary like a regular employee.

Can I Pay My Expenses During My Stay?

Yes! Keep in mind that you will pay a discounted price for staff accommodation at the hotel or resort, so you will be able to save to support your adventures in Canada during your time off!

When Should I Apply for 2023 Hospitality Internships in Canada?

So you’ve picked Canada for your 2023 hospitality internship abroad. You’ve made the right choice.

What’s next? Well, the sooner you start planning, the better. Why? Firstly, you will have more internship options to choose from. Remember, you will also need two months to secure your 2023 internship visa. Therefore you will need to start planning at least three months in advance.

We’re now taking applications for 2023 hospitality internships across Canada, so why not get started now?