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March 10, 2019
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IEC 2019 is here and with it, our Recognized Organization status! Learn more about who Stepwest can help under Recognized Organization status during International Experience Canada 2019 in this post! All of the information below will solve all of your questions, and if you still have some doubts, please share your questions about IEC 2019 below! We will be happy to answer all of your questions!

After going through a rigorous application and screening process based on the quality of our work experience programs in Canada, we are happy to announce that Stepwest has received its status as a Recognized Organization (commonly known as RO) once more under IEC (International Experience Canada) by Citizenship and Immigration Canada!


This means that we are able to provide our work permits to participants from any of the International Experience Canada (IEC) countries that have an active Youth Mobility Agreement with Canada.


With this new designation, we are now able to offer our work permits for Canada to participants who either already used up their work permit categories under the regular IEC agreement with their country of citizenship (i.e. Working Holiday, Young Professional or International Co-Op) and would like to participate again, or to someone who has passed the age limit for their country of citizenship (based on the IEC agreement) and would still like to apply for an International Experience Canada work permit. Also, if you are someone who simply would like to shortcut the waiting time to get an invitation to apply (ITA) for an IEC work permit, we can also help you secure your invitation this 2019!

Excited? You should be! Check below to see the benefits of applying to International Experience Canada (IEC) 2019 under RO status with Stepwest!

What type of candidates can Stepwest help as a Recognized Organization during IEC 2019?

Any citizen between 18 and 35 years old (included) that holds a passport from a country that International Experience Canada has an agreement with.

The types of work permits you can access through Stepwest as a Recognized Organization are:

  • Working Holiday (open work permit)
  • Young Professionals (employer-specific) for career development
  • International Co-op (employer-specific) for students


What are the advantages of participating with Stepwest as a Recognized Organization during IEC 2019?

Repeat Participation

You can have a repeat participation under the same work permit category that you have already used. This means that if you came to Canada with a Working Holiday and would like to secure a second Working Holiday for Canada, you can do it with us!

Under Recognized Organization status, a citizen of an IEC country can participate up to two times in the IEC program under Recognized Organization status. Please check details on CIC website here.


Secure your Invitation to Apply (ITA)

No need to wait for luck! Under RO status, you will be able to secure your Invitation as we have our own quota under International Experience Canada 2019. Do you want to secure your work permit to come to Canada this 2019? RO is your way to go if you come from a country of citizenship where the demand is way higher than the number of work permits available.

Age limit requirement for IEC work permits.

Some countries like United Kingdom or Japan have an age limit of 30 years old. However, coming through RO status, you can participate if you are up to 35 years old (included). You can confirm the details here on CIC website.

“Those applying through a recognized organization must meet the age requirement set out between the organization and IEC. If the foreign national applying to IEC through a recognized organization is from a country or territory that holds a bilateral agreement or arrangement with Canada, the age requirement will be that which is stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding with the recognized organization.”


Skip the discontinuance required for some IEC countries

An IEC participant that accesses the work permit application under RO status would not be affected by the discontinuance requirement (if this applies to your country of citizenship).

For example a Spanish citizen can participate right away under RO Status to secure a second Working Holiday permit or Young Professional under RO Status and will not have to wait 3 months after the expiration of their current IEC work permit for Canada.



I have previously participated twice based on the availability for my country of citizenship under regular International Experience Canada (Working Holiday and Young Professional), can I participate again under RO status?

YES. If you have used up all your work permit participations under your country’s regular agreement with International Experience Canada, we can help you secure a new IEC work permit. In addition, a participant can be nominated twice per lifetime by ROs (across all ROs past, current and future).

For example, a German citizen that has already participated twice under regular IEC (Working Holiday and Young Professional categories) could still apply through RO two additional times under Working Holiday or Young Professional under RO status.


My country of citizenship IEC requires a 3 month discontinuity between IEC participations, would this apply when participating with an RO status?

NO, it does not apply if you apply under RO status for an IEC work permit.

I.e. Slovakian citizen must wait 3 months from expiration of their work permit to apply for a second participation under IEC (for example, if the participant wants to pass from Working Holiday to Young Professional), whereas if the participant applies under RO status the requirement is voided.


I am already in Canada with a Working Holiday and I have my own job offer, can I apply to IEC under RO status to secure a new work permit?

Yes, you can. If your job offer is related to your previous work experience, we could help you apply under the Young Professional category, as long as the job position matches (NOC) Code Skill Type Level 0, A or B. If the job offer is not related to your studies, previous experience or does not match with the proper NOC, you could still apply to the category Working Holiday.

Please keep in mind that the Working Holiday category will be the fastest to fill up, so if you know this category is your only option, apply as soon as possible before our quota runs out!


I am already in Canada with a valid IEC work permit but I do not have a job offer, can Stepwest help me get a second working holiday permit under RO status?

Yes! If you have not used up the 2 times participation under RO already, Stepwest can help you secure a brand new second Working Holiday permit in Canada, you do not need to have a job offer for this.

All our programs include a job placement guaranteed and our job positions are Hospitality or Gastronomy related. If you are looking for a job position in any other field, we will not be able to help secure a job, but you can still secure an open work permit (Working Holiday) through us!


I am currently back in my home country but I have used up all the possible participations under IEC, could I come back to Canada with an RO work permit?

Yes! Even though you already used up all the possible participations under the regular IEC agreement with Canada and your country, Stepwest as Recognized Organization can help you secure a new IEC work permit.

I.e: You are an UK citizen that came to Canada already for 2 years under Working Holiday and returned back to UK since your working holiday permit was about to expire. In this case, as Recognized Organization we will be able to help you apply for a second working holiday permit for Canada as a UK citizen.


I am currently in Canada with a valid Working Holiday work permit, do I need to complete Biometrics if I apply for a new work permit under RO status?

YES, for those applicants already in Canada that would like to participate under IEC through a Recognized Organization, completing biometrics is also MANDATORY, unless you already did so with a previous Canada work permit application.

Inland Canadian collection points have not been set up yet, but this phase will hopefully start to roll out in 2019, so we will keep this blog post updated!

In the meantime, you will need to complete your Biometrics either at your closest Visa Application Center OUTSIDE of Canada or in your home country. The closest place to get your Biometrics done would be any of the U.S. Application Support Centres in the United States. Please see this link to the list of available centres for more information so you can find what Biometrics location might be the most convenient for you!


My country isn’t listed as an IEC country, can Stepwest help me through RO Status?

Not for now. Due to the changes under International Experience Canada and its goal to focus on countries with bilateral agreements with Canada, the Government has focused only on IEC countries, as for IEC 2019 season.

If your country of citizenships is not listed under IEC, you can still come to Canada under our Study and Work programs, that would allow you to study and work during your whole stay! Check more information about our College Co-op programs here and do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

How can I start my IEC work permit application process under RO Status with Stepwest?

Complete our application form online with your details! After we receive your application, we will be check your profile and get back to you as soon as possible to confirm if you are eligible to participate in IEC under Recognized Organization status.

If you have participated previously under International Experience Canada, the more information you provide us the better! In any case, if you are eligible we will organize a meeting with you over Skype to get to know more about your case and make sure that we will be able to help before you pay anything!

Get Ready To Come To Canada! Our RO Quota is limited!

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