How to Find a Job in Whistler with Staff Accommodation

May 7, 2020
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Whistler is one of the most famous resort destinations in Canada. Every year, thousands of working holiday participants travel to Whistler for the ultimate working holiday experience on the west coast of Canada. As one of the most popular working holiday destinations, there is more competition for jobs in Whistler with staff accommodation.

Are you wondering if the Whistler experience is for you? Is it true that Whistler is really expensive and that it’s hard to find accommodation or staff housing?

In this post, we explain how to get set up with a job in Whistler that offers accommodation. Employers that provide accommodation save you from the hardest part of beginning your working holiday in Whistler; finding somewhere to live. Since 2010, we’ve helped over a thousand participants secure their work experience in Canada. We work closely with a number of employers in Whistler and are very familiar with the process of getting a job in Whistler with staff accommodation.

Why is Whistler a Working Holiday Paradise?

Whistler is located two hours from the metropolis of Vancouver in British Columbia. Two mountains and a vibrant village make up Whistler Blackcomb, one of the largest ski resorts in North America. Besides skiing and snowboarding, the area offers snowshoeing, skating, tobogganing, bobsledding at the Olympic Park and much more. The chalet-style pedestrian village is located at the base of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. It hosts events and festivals throughout the year and offers a wide apres-ski selection. Whether you are new to the sport or a well-seasoned expert, the diverse range of mountain terrain will keep you entertained all season long.

Contrary to what many people think, Whistler is just as popular in the summer as it is in the winter. Whistler Resort Village is open all year long meaning they hire for both the summer and winter seasons.

During the summer months, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds Whistler. There are gorgeous hiking trails, lakes for swimming and paddle boarding, golfing, and camping. Whistler is also a paradise for anyone who loves mountain biking. Every August, the Crankworx Whistler Mountain Bike Festival draws enthusiasts from around the world.

Being such a popular tourist destination means there a lot of tourism and hospitality-related jobs. Many of the resort’s world-class facilities, hotels and restaurants were established in 2010 when Whistler hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Another big draw for working in Whistler is the opportunity to meet lots of people who, like you, are solo-travelers looking to have a fun experience. For this reason, the nightlife in Whistler is also very good!

Enjoy the scenery while hiking in Whistler on your working holiday
Save yourself the stress of starting a working holiday in Canada. With Stepwest’s job and accommodation guarantee, you’ll have more time to enjoy your experience in Whistler.

How Much Money Can I Make Working in Whistler?

In British Columbia, the minimum wage as of June 2020 is $14,60 CAD per hour. When you look for a job in Whistler, you must take more than just the hourly wage into consideration. This is because monthly rent and the overall cost of living in Whistler is very expensive. Finding a job in Whistler might not be that complicated, but finding accommodation is. In fact, finding accommodation in Whistler should be your top priority if you are planning to spend a season working there.

Salary Versus Rent in Whistler

Let’s say you find a job where you will earn $17 per hour, but with an employer that does not offer subsidized accommodation. This means you will be paying up to $1,300 – $1,500 per month for a shared room, plus utility bills. Additionally, when you begin renting in Canada you are required to pay your first month’s rent, plus half a month’s rent as a damage deposit. So while $17 per hour will provide you with a nice paycheque to start your working holiday, you will spend more than 50% of it just paying off your housing expenses. You will then of course also need to pay for your food and any personal expenses.

On the other hand, you could get a job that pays less, around $15 per hour, but provides subsidized staff accommodation. Subsidized staff housing in Whistler will cost you around $700 and $800 per month. That’s almost half of what you would pay by sharing a room that you had to find on your own! Ultimately, you will save money and time by finding a job in Whistler that provides staff accommodation.

Another advantage of staff accommodation is that you will be living with other staff from your company. This makes for a great way to meet new friends. Plus, your employer will make it easy for you to get to work. If your staff accommodation isn’t within walking distance of your job, a free shuttle will be provided for easy transport. That’s why getting a job in Whistler with staff accommodation will guarantee you a great location and value for money.

Let Stepwest help you get started in Whistler with a guaranteed job and staff accommodation like Karolina from the Czech Republic.

How to Apply for Jobs in Whistler with Staff Accommodation

Each employer in Whistler has its own way to recruit new staff each season. Unfortunately, there is no magic rule to ensure you can secure a job and accommodation on your own. The most important thing is to be ready to apply for these jobs on time, otherwise, you risk missing the opportunity.

We recommend trying two different approaches. Each one depends on whether you want to secure your job before or after traveling to Canada.

1) Employer’s Career Websites

Larger employers typically have their own career page where they list current and upcoming openings each season. Applying via this method allows you to try to find a job before departing for Canada. If you are applying to a hotel or restaurant that belongs to a larger corporate group, they might share their employment platform between the various business locations. In this case, you need to make sure you find the location you would like to work for so you apply to the right one!

It is important to make sure you complete your application properly so the hiring managers receive your resume. If an online application is not completed correctly, you risk having the software reject your file. For bigger hotel and restaurant groups you might find a questionnaire for you to complete. Be sure you answer these questions thoroughly as if not, your application may be removed from the recruitment process even before someone from the human resources department gets to review it.

Looking for more help with the application process?

At Stepwest, we send your application directly to our contacts in the human resources team. First, we tailor your resume for the hospitality and tourism industry in Canada. Then we present your file to the employer, explaining your profile, the positions you are looking for, and highlight why you would be a good fit for the role on their team. Finally, we prepare you for the interview by giving you tips and recommendations for successfully receiving a job offer from them.

We helped Julius from Germany get a job in Whistler with accommodation so he could make the most of the snowboarding season. You could be next!

2) In-Person Job Fairs

If you try applying through the employer’s career site but don’t receive a request for an interview, you can travel to Canada and continue your job search. Some employers host in-person job fairs in Whistler before the start of each season. Here, you can speak with hiring representatives directly and pass them your resume. However, just like applying online, it is difficult to make yourself stand out as a candidate. The employers speak with hundreds of interested candidates each day at these hiring fairs.

Be ready to present yourself to the potential employer. This means bringing copies of your resume with you along with your references. In Canada, references are key for getting hired. Before your trip to Canada, make sure you have prepared at least two reference letters from your country of citizenship. They must be written in English. You will have limited time to present yourself to the employer at the job fair. Be sure you know exactly what parts of your resume to highlight that will be relevant for the position.

Additional & Unexpected Costs

One thing you need to keep in mind if you take this approach is to consider the cost of your accommodation where you will stay in Whistler until you have your job and housing. Remember, this is not a cheap option. It is important that you have a good budget for the first few weeks (or longer) while you look for a job.

Hotels that provide staff housing in Whistler are limited. You need to try to attend an employer job fair that offers the guarantee of accommodation. Keep in mind that even if you successfully land a job at a fair, you may still need to find your own housing. This is where the real challenge begins. By the time you have found a job after arriving in Whistler, many of the decently priced housing options for rent near the village will already be taken. If you wait too long, you may get stuck with having to pay an exorbitant price for rent in an unideal location. Of course, we don’t recommend getting your housing arranged before you receive a job offer. This is in case you don’t have any success finding a job in Whistler and need to try Vancouver instead.

How we can help you get guaranteed accommodation in Whistler?

We know how important it is for working holidaymakers to secure staff accommodation in Whistler. It saves you time, money, helps you meet people, and makes your experience in Whistler so much better! That’s why we only work with hotels that offer staff accommodation. So you can enjoy the experience of getting set up in Whistler, stress-free.

Secure Your Job & Staff Accommodation Before Arrival to Whistler

Let our team take care of securing your job with any of our resort and hotel partners in Whistler. Stepwest is a Recognized Organization of the Government of Canada. This means we are a recommended provider of work and travel services in Canada. We guarantee everything you need to start your working holiday experience in Canada on our Working Holiday Resort Program. This includes:

  • Pre-arranged job in Whistler before you land in Canada, or your money back!
  • Resume revision and preparation for your interviews with employers in Whistler.
  • Assistance with your IEC working holiday permit application: Including your documents, biometrics, and each step after you receive your invitation to apply.
  • Online job interviews directly from your home country.
  • Staff housing guaranteed along with your job offer.
  • Pre-departure orientation for a smooth arrival to Canada and making sure that you receive your IEC work permit with no issues.
  • Welcome to Canada orientation in Vancouver to assist you with opening your free bank account, SIN number, phone plan, and more.
  • Support from our team here in Canada during your whole stay
  • Plus many other benefits to help you settle into your Canadian work adventure!
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