How to Pay for Biometrics from within Canada (International Experience Canada)

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Government of Canada has announced that all-in Canada biometrics are not required until further notice. You have 30 days to submit your biometrics for your Working Holiday, Young Professional or International Co-Op work permit application under IEC, for regular participants and for our Recognized Organization participants.

Biometrics is a mandatory step for all International Experience Canada (IEC) applicants. The good news is all IEC work permit applications, for all IEC categories, will be able to complete Biometrics from within Canada. This post is also relevant for our Recognized Organization participants applying from within Canada for the new IEC work permit under RO status with us! (or any Recognized Organization actually).

Why do I need to pay Biometrics separately if I am applying from within Canada?

In general, any application from within Canada is exempt from paying Biometrics, this is just not mandatory UNLESS you are applying for an IEC work permit category, either under regular International Experience Canada or under Recognized Organization status. IRCC has set up their system through MyCIC in a way that if you confirm that you are in Canada at the time of application, their system will not ask you to pay Biometrics, that simple!

You will see this when you are about to submit your work permit application. Let’s say you are completing a Working Holiday work permit application, you will see that you will request the following payments only:

  • IEC Fee: CAD 172
  • Open Work Permit Fee: CAD 100

This does not mean that we won’t need to pay Biometrics or you are exempt from completing Biometrics with your work permit application. Remember Biometrics is MANDATORY for any IEC applicant! This just means that you will be requested to pay for them separately.

You can approach the situation in two different ways:

  • Pay the fees that you are required to pay to submit your IEC work permit application (Biometrics not included) and wait for IRCC to request the Biometrics Fee Payment through a notification.
  • Pay your Biometrics Fee in advance and submit the receipt along with your application, advancing to the request that the officer reviewing your application will do later on.
    • NOTE! Doing this not always works and the officer might still ask you to submit the payment, even though you already did it, but if that’s the case you will have handy your Biometrics Payment Receipt to submit right away through the slot that you will have available to upload the document through your MyCIC account.

All in all, YES, you will still need to pay your Biometrics Fee in a different way, so here we have the steps to submit your Biometrics payment from within Canada!

Receiving your Biometrics Fee Request Letter

As mentioned before, you will be receiving a letter requesting your Biometrics Fee payment that looks similar to the image below. As you can see, they provide you with instructions, so the process will be very straight forward, but we still want to show you the steps, just in case you run into questions during the process!


Step 1 – Pay your Biometrics Fee online

If you are applying for your IEC work permit (young professional or working holiday) from within Canada, we must first start by clicking on this link.

When you click there, you will be taken to a page with different Biometrics fees, that’s when you will select “Biometrics – per person”. You just need to type in “1” and click on “submit”. Exactly as the image below.


Now you will see the summary of fees that you are about to pay. Remember that you must click on Login and Pay. No worries if you do not have an account just yet, you will be allowed to register creating a new one.

Please remember that this account is NOT your MyCIC account that you used to submit your work permit application under IEC, this is an account to just pay IRCC fees.


Now it is when if you do not have a previous account to pay IRCC fees, you need to register by creating your own account with a username and password. You are almost ready to pay for your fees online!

Here you will create a personal username and password, and set up your recovery questions (remember to keep them safe!). Once this step is completed and you have created your own account, you will see again the summary of fees where you will again click proceed to checkout.

Step 3: Select Method of Payment and get your Biometrics Receipt!

Finally, we then choose the method of payment. The most common option is credit card payment, so enter your credit card details and click on the green button Process Transaction, make sure to be very careful before clicking this because after clicking it the transaction will immediately go through and click the back or refresh button will not be able to cancel the transaction.

This is how your Biometrics Receipt looks like.

Step 4: Upload your Biometrics Receipt!

After successful payment and the transaction is complete, you will get the actual receipt of payment that you need to submit through your MyCIC Account and IEC profile as proof to confirm that you have paid for your Biometrics, so that way you can finally receive your needed Biometrics Request Letter.

Once you have this document it will be indeed time for you to login on your MyCIC account that you are using for your IEC work permit application.

There you will have a slot where you can go ahead and upload this document. Remember that just uploading will not be enough, you MUST submit your application following the steps, exactly as you did originally when you submitted the first time. You will now you did it right as you will see a  message on the page.

We have run into situations where for some reason you try to upload your Biometrics receipt to your account but there is no slot open to doing so! No worries! These things happen and sometimes the officers forget, but this does NOT mean that you do not have to match the deadline. The best solution here is to use the webform. This is the best way for you to communicate with IRCC. Just make sure that you provide enough information for them to be able to connect that receipt with your work permit application.

You can do so, by making sure you choose:

  1. Type of application/inquiry (required): International Experience Canada.
  2. There will be a section for you to explain the situation, plus you will need to make sure key details as personal details, your Client ID number (UCI) and your Application number (WXXX). Through this form, you will be able to submit your Biometrics Payment receipt.

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