IEC 2023 Recognized Organization (RO): Everything You Need To Know

This year we will open RO registrations before International Experience Canada (IEC) 2023 season opens. We started accepting applications on Tuesday 29th November 2022 at 10:00 am (PST).

Please note that emailing us regarding our RO Programs in the past does not mean you get preference or have secured a spot for the 2023 IEC season. You must apply after we open in order to be considered. Our quota is very limited so unfortunately, we will not be able to assist all applicants.

If you are planning in securing your RO Working Holiday or RO Young Professional for IEC 2023, read this post and follow the steps below. We hope it’s helpful!

For IEC 2023, we will place all applications in a waiting list, we will start reviewing applications and reaching out to qualified applicants. Please remember that we won’t ask for payment to be on our RO IEC 2023 waiting list. You will only pay once you have met our team and been officially accepted into the program.

1. Application Form on

If you are interested in applying under RO during IEC 2023, you must select the right program:

  • RO Working Holiday 2023: for the Working Holiday work permit category.
  • RO Young Professional 2023: for Young Professional work permit category – employer specific work permit.

If you apply for a different program, we will not be able to find you and your application will not be considered.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to include your most updated information in your application.

2. Confirmation Email – We will be in touch!

Every year we get more applications than the number of RO spots available, so we can not guarantee we will be able to help every applicant.

Once you send us your details, please wait for our response. We will contact you to arrange a meeting together. We always want to make sure we can help, give you a heads-up on the documents you will need, and so on.

IMPORTANT: Submitting an application and receiving a confirmation email does not mean that you have secured an invitation under our RO Quota, it only means that we received your details. After revision, we will contact candidates that qualify until we fill up our quota for IEC 2023.

4. Get your RO work permit secured by registering

Once you are officially accepted into the program, we will send you an invoice for registration and will start working together to prepare for when IEC 2023 opens.

This is a free meeting and once our team confirms you qualify, we will send you instructions for payment. If you do not complete the payment in time or do not reply to our email, we will understand that you are not interested anymore, and will continue contacting our waiting list.

Make sure you read all the instructions before submitting an application. Please do not submit multiple applications. We will filter applicants by their latest submission, so if you apply several times, you will be moving your application down on the list.

Still have questions?

Check out the FAQ section on our Recognized Organization page. Here, we have listed some of the most commonly asked questions from the past year, which we think will be helpful!


Please note that we can not consider applications submitted in the past under a different Stepwest program or if you connected with our team in the past showing interest in the program.

After we reach our quota, we will still maintain our waiting list. We can not guarantee how long it will take for us to connect with you, or if we will be able to help if you, but if you are interested send us your details!

We wish everyone an awesome IEC 2023 season!