Stepwest Stories – Karolina’s Working Holiday in the Canadian Rockies

We are delighted to introduce Karolina from the Czech Republic. Karolina wanted to live and work in Canada. There was way too much to do on the west coast of Canada for nature and outdoor sports lovers like Karolina. That’s when Karolina reached out to us directly and from that moment onwad, all the preparation for her work and travel experience in Canada began!

She secured her Working Holiday permit with us as a citizen from the Czech Republic and arrived in Canada to complete our Working Holiday Ski Resort program in the Canadian Rockies. Just four months after getting in touch with us, Karolina arrived in Canada with her job and accommodation secured in the town of Banff, Alberta – the heart of the Canadian Rockies! Today we’re sharing her amazing work and travel story around the west coast of Canada.

From the Czech Republic to Canada – International Experience Canada

Karolina had never worked outside of the Czech Republic before and wanted to have international work experience abroad. She graduated from her Digital Marketing program 3 years ago and had been working in Brno, CZ since then. After 2 good years of working in her field, she was looking for experience working abroad. She wanted to improve her English and be able to fund her travels in Canada.

The Czech Republic and Canada have a bilateral agreement for youth mobility through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. Karolina tried to take advantage of this, securing her Working Holiday work permit to do exactly what was she dreamed of: work and travel around the west coast of Canada.

Canada is known for our winter seasons, powder, backcountry skiing, and the incredible landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. All of this, combined with the charming mountain towns and superb ski resorts, made Karolina’s decision easy. She wanted to work in the Canadian Rockies, starting in Banff, Alberta during the summer. A great way to settle in Canada before the winter season!

She got in touch with our coordinators who helped her with everything that she needed for her work experience in Canada as part of our Working Holiday Ski program. Our Stepwest team helped her through the working holiday permit application process, resume revisions, and interview preparation. Once her Working Holiday permit was secured, Karolina completed her interviews directly online from home and guess what? We got her dream job in the Canadian Rockies before she even departed for Canada! Karolina landed in Banff, safe and sound, ready to start her new work experience adventure.

Working a Snow & Summer Season in the Canadian Rockies

Karolina wanted to travel during her working holiday in Canada but decided to start working first to ensure she could fund her travels and plans for the 12 months ahead. She started working in Banff, Alberta, as a Junior Hostess at the most prestigious luxury hotel in the Canadian Rockies. She really enjoyed working there and met lots of fellow internationals who also made the Canadian Rockies their new home.

Over the course of the summer, Karolina took advantage of living in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. She bought a second-hand car to explore her surroundings and visit Western Canada’s most famous sights. After work and on her days off she was able to go hiking around Banff National Park with her friends. She also went to the nearby mountain town of Canmore and saw the world-famous Lake Louise. In addition to National Parks, Alberta has many beautiful Provincial Parks and offers plenty of outdoor adventure activities to keep you busy all summer long. There is horseback riding, canoeing, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, abseiling, golfing, and tons of events, outdoor concerts and festivals too. Summer is truly an incredible time to experience the Canadian Rockies and Karolina was able to make the most of it.

After spending some time in Alberta, Karolina wanted to continue traveling and decided to head over to British Columbia. While visiting BC, she managed to make a sweet stop by our office in Vancouver to bring us delicious chocolate from the Czech Republic. Our Stepwest Star was then on to her last stop in Whistler, British Columbia for the winter season.

Whistler is a resort town, located close to Vancouver and best known for Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort. It is the largest ski resort in North America, surrounded by the remarkable landscapes of the Pacific Ocean and Coastal Mountains. It’s a remarkable place to spend the winter season! While in Whistler, Karolina worked at a Christmas shop where they sold decorations, lights and Christmas trees! It was a truly quintessential way to experience Canada in the holiday season.

Living and working at a Resort in Canada

It can a little bit tough to adapt to working in the Canadian Rockies when you’ve never worked in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, nor outside of the Czech Republic. That’s where Stepwest helps. We know exactly what the hiring managers are looking for and we’ll ensure you are well-prepared for your new job.

Karolina discovered that with our support she was able to adapt to her new working environment and really enjoyed living and working in the Canadian Rockies. Whether it is summer or winter, she agrees that the Canadian Rockies are a great place to be. We are very happy that Karolina was able to travel so much around Canada and create memories of a lifetime here!

Karolina is now back in the Czech Republic full of new memories and experiences. And the good news? She is coming back to Canada soon again, under International Experience Canada! We are thrilled to have had you here Karolina and are looking forward to seeing you again!

Finding a Working Holiday Job in Canada

Inspired by Karolina’s work experience in Banff and Whistler? Would you like to travel to Canada and fund your travels by securing a job before coming? We can help!

Our Working Holiday Ski Program guarantees:

  • Pre-arranged jobs in the Canadian Rockies before you land in Canada or your money back!
  • Resume revision and preparation for your interviews with Canadian employers.
  • Assistance with work permits application: Documents, Biometrics, … any step after you receive your Invitation!
  • Online job interviews directly from home.
  • Staff housing guaranteed before departure.
  • Pre-departure orientation to be ready for your arrival to Canada and receive your IEC work permit.
  • Welcome to Canada orientation once you arrive in Canada: Open your Free Bank Account, get your SIN Number, etc..
  • Support from our Canada team throughout your work experience.
  • Plus many other benefits to help you settle into your Canadian work adventure!

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