Engineering Internships Canada

We’ll secure you an international engineering internship in Canada – or your money back! Develop your skills while gaining hands-on professional work experience, boost your resume and build a diverse global network. It’s our guarantee.

Why Choose Stepwest for your Engineering Internship in Canada


Work at the World’s Top Engineering Firms

Canada is the ideal location for your internship abroad. With its many natural resources, a booming construction industry and a well educated population, it is no wonder that Canada attracts some of the world’s top engineering firms to metropolitan cities like Vancouver and Toronto.


Our Internship Network

Our relationships with some of Canada’s most dynamic engineering firms will give you the opportunity to advance your skill set and stand out from the competition when you return home. Our team of experts take care of arranging your internship, so you can focus on preparing for your departure.


Apply Your Engineering Knowledge

Experience, first hand, how engineering theories are applied in real life. Work on projects alongside fellow engineers with your own responsibilities assigned to you. You will also have a designated supervisor who will oversee your entire internship program in Canada.


Boost Your Global Resume

Working in the North American market will make you stand-out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive global job market. You’ll gain professional experience in project management, client services, software engineering, administration, design, site visits, evaluations, planning and senior management reporting.


Our Complete Support

You will receive our services and complete support prior to coming to Canada, to ensure you are well prepared for your engineering internship. During your internship, our team conducts ongoing monitoring of your internship progress, to ensure you are getting the most out of your internship experience.

Our Canada Engineering Internship Programs


1 - 6 months

From C$1,290

Toronto Engineering Internship

Engineers from all over the world call Toronto home, giving you unparalleled opportunities to build a global professional network. Whether you’re looking to intern in chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering (the list goes on), we’ll find the perfect internship for you.


1 - 6 months

From C$1,290

Vancouver Engineering Internship

An internship in Vancouver will allow you to be in the centre of one of North America’s fastest-growing economies. Vancouver is a world leader in sustainable development, technology and innovation, with internships in environmental engineering, software engineering and tons more!


4- 6 months

From C$1,290

Impact Internships

Our Impact Internship Canada program will prepare change-makers with a global perspective, leadership skills and a professional network in social innovation. We want to upgrade your career in engineering through meaningful purpose-driven internships in Canada.

Let’s Get Started!

You can apply for an engineering internship in Canada at any time of the year, however the earlier you start planning, the better.

Please check out our Eligibility page to see if you can apply.


When should I apply for 2023 engineering internships in Canada?

You’ve chosen Canada for your 2023 engineering internship abroad. You’ve made a great decision! Now, you’ll need to start planning. We recommend you give yourself at least three months to secure your internship and apply for your internship work visa. However, we’re now accepting applications for 2023 engineering internships in Canada, so why not start planning now?

What engineering fields can I intern in?

There are internship opportunities in all fields of engineering across Canada. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the options available for your chosen career field.

Take a glimpse of some of our most popular engineering internship fields in Canada:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transport
  • Computer
  • Applied
  • Energies
  • Plus more!

What skills will I learn during my engineering internship in Canada?

That depends on the engineering field you choose to enter! However, generally speaking, during your engineering internship you will gain the following experience:

  • Project management
  • Client services
  • Software skills
  • Administration
  • Design
  • Site visits
  • Evaluations
  • Planning
  • Senior management reporting