Stepwest Stories – Melanie from France & her Engineering Internship Experience

September 3, 2014
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Throughout the year, university students from all over the world come to Canada to gain valuable international work experience through co-op and internship positions. This was exactly the case of Melanie, a young engineering student from France who spent 6 months doing her engineer internship in Canada.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Melanie’s host company is an international energy company with locations across Canada. Melanie had the opportunity to interview with them from her home country and she got the position before she even arrived in Vancouver, as she registered for our Student Internship Program. She knew that an engineering internship in Canada would be a valuable asset to her future career in France, especially given the available industry opportunities here in her field. As she mentioned to Stepwest, this was an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and development in her young professional career.

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During her engineer internship in Canada Melanie worked on several projects, including both office work and fieldwork. “For the fieldwork I did a site reconnaissance development in Britannia Beach as well as a borehole investigation for Columbia Container in the port of Vancouver. My favourite part of this international internship in Canada was working for the oil company, but I also appreciated being able to go on site to understand the results of the tests that my company carried out”, Melanie confirmed during our time with her.

Melanie emphasized that the training and learning opportunities she received during her internship were amazing, as she gained a lot informally through knowledge-sharing with co-workers. She definitely recommends an international internship experience to others: “You can try as many different things as you want and learn from decades of experience within the company”.

Now, right at the end of the summer, it’s time to go back to France to start studying again, after completing her engineering internship in Canada and exploring British Columbia during her time in Canada, like the awesome trip she did to the Rocky Mountains! We wish the best to you, Melanie, in your future career and keep up the good work!

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