Stepwest Stories – Kassandra from The Netherlands & her Graphic Design Internship in Vancouver

April 15, 2015
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Kassandra & her internship in Vancouver 1

Kassandra (24) is a student from the Netherlands who decided to do her Graphic Design internship here in Canada for 6 months. “I studied Restoration & Decoration back home. During those studies I was taught many creative painting and decoration styles, which I loved, but I wanted to turn my passion for design into a career in the visual communications industry, so what better way than to start with an international internship abroad?”

Kassandra confirmed that she always wanted to do a graphic design internship abroad but unfortunately her university didn’t offer this option so she kept postponing the plan. One day her sister came back home from her university, with the news that she could go to London or New York with the costs partly covered by her university, so that encouraged Kassandra to do the same. “At that moment I finished my studies already, got my diplomas, there was nothing in the way to plan the trip. With help from Stepwest and the Dutch agency it quickly became reality”.

She got her Co-Op International visa approved and arrived in Canada last September after we secured her graphic design internship in Vancouver.

“Stepwest helped me out a lot by preparing everything before my arrival to Canada. They made the whole process easy! When I arrived, someone was already waiting for me to pick me up; I had a home ready and an internship in a Canadian company already waiting for me. No paperwork, no unwelcome surprises whatsoever. It was also really good to have a contact in Vancouver to reach out to if needed. Definitely worth it!”

She remembers her first day at her professional internship in a great way, although there was  so much information to process. Luckily she had the help of her colleagues and that helped out a lot! “Getting used to the new environment was easier than expected”. During her international internship in Canada, Kassandra kept the company websites up-to-date, managed the branding of their products for online sales, made good use of illustrator and Photoshop, created banners, new designs for product packages, assisted with sales copy writing, planning, etc.

To our question “Do you think the experience will help you in the future?” Her answer was a convincing: “YES! This experience has given me more confidence about the things I’ve learned at work and also from enjoying and trying out new things.”

Kassandra defined her experience in Canada as a mix of hikes followed by different styles of food, friends from all over the world, parties, concerts, watching Canucks at a splendid game (a player got honored for playing his 1000th game!) and a memorable winter tour to the Rocky Mountains! She definitely enjoyed her stay in Canada to the fullest!

Kassandra & her internship in Vancouver 2

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