How To Apply For A Canadian Working Holiday Visa 2017

October 31, 2016
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International Experience Canada Opening 2015

UPDATE (14th Nov. 2016): First rounds of invitations won’t start until end of November 2016. 

International Experience Canada (IEC) 2017 is now open! This time we didn’t have to wait for the new year. IEC has already announced its opening of the pools for all the candidates interested in applying for a Working Holiday, International Co-Op or Young Professional work permit during IEC 2017! Refer to our IEC 2017 summary Table to see invitation dates, quotas, number of invites sent so far per country for IEC 2017, and more!


How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa Through IEC 2017

PART 1 – Create your IEC Profile to be a part of the Pool of candidates of your country of citizenship! Once IEC 2017 starts with their round of invitations announced for November 2017, if you are one of the lucky ones, you will be invited to start your work permit application! You could receive your invitation any time during the IEC 2017 season, so don’t forget to check your MyCIC Account regularly!

PART 2 – Getting your Invitation to Apply (ITA) in your My CIC account and applying for a work permit within 20 days! 

IMPORTANT: If you created your IEC Profile for International Experience Canada 2016, keep in mind that your profile was automatically deleted by IEC, so you will need to create a new one for IEC 2017. Otherwise you won’t be a candidate for this year. You DO NOT need to create a new MyCIC account, you can use the one you created already if you still have access to it. Otherwise you can create a new account. No worries!, we will show you how! 🙂

Check here our detailed guide about how to apply for your Working Holiday permit for IEC 2017, similar to our guide for IEC 2016, since the process has stayed pretty much the same!

Check our great step by step video Working Holiday Application Guide below to get a better idea of the whole process!

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