Stepwest Stories – Natalia’s Finance Work Experience in Vancouver

August 14, 2020
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Meet Natalia!

Today in our Stepwest Stories, we would like to introduce Natalia from Spain. Natalia is a graduate of the University of Valencia’s Business Management program. After a few years of getting work experience in Spain, Natalia decided she wanted to get international work experience. Canada was her destination of choice!

Natalia had a very clear idea about her goals for working in Canada. Coming to Canada just to study English was not an option. She already spoke English very well. Instead, she wanted to focus on improving her English skills through work experience. Natalia knew that waiting for a Working Holiday permit for Canada was a long term bet since there is no guarantee of getting an invitation. The IEC pool for Spanish citizens is very competitive given the high demand for International Experience Canada in Spain. Instead, Natalia decided to apply for Stepwest’s Business Management College Program with Co-op in Vancouver. This program would give her the opportunity to work in Canada from her very first day. And she wouldn’t have to wait to be lucky enough to get an invitation from IEC.

The Process to Work in Canada

Natalia didn’t want to depend on luck to get her invitation to apply for a Working Holiday (Working Holiday Visa). For that reason, she decided to apply for Study and Work Permits. This way she could plan exactly when she would travel to Canada. Our team provided her with guidance on how to complete the application process by herself from Spain. As a result, her study and work permits were successfully approved for 12 months. Soon she was ready to travel to Canada to start her personal and professional adventure!

Natalia moved to Vancouver, the main city on the west coast of Canada. The location on the coast means nice weather and mild temperatures compared to Toronto or Montreal. Natalia started working in Vancouver as soon as she arrived while she was also studying at the college. She really liked exploring the city. In the winter she enjoyed the snowy mountains and in the summer she went on hikes and hit the beach!

Young Professional as a Financial Consultant

Natalia’s ultimate goal for her time in Canada was to get a job in her professional specialization of finance. She was determined to get this type of work for the co-op (full-time work) portion of her program. Starting a new job is always hard at first but with discipline and perseverance, she began applying to new positions. She did this while working in a part-time job during her studies at the college in Vancouver. Natalia knew it could be difficult to find a job when English is not your first language. But she continued studying and working hard to achieve her goal.

Natalia found a position in financial consulting and accounting. She leveraged her previous work experience in Europe, level of English, and previous studies to land this job opportunity in Vancouver’s financial sector. Before her co-op began, she successfully achieved her goal!

Natalia did an excellent job during her work experience at this company. Her strong work performance encouraged the employer to support her in the application for her Young Professional work permit. This allowed Natalia to secure her new work permit before completing her study program in Vancouver, meaning she could continue working even after she graduated from the college.

By not traveling to Canada on a working holiday visa, instead with study and work permits, Natalia was able to apply for her Young Professional permit without a problem. If she came to Canada on a working holiday visa, she would have needed to wait three months after her work permit expired before she could apply for the Young Professional permit. This waiting period is a requirement set out by International Experience Canada for Spanish citizens. Lucky for her, she didn’t have to wait and could continue working in her finance job!

Road Trip Discovering Canada & the USA!

Natalia took advantage of her free time in Canada. While she was working and studying she went on a road trip. She traveled to the USA visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. This is a very popular trip made by many of our participants. With Vancouver being on the west coast and so close to the USA, there are many options nearby for travel! Two popular trips are through British Columbia and Alberta towards the Rocky Mountains, and south into the United States.

As of today, Natalia is still living in Vancouver. If she decides to return to Europe, she can definitely say she enjoyed her time living and working in Canada to the fullest!

Thank you so much Natalia for always keeping us posted about your accomplishments in Canada. You are most certainly one of our top Stepwest Stories to date! Working with you has been our pleasure and we wish you the very best in your professional career in Canada.

Study and Work in Vancouver!

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