IEC 2024 Recognized Organization (RO) Season – Everything You Need To Know

We want to start early this year! For that reason we will open our Waiting List for our Recognized Organization program before International Experience Canada (IEC) 2024 season opens. You can now join our Waiting List for the next IEC 2024 Season.

Please note that if you applied for our Waiting List during IEC 2023, we will not carry our waiting list from one season to the other, so if you are interested in applying during IEC 2024 you MUST apply again to join the new waiting list for the next IEC seasons, selecting the right program.

Same for information requests, having emailed us regarding our RO Programs in the past does not mean you get preference or have secured a spot for the 2024 IEC season. You must apply after we open our new waiting list in order to be considered.

Our quota is very limited so unfortunately, we will not be able to assist all applicants.

If you are planning in securing your RO Working Holiday or RO Young Professional for IEC 2024, then this post will be of your interest!

For IEC 2024, we will place ALL applications on our waiting list. Remember that at Stepwest, we don’t assign spots first come first served. We review applications and reach out to qualified applicants.

You don’t have to pay to join our RO IEC 2024 waiting list. We only require payment once you have met our team and you have been officially accepted into the program and assigned an RO spot for the next IEC Season! See below the steps on how the process will look:

1. Submit your Application Form on


Make sure to select the program you are interested in:

  • RO Working Holiday 2024: Working Holiday category (open work permit)
  • RO Young Professional 2024: Young Professional category (employer-specific)

Please do not submit multiple applications. We will filter applicants by their latest submission, so if you apply several times, you will be moving your application down on the list.

If you apply for a different program on our selection list, we will not be able to find you and your application will not be considered.

Also, if you are currently in Canada, do not select your nationality as “Canada”. We had participants last year who selected Canada as their nationality, and this lack of attention to detail meant they could not be considered. Remember Nationality is your country of Citizenship, not where you are located today.

Also, please don’t forget to upload your most updated Resume. Your Resume should include your experiences and education, but please don’t forget to include the countries where you completed them. This will be required for IEC as well, so might as well start to get ready, right?

2. Confirmation Email – You are now on the waiting list!


Every year we get more applications than the number of RO spots available, so we can not guarantee we will be able to help every applicant.

Once you receive our confirmation email, we will be in touch if successful!

After our team reviews your submitted application, we will contact you by email to arrange a meeting together to go over the program details and to confirm if we can help you.

Please check your spam especially if you have a “Hotmail” or “Outlook” account. If you are currently in Canada, please make sure you provide a correct contact phone number, as we might call you if we can not reach you over email.

⚠️ Please Note ⚠️

Submitting an application only means that you have joined our waiting list for the IEC 2024 Season. You have NOT yet secured a spot under our RO Quota.

3. Meeting together


Before you pay, we want to understand everything about your situation. This is a FREE meeting with our awesome team!

Our goal is to make sure that you are eligible and know what documents will be required (eg. police certificates) – that way you can start preparing for when the IEC Season opens.

After the meeting, if accepted on the program you will receive a confirmation from our team with instructions to register. Only then will you be ready to pay your fee and secure your place with us!

4. Secure your spot for IEC 2024!


After being officially accepted into the program, we will send you an invoice for registration and will start working together to prepare for when IEC 2024 opens.

If you do not complete the payment before the deadline or do not reply to our email, we will understand that you are not interested anymore, and will assign your spot to someone else!

IMPORTANT – No ITAs until the IEC 2024 Season opens!

We will assign spots before the opening of the IEC Season, so if you register you understand that we have to wait for the new opening to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), We won’t be able to nominate candidates until IEC 2024 stars and we get the green light from IEC.

Still have questions?

Check out the FAQ section on our Recognized Organization page. Here, we have listed the commonly asked questions with updated information, which we think will be helpful!


Remember, we will only consider new applications submitted following the steps above for RO 2024 Season.

If you requested information before or if you received an answer from our team in the past showing interest in the program, will NOT place you in our waiting list. You MUST submit your own complete application.

After we reach our quota, we will still maintain our waiting list for any potential changes during IEC 2024 Season. We can not guarantee how long it will take for us to connect with you, or if we will be able to help if you, but if you are interested send us your details, we will do our best to connect with you as soon as we can.

We wish everyone a great IEC 2024 season!