Stepwest vs. Going Solo: A Seamless Canada Working Holiday

Can you get a working holiday visa for Canada and apply for a resort job on your own? Absolutely! However, for those who seek extra support and want to ensure they land a job in Canada with no risk, Stepwest is here to help. Our team works to make your working holiday dreams a reality, from securing your IEC visa to finding your resort job, including staff housing. We provide a seamless experience that maximizes your chances of success. We will help you decide the best path for your Canadian adventure.

#1: Be Supported by Our Job Placement Team

Expertise Born from Experience

At Stepwest, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our professional job placement team. Since 2010, we’ve assisted countless working holidaymakers, giving us a deep understanding of what employers are seeking. What sets us apart is that our team consists of individuals who have experienced a working holiday in Canada themselves, so we understand the challenges and excitement firsthand.

Personalized Support from Industry Veterans

For instance, our Hospitality Placement Manager boasts over 8 years of recruitment experience. Having conducted interviews with over 1000+ working holidaymakers, they possess invaluable insights into the hospitality industry. Whether you’re aiming to work in a competitive resort town or anywhere in the Canadian Rockies, our team equips you with the confidence to shine during your interview process.

#2: Our Relationship With Well-known Employers

Expansive Employer Network

Stepwest boasts a longstanding relationship with top employers in Western Canada’s premier ski resorts, cultivated over our 14-year history. Gain access to our extensive network of employers, providing you with unparalleled opportunities in Alberta and British Columbia.

Direct Access to HR Managers

Your application and resume are sent directly to HR managers, bypassing the general stream where hundreds of resumes flood in. This direct access increases your visibility and chances of being noticed by employers, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Meticulous Preparation Process

Employers value our meticulous preparation process, including interview training, resume revision, and reference checks. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you stand out from the crowd and are well-prepared for the hiring process.

Collaborative Effort

Securing a job through Stepwest requires dedication and effort from both sides. We collaborate closely with you, providing extensive support and preparation before your resume reaches a hiring manager. Together, we ensure that you are fully prepared and ready to excel in your job search.

High Success Rate

Our rigorous interview preparation sessions result in a remarkable 95% success rate, with participants often receiving job offers after their first interview in Canada. Employers recognize Stepwest participants as committed professionals, excited to join their team!

Guaranteed well-known Employers

When you interview through Stepwest, you’re meeting with employers we’ve known for years, ensuring you’ll work for a renowned employer in Canada. Our longstanding relationships with these employers guarantee quality placements, no matter the destination.

#3: Guaranteed Staff Housing

Enjoy peace of mind with Stepwest’s guaranteed staff housing, which is included with all official job offers made through our program. We collaborate with employers who provide staff housing to their staff, ensuring that you have secure accommodation at a discounted rate upon receiving an offer of employment.

Comprehensive Guidance

Our commitment to your comfort extends beyond securing a job. Explore our informative blog post on staff housing expectations, designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. With Stepwest, you’ll be fully equipped to navigate the housing process with confidence and ease.

#4: Resume Revision

Stand Out from the Crowd

Stepwest ensures your resume stands out, increasing your chances of securing the best job opportunity that aligns with your experience and skills. Our team specializes in making sure your resume fits Canadian standards, so employers are able to identify right away the skills they are looking for.

Leveraging Transferable Skills

Even if your background is outside of hospitality, our team will help you emphasize transferable skills essential for success in the industry. From time management and multitasking to teamwork and thriving in fast-paced environments, we’ll ensure your resume shines with relevant experiences and capabilities.

Ready to Plan Your Canadian Working Holiday?

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#5: Interview Preparation Sessions: Nail Your Resort Interview!

Comprehensive Preparation

We will ensure you’re well-prepared for the interview stage with employers, offering tailored sessions to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel.

Invaluable Insights

During our interview preparation sessions, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into the recruitment process, ensuring you’re fully aware of what to expect. Our experience-driven approach provides a clear understanding of the interview process and the expectations involved.

Practical Assessment

Be ready to demonstrate your readiness and commitment. Our sessions emphasize the importance of active participation and preparation, ensuring you’re fully engaged in the process. We emphasize that success requires dedication and active involvement in our program.

Feedback and Support

Experience our interview preparation sessions where you’ll receive personalized feedback from our team. Engage in group activities, interview practice, mock interviews, and receive employer information sheets to enhance your preparation. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident and well-prepared, enabling you to approach your interview with your hiring manager with confidence and composure.

#6: Time-Saving Guidance

Guided Application Process

Stepwest saves you time by providing comprehensive guidance throughout the entire application process. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, our team will lead you through each step, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience.

Expert Insights and Advice

Benefit from our extensive experience since 2010 in assisting working holidaymakers. We offer valuable insights not only on how to apply for positions but also on how to present yourself to employers effectively. Our expertise adds significant value, ensuring you present yourself in the best possible light.

Tailored Recommendations

Say goodbye to blindly applying to numerous roles without feedback. Stepwest advises you on suitable positions and places your resume directly in front of hiring managers. Our personalized approach saves you time and increases your chances of securing interviews for roles that align with your skills and interests.

Preparation for Success

Once your resume is in the hands of hiring managers, we don’t stop there. Stepwest helps you prepare for interviews, ensuring you’re ready to showcase your strengths and suitability for the role. Our goal is to streamline the process and maximize your chances of success, saving you time and effort in your job search.

#7: Trip Preparation with Our Travel Coordinators

Expert Guidance

Once you’ve secured a job offer in Canada, our travel coordinators, former working holiday participants themselves, ensure a seamless transition. Benefit from their firsthand experience and comprehensive pre-departure orientation, covering immigration procedures and essential documentation.

Optimized Experience

Our dedicated travel coordinators prioritize your experience, providing personalized support to maximize your time in Canada. From insider tips to logistical assistance, they ensure a stress-free and memorable working holiday adventure.

#8: Our Reputation

Market Leading Reviews and Ratings

Stepwest boasts over 400+ 4.9-star Reviews on Google, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Discover firsthand experiences from our participants by checking out our Google reviews, where you’ll find glowing testimonials of their experiences working with our team.

Canada Government Recognition

Stepwest is a Recognized Organization (RO) designated by the Government of Canada under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. This designation signifies our adherence to rigorous standards and our role in facilitating meaningful work and travel experiences for Canadian and foreign national youth. Through IEC, participants can embark on life-changing adventures through open work permits (Working Holiday) or employer-specific work permits (International Co-op and Young Professionals), funded by their work experiences.

Working holiday programs with Stepwest:

At Stepwest, we specialize in working holiday programs in Canada. We’re travellers, just like you, so we take great care in making it as easy as possible to get to Canada! We offer a range of different work experience programs to suit your needs so that nothing can get in the way of your adventurous spirit. Let’s take a look at what you can do with a Working Holiday in Canada:

Winter Resort Program

Our Winter Resort Working Holiday initiatives offer a fantastic chance to secure employment prior to your arrival in Canada. With our network of leading Canadian ski resorts, we'll support you in securing a job and ensuring guaranteed staff accommodation, all while you're still in your home country.

Start Dates

September - November


6 - 24 Months


CAD $1190

Summer Resort Program

Our summer resort program is ideal for immersing yourself in the wonders of a Canadian summer. Offering a range of job options, a summer working holiday allows you to experience the beauty of Canada while also earning income. Plus, you have the option to extend your stay for the winter season!

Start Dates

May - June


6 - 24 Months


CAD $1190

Canada Send Of Package

Our Canada Send Off Package facilitates the acquisition of your Working Holiday Visa (open work permit), serving as an exhilarating entry point to an unforgettable journey. While job placement isn't part of the package, it's a superb choice to initiate your return to Canada affordably.

Start Dates

Year Round


12 - 24 Months


CAD $490

Choosing Stepwest To Help Navigate Your Canadian Working Holiday Journey

We’re here to help you navigate the exciting journey of securing a Working Holiday permit in Canada. Check your eligibility here, and if your country has available spots, we’ll be thrilled to assist you in securing your visa as part of our program, at no extra cost. Keep in mind that availability may vary by country, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for personalized guidance. We’re eager to keep you updated on your eligibility and the next steps, ensuring you have all the information you need to embark on your Canadian adventure, so get in touch!

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