Working Holiday Visa Canada: A Guide For New Zealand Citizens

Are you a New Zealander looking for an exciting adventure with a Working Holiday Visa Canada? This visa allows New Zealand citizens to live and work in Canada for up to 23 months. Imagine spending your summer working at a picturesque lakeside resort or your winter at a top ski resort in the breathtaking mountains of British Columbia or Alberta. Earn money to support your travels while experiencing Canada’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. This guide covers everything you need to know about the Canada Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand citizens. Let’s make your working holiday in Canada a reality!

Start Dates



5-23 Months


From $490

How New Zealand Citizens Can Work in Canada: International Experience Canada (IEC)

New Zealand citizens interested in working in Canada can apply under the agreement called International Experience Canada (IEC), which allows them to work in Canada for up to 23 months. For New Zealanders, there is only one category (and it’s the most accessible one!)—Working Holiday. This translates into an open work permit, meaning you can work anywhere in Canada and change employers freely.

Through IEC, youth can work to fund the trip of a lifetime. The program offers a unique opportunity to enhance both personal and professional development through international experience, giving you a competitive edge in the job market. Whether you want to spend your summer working at a beautiful lakeside resort or your winter at a renowned ski resort, the Canada Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand citizens opens the door to endless possibilities.

Requirements for New Zealand Citizens Applying for the Canada Working Holiday Visa

To apply for the Canada Working Holiday Visa under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, New Zealand citizens must meet the following criteria:

  • Age: Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Passport: Possess a valid passport issued by New Zealand.
  • Criminal Record: Clean criminal record certificate (for New Zealand is free and you get it by email, easy enough!)
  • Health Insurance: Coverage for the duration of the 23-month work permit.
  • Proof of Funds: Demonstrate access to at least CAD 2,500 (approximately NZD 3,000) to cover initial expenses upon arrival in Canada.

Meeting these requirements ensures eligibility for the Canada Working Holiday Visa, allowing New Zealand citizens to work and explore Canada for up to 23 months.

What’s Included


  • Working Holiday Visa assistance
  • Interview & Resume Revision
  • Guaranteed job in Canada before travelling
  • Subsidized staff accommodation
  • Guidance on travel insurance
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Dedicated travel coordinator throughout your trip preparation

In Canada

  • Support to make sure you receive your work permit with no mistakes!
  • Welcome orientation
  • Assistance getting your free bank account, SIN, Canadian phone number and everything you need before heading to the resort
  • Assistance booking your Transport to the resort
  • Ongoing support throughout your time in Canada

The Fun Stuff!

  • Canada is the capital of outdoor adventure: hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, camping… try them all!
  • Have a true Canadian experience and make lifelong friendships
  • Earn money (CAD$15/hour upwards) working full-time
  • See Canada’s best wildlife: black bears, moose, wolves and grizzlies (from a safe distance)

Ready to Move to Canada from NZ?

Thinking of making the leap from New Zealand to Canada with Stepwest’s Working Holiday Programs? It’s a fantastic way to experience Canada affordably while gaining international work experience. Reach out to us today, and our team will gladly answer all your questions!

Visa Categories and Maximum Duration For NZ

You can participate once in the International Experience Canada program for up to 23 months. Repeat participation isn’t permitted under regular IEC rules, so it’s advised to maximize your experience from the start.

Since the pandemic, the Government of Canada has implemented changes. Participation is now contingent upon travelling to Canada and activating your work permit upon arrival. If you receive your Port of Entry Letter (POE) but do not travel to Canada to activate it, you can reapply.


Number of Visas for Canada for NZ Citizens

For the IEC 2024 Season, there are 2,500 working holiday permits available for New Zealand citizens. The pool remains open throughout the IEC season with available spots, making it relatively easy for NZ citizens to secure a working holiday permit for Canada.

Cost and Fees for the Canada Working Holiday Visa For NZ Citizens

If you’re a New Zealand citizen applying for the Canada Working Holiday Visa, it’s important to consider the associated costs:

  • IEC Application Fee: CAD $172 (NZD $206 approx.)
  • Open Work Permit Fee: CAD $100 (NZD $120 approx.)
  • Biometrics Collection Fee: CAD $85 (NZD $100 approx.)
  • Additionally, there is a Stepwest Working Holiday Program fee.

Your biometrics, once collected, remain valid for 10 years, meaning you won’t need to provide them again if you apply for another working holiday visa for Canada in the future. These fees cover the necessary processing and administrative costs associated with your application for the Canada Working Holiday Visa, ensuring you can embark on your Canadian adventure smoothly.

Stepwest Working Holiday Programs: Perfect For Kiwis!

Summer Resort Program

Our summer resort program offers an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of a Canadian summer. Featuring diverse job opportunities, you can earn income while exploring Canada's natural wonders. Additionally, if you decide to extend your stay, you can seamlessly transition into the win

Start Dates

May - June


6 - 23 Months


CAD $1190

Ski Resort Program

Our Winter Resort Working Holiday program is designed to help you secure employment at top Canadian ski resorts before you even arrive in Canada. We partner with leading resorts to ensure job placement and provide guaranteed staff accommodation, offering peace of mind and a seamless transition into

Start Dates

Sept - Nov


6 - 23 Months


CAD $190

Send-Off Package

Our Canada Send Off Package assists you in obtaining your Working Holiday Visa, marking the beginning of your exciting journey to Canada. While job placement isn't part of the package, it provides an affordable starting point for your Canadian adventure.

Start Dates

Year Round


12 - 23 Months


CAD $490

Earnings and Payment in Canada: What You Need to Know

Considering a working holiday in Canada from New Zealand? Here’s a practical overview of wages and payment:

Minimum Wage and Pay Frequency

Canada’s minimum wage varies by province. As of June 2024, Alberta sets it at $15 CAD (approx. NZD $16.45) per hour, while British Columbia offers $17.40 CAD (approx. NZD $19.10) per hour. Payments are typically bi-weekly, ensuring regular income during your stay.

Benefits of Working Holiday Resort Programs

Join our Working Holiday Resort Programs for added convenience. We assist in securing jobs that often come with staff housing, where rent is deducted directly from your paycheck, simplifying your finances while in Canada.

Earnings Potential

Jobs at Canadian ski resorts usually offer full-time hours. Expect to earn around $2,300 CAD per month (approx. NZD $2,400), providing an opportunity to save and gain valuable international work experience.

Working at a Canadian ski resort offers practical benefits and allows you to experience Canada’s diverse landscapes and cultures firsthand, making your working holiday both productive and memorable.

Police Certificate Requirement for New Zealand Citizens

For New Zealand citizens applying for a Canada working holiday visa, obtaining a Police Certificate or Criminal Conviction History from NZ is essential. The process is straightforward and free of charge. You can request it online using your passport as identification and completing the Authority to Release form. Processing is typically completed within 20 business days, with a majority processed in under a week.

Biometrics Process for New Zealand Citizens

For New Zealand citizens, completing biometrics is a crucial step in the visa application process:

Appointment Requirement: Biometrics appointments at VFS Auckland are mandatory. Ensure you have received your Biometrics Request Letter before scheduling. It’s important to plan ahead, especially if you reside far from Auckland in places like Wellington, Queenstown, or Christchurch. VFS Auckland operates specific hours from Monday to Friday, so securing a confirmed appointment is essential to avoid travel inconveniences.

International Options: If you’re not currently in New Zealand, you can complete your biometrics at designated centers worldwide. Our team assists participants in locating the nearest biometrics collection site. For example, if you’re a New Zealand citizen residing in Australia (e.g., Sydney, Perth, Melbourne), you can conveniently complete your biometrics there.

Move To Canada From NZ FAQ's

Does a NZ citizen need a visa to work in Canada?

Yes, while New Zealand citizens can travel to Canada with a simple eTA, a work permit is required if you plan to work.

If you’re aged 18 to 35 and hold a valid New Zealand passport, you can apply for a working holiday visa under International Experience Canada, allowing you to work in Canada for up to 23 months.

How long can New Zealanders work in Canada?

Up to 23 months, as long as you bring insurance for 23 months at the time upon arrival in Canada. Remember your insurance will mark how long you can work in Canada. 

Do I need to be a registered student to do work and travel experience in Canada?

No, you don’t need to be a registered student in New Zealand to be eligible for this working holiday visa.

I am a NZ passport holder but currently working temporarily overseas, can I still apply for a Working Holiday Canada?

Yes, New Zealand does not impose any limitations or restrictions on citizens living outside of their country. This means that as long as you hold a valid NZ passport, you are eligible to apply for a working holiday in Canada.

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