Why a Summer Camp in Canada is Just the Beginning: Your Next Adventure Awaits with a Working Holiday

After an epic summer camp of 3-4 months, filled with unforgettable experiences and new friendships, it might feel like the end of a chapter. But what if this chapter could lead to an even more exciting adventure in Canada? Imagine transitioning from the vibrant days of summer to an awe-inspiring winter season, or even loving summer so much that you want to plan ahead for your return to Canada next summer. Well, the good news is that this is possible through one of our Canada Working Holiday Programs.

From Summer Camp to New Adventures

Once the awesome summer camp comes to an end, an exciting world of new international adventures awaits. While some people might already have plans back home, for those who are ready to embark on their next adventure, we have the perfect plan!

The best way to continue your Canadian journey after summer camp is by working at a Canadian resort location, whether in the Summer or Winter, under a visa called the Working Holiday (International Experience Canada). This opportunity allows you to experience Canada’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture year-round, making it an ideal next step after your summer camp stint.

Please note that to participate in a summer camp in Canada, you must be from a visa-exempt country. Only certain countries have agreements with International Experience Canada, so be sure to check our eligibility page here to see if we can assist you with a Working Holiday permit after your summer camp experience.

Scenario A: Planning Ahead Before You Start Your Summer Camp Experience

If you’re someone who loves to plan and wants to make the most of your time in Canada, this scenario is for you. By preparing in advance, you can seamlessly transition from your summer camp experience to an exciting winter season working on the stunning west coast in Alberta or British Columbia.

1. Sort Out Your Summer Camp Experience First!

  • Focus on securing your summer camp position in Canada. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and preparations in place for a smooth and enjoyable summer.

2. Secure Your IEC Working Holiday in Advance

  • With the help of Stepwest, apply for and secure your International Experience Canada (IEC) working holiday visa before you even start your summer camp. We will guide you through the application process to ensure you receive your approval letter in time.

3. Find an Awesome Job for the Winter Season

  • We will assist you in finding a fantastic job at a resort location. Whether you’re interested in hospitality or certain resort-specific roles, we’ve got you covered.

4. Move to a Resort Location for the Winter Season

  • After your summer camp experience, seamlessly transition to your new job on the West Coast. Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Alberta or British Columbia as you dive into a winter wonderland, making unforgettable memories and gaining valuable work experience. We offer job placements in resorts such as Whistler, Banff, Revelstoke, Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and many more!

By planning ahead, you can ensure a smooth and exciting transition from your summer camp to a working holiday, allowing you to experience the best of what Canada has to offer year-round.

Scenario B: Returning Home After Canada Summer Camp & Planning Your Return Via A Working Holiday Visa

If you’ve fallen in love with Canada and you’re longing for more, returning home doesn’t have to mark the end of your journey. Instead, consider applying for a working holiday in Canada, which will grant you an open work permit for up to 24 months to live, work, and travel in this beautiful country. Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Return Home After Camp Canada

  • Depart from your summer camp experience with a heart full of happy memories, ready to find your way back. Reflect on the wonderful time you had and start dreaming about your next Canadian adventure.

2. Get in Touch with Us

  • Utilize our expertise and resources to navigate the process of organizing a working holiday and obtaining an open work permit. Whether you want to return for another summer or embark on a winter resort adventure, Stepwest is here to help you every step of the way.

3. Plan Your Return to Canada

  • After enjoying your summer camp experience so much, you decide you want a deeper experience in Canada. Whether it’s later in the same year or at a later date, now is the time to get started on your Working Holiday application. Explore both summer and winter options and apply as soon as possible with our assistance to secure your spot.

By following these steps, you can turn your love for Canada into a longer, more immersive experience. With a working holiday visa, the adventure doesn’t have to end – it’s just beginning!

Ready to Plan Your Canadian Working Holiday?

Ready to turn your summer camp memories into a year-round Canadian adventure? Get in touch and let’s make your working holiday dreams a reality!

Working holiday programs with Stepwest:

At Stepwest, we specialize in working holiday programs in Canada. We’re travellers, just like you, so we take great care in making it as easy as possible to get to Canada! We offer a range of different work experience programs to suit your needs so that nothing can get in the way of your adventurous spirit. Let’s take a look at what you can do with a Working Holiday in Canada:

Winter Resort Program

Our Winter Resort Working Holiday programs provide an excellent opportunity to secure employment before arriving in Canada. Through our connections with top Canadian ski resorts, we'll assist you in landing a job and securing guaranteed staff accommodation, all from your home country.

Start Dates

September - November


6 - 24 Months


CAD $1190

Summer Resort Program

Our summer resort program is perfect for enjoying an incredible Canadian summer. With diverse job opportunities, a summer working holiday lets you explore Canada's beauty while earning money. Best of all, you can extend your stay for the winter season!

Start Dates

May - June


6 - 24 Months


CAD $1190

Canada Send Of Package

Our Canada Send Off Package helps you secure your Working Holiday Visa (open work permit) and is an exciting gateway to an unforgettable adventure. Although no job placement is included, this is a fantastic option to kickstart your return to Canada on a budget.

Start Dates

Year Round


12 - 24 Months


CAD $490

Embrace Your Next Canadian Adventure

From the laughter-filled days of summer camp to the snow-covered slopes of a Ski Resort or even returning for a double dose of summer, your Canadian adventure awaits. Whether you’re planning ahead before your summer camp experience or dreaming of returning for more after your unforgettable summer, the possibilities are endless with Stepwest.

With our expertise and support, transitioning from summer camp participant to working holiday traveller has never been easier. Explore the stunning landscapes, immerse yourself in Canadian culture, and build lifelong memories as you embark on this next chapter.

Don’t let your Canadian journey end with summer camp – let it be just the beginning of a year-round adventure. Reach out to us today and let’s start planning your next chapter in Canada. Your working holiday experience awaits!

Working Holiday Canada After Summer Camp Canada FAQ's

I am doing a Summer Camp in Canada, when should I apply for the Working Holiday Visa?

That depends on when you want to begin your work experience in Canada:

Winter Resort Program: If you plan to start working right after your Summer Camp during the Winter Season, it’s crucial to ensure you have your Working Holiday approval letter before departing for your camp experience. At Stepwest, we can assist you with this process.

Summer Resort Program: Alternatively, if you aim to return to Canada for the next upcoming Summer Season to work, you can initiate the process toward the end of your summer camp experience. This typically occurs later in the year before the IEC season begins

I am currently completing a Summer Camp in Canada, am I still on time for the Winter Resort Working holiday experience?

Too tight! The only reason is that the hiring processes start very early in the summer already for the Winter, plus you would need to apply for your working holiday visa for Canada and processing times can take up to 8 weeks, but what about we start planning the next Spring/ Summer Season in Canada? 

Already have POE for my Working Holiday, but I will be entering Canada as a visitor for my Summer Camp experience. How do I activate the working holiday?

You will need to leave and re-enter Canada, this could be through a quick trip to the USA, our most recommended way! Some of our participants take the opportunity to fly to the USA, Mexico or Costa Rica to have an awesome vacation before they start their working holiday experience in Canada. 

Is there an age limit for a Working Holiday in Canada?

Yes, there are age limits, but this will depend on your nationality, but overall the age limit goes from 18 to 30-35 years old!

Do I have to be a student to apply for a Working Holiday like required for a Summer Camp in Canada?

No! To apply for a working holiday in Canada you must meet the requirements outlined here.

Can I travel after my summer camp in Canada before I start my working holiday experience in Canada?

Absolutely! As long as you have a defined start date and know when you need to relocate to Staff Housing, you’re free to travel and explore Canada. Many of our participants take advantage of this opportunity, spending 2-4 weeks sightseeing before their start date, ensuring they’re fully prepared and eager to begin earning money!

Where can I work in Canada after my Summer Camp?

We offer Resort locations in AB or BC. Both Our Winter Resort Program & Summer Resort programs offer job placements in there are provinces at some of Canada’s most famous resorts. We work with the best employers in western Canada. Whether you are interested in Skking fresh powder or enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery during Canada’s summer months, there’s an opportunity out there for you!

Will I be working with children like during my Summer Camp?

No, the jobs we offer through our employers most of the time are not children-oriented or as caregivers, most of the roles are focused on Customer Service, Guest Services, Food & Beverage, etc.. 

Plus remember that in Canada to work with children you must make sure to complete a Medical Exam when applying for the working holiday visa itself. We will remind you of this when you work with us! Even when we can not help you with a role working with children, maybe you want to leave the door open in case the opportunity arises during your working holiday experience. 

Can I get a job placement with my friend/partner like with Summer Camp Canada?

Yes! Make sure to let us know with whom you are planning to work in Canada, your friend, or your partner, so our team can make sure they know you guys would love to travel together. 

At Stepwest we do our best to find employers that are eager to hire 2-3 participants who travel together, however, we cannot guarantee friends or couples being placed at the same employer, as employers hire based on the needs and the roles available.


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