All you need to know about the Working Holiday Visa Canada for Greek Citizens

Welcome to the world of the Working Holiday Visa Canada for Greek Citizens! The Canada Working Holiday Visa program exists with the intention of facilitating cultural exchanges under International Experience Canada (IEC), giving Greek nationals aged 18 to 35 the opportunity to live and work in Canada for up to 24 months. No matter your reason for adventure, this Canada work and travel opportunity is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons and explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Start Dates



5-12 Months


From $490


Greece is part of the International Experience Canada program (IEC). With this agreement, Greek citizens have the opportunity to participate in the IEC program twice, totalling up to 24 months in Canada. Repeat participation is not allowed under regular IEC, so participants must select from the available categories: Working Holiday, Young Professionals, or International Co-Op – maximizing their experience abroad.

Working holiday visa:

Focusing on the most accessible work permit, the Working Holiday program provides an Open Work Permit, allowing you to work anywhere in Canada for up to 12 months. There is a quota of 160 Working Holiday visas for Greek citizens for Canada.


To qualify for the working holiday visa for Canada, Greek citizens must meet the following criteria:

  1. Passports: You need to have a valid Greek passport.
  2. Health insurance for the full 12 months of your stay in Canada. You will need to show proof of this when you enter Canada.
  3. Funds: Demonstrate access to at least CAD 2,500 (€1,800 approx.).
  4. Return ticket or proof that you have enough funds to purchase one.

Are you ready to make you way from Greece to Canada?

Working Holidays offer an exceptional opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Canadian life without exceeding your budget. Additionally, you’ll acquire valuable international work experience while exploring a new country and its culture. If you’re ready for an unforgettable adventure, get in touch with our team so we can answer all your inquiries!


The cost for a Canada Working Holiday Visa is approximately CAD $357 (€250 approx.) These are the IEC application fee and an open work permit fee, along with a final collection fee for your biometrics, which is essential for processing your Canadian work permit application. The breakdown is as follows:

  • IEC Fee: CAD $172 (€117 approx.)
  • Open Work Permit Fee: CAD $100 (€68 approx.)
  • Biometrics Fee: CAD $85 (€58 approx.)

Your biometrics remain valid for 10 years, so there’s no need to redo them if you reapply for another working holiday visa for Canada.


Winter Resort Program | Working Holiday Canada

Imagine yourself experiencing a winter surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes at Canada’s top ski resorts. With our Ski Resort Working Holiday program, we take care of arranging ski season employment, accommodation, visa assistance, and more! Ski jobs offer far more than just a chance to earn a living; they offer access to an unforgettable adventure! Wouldn’t you love to spend your days skiing through pristine powder and your evenings relaxing by a cozy fireplace? But don’t forget to get your applications in on time! Applications for winter working holiday close on May 31st, so you’d better get started soon. If there’s one thing for sure, it will be well worth it. This is more than just a job; it’s a way of life.


Saving up for a Summer Holiday

Engaging in a winter working holiday program is an excellent strategy to accumulate savings and explore Canada during the summer season. Canada shines just as vibrantly and beautifully in the summer, boasting countless breathtaking sights to behold. Dedicate some time to discover it all through an unforgettable road trip, a journey you can plan and fund during the ski season.


All sorts of activities

Canada offers an awe-inspiring winter landscape. Its immaculate slopes across the country attract travelers worldwide, resulting in a vibrant international community. During a ski resort working holiday, you'll find yourself immersed in the heart of the excitement, with access to all of Canada's finest winter activities right on your doorstep!


Be sure to get ahead

Remember, time is running out! To qualify for a ski resort working holiday, you must submit your application before May 31st. The Canada working holiday quota for Greece is only 160 visas, so it's essential to begin planning now.

Working Holiday Canada: Summer Resort Program

Whether you prefer the summer or you’re hoping to stay on after a winter resort program, our Summer Resort Working Holiday Program matches you with fulfilling summer positions that align with your interests. We provide support in obtaining your Working Holiday Visa and securing employment at one of Canada’s top resorts. Additionally, our resort programs include guaranteed staff accommodation and numerous other perks. If you’re eager to dive into the thrill of exploring turquoise lakes, majestic mountains, and scenic beaches during your downtime, this is your opportunity! We’ll assist you with all the logistical arrangements to make it happen.


You could stay on after winter!

If you've recently completed a Canadian winter working holiday, it wouldn't be unexpected if you're eager to extend your stay. Summer resort programs offer an excellent opportunity to prolong your adventures, allowing ample time to discover your surroundings during two distinctly contrasting seasons of the year.


Abundance of activities

While Canada is renowned for its winter charm, the summers boast their own enchantment. Whether you're scaling majestic mountains or kayaking across crystal-clear lakes, Canada offers a haven for nature enthusiasts year-round. With a summer resort working holiday program, everything you desire is within reach.


Lots of different jobs

The appeal of working at a Canadian resort lies in the wide array of employment opportunities it offers. Whether you're interested in roles like a room attendant or a pastry chef, there's something for everyone. Working at a Canadian resort during the summer is an excellent opportunity to earn income and gain valuable work experience in one of the most stunning environments imaginable.

What’s Included


  • Working Holiday Visa assistance
  • Interview & Resume Revision
  • Guaranteed job in Canada before travelling
  • Subsidized staff accommodation
  • Guidance on travel insurance
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Dedicated travel coordinator throughout your trip preparation

In Canada

  • Support to make sure you receive your work permit with no mistakes!
  • Welcome orientation
  • Assistance getting your free bank account, SIN, Canadian phone number and everything you need before heading to the resort
  • Assistance booking your Transport to the resort
  • Ongoing support throughout your time in Canada

The Fun Stuff!

  • Canada is the capital of outdoor adventure: hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, camping… try them all!
  • Have a true Canadian experience and make lifelong friendships
  • Earn money (CAD$15/hour upwards) working full-time
  • See Canada’s best wildlife: black bears, moose, wolves and grizzlies (from a safe distance)


Minimum wages in Canada varies depending on where you are working. Since November of 2023, Alberta’s minimum wage has been $15 CAD per hour, while British Columbia’s is $16.75 CAD.  Additionally, British Columbia’s minimum wage will rise to CAD 17.40 on June 1, 2024.

In our Working Holiday Resort Programs, we assist you in securing jobs with staff housing, which means your rent will be deducted directly from your pay-check. This eliminates the need for monthly payments. Additionally, ski resort positions are usually full-time, ensuring you earn at least $2,300 CAD.

The Working Holiday Visa Canada is an incredible opportunity to explore a new country, whilst earning a potentially significantly higher income. It allows you to save money, gain international work experience, and fully immerse yourself in Canadian life.


If you’re looking to move to one of Canada’s famous cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal etc, for your working holiday adventure, then consider our Send-Off package. We’ll assist you with everything you need to get ready for your Canada Working Holiday Adventure! Our team is here to assist you to make sure you know how to get started to secure your working holiday visa. Also to support you with resume revision, helping to ensure that you’re seen by Canadian employers upon arrival. Moreover, we offer a complete pre-departure orientation so you know what to expect upon arrival in Canada to get your work permit, stress free! We’ll even help you set up your free bank account and organize your social insurance number (SIN).

For Only $490 CAD, let us take the stress away from your Working Holiday Canada Visa application process so you can focus on the fun stuff! Applications for our Canada Working Holiday Send-Off Package are open year-round so start planning your adventure now!

Ready To Take The Plunge & Start Planning Your Working Holiday Adventure To Canada?

Diving into the Canadian experience with Stepwest offers Greek citizens a chance for personal growth, career advancement, and loads of unforgettable moments. Whether you’re eager to hit the slopes of western Canada with our winter resort program, soak up the summer vibes in our Summer resort program, or kickstart and streamline your journey with our send-off package, we’re here to make your transition smooth and exciting. With Stepwest by your side, get ready for an adventure like no other in Canada. Καλωσήρθατε στον Καναδά!

Move To Canada From Greece: FAQ's

I'm from Greece but currently reside outside the country. can i still apply for a working holiday visa for Canada?

Unlike certain other European countries, Greece imposes a residency requirement for participation in the program. It’s crucial to adhere to this criterion, as any oversight may result in a rejection from the Immigration Officer, stating:

“It has been determined that you do not currently reside in Greece.”

If you’re temporarily residing elsewhere, you can still be eligible to apply. As long as your permanent address is in Greece, you can seek any of the three IEC work permits.

However, if you possess a Greek passport but have never resided in Greece, you won’t qualify for any IEC working holiday visa.

Where can I do my biometrics?

You can complete your biometrics process in Athens, without needing to visit the Canadian embassy. Canada operates Visa Application Centers (VACs) worldwide, including in Athens, where you can tick off this to-do. Keep in mind that appointments are necessary, and you can only proceed with this step once you’ve received your Biometrics Request Letter.

If you’re not currently in Greece, don’t worry; you can have your biometrics done in any other country. It’s not compulsory to use the VAC in Athens. We assist our participants in locating the nearest center for them to complete their biometrics. Feel free to refer to our post on Canada’s biometrics requirement for working holiday visa applications.

Does a Greek citizen need a visa to work in Canada?

Absolutely. In order to work in Canada, a work permit is required. If you meet the eligibility criteria, a Working Holiday visa (work permit) is the easiest way to get a Canadian work permit.

Can a Greek citizen live and work in Canada?

Yes, if you are between the ages of 18 and 35 years and meet all the requirements, you can get access to a working holiday visa in Canada that will allow you to work anywhere in the country for up to 12 months.

Do I need to be a registered student to do work and travel experience in Canada?

This depends on which IEC visa category you are applying for. The working holiday visa does not require you to be enrolled in studies. Additionally, this is an open work permit, so you can work for different employers during the 12 months you are in Canada. When it comes to Co-op and Young Professional visas, however, the requirements are a little different. For example, these are both fixed work permits, meaning you will need to have a job offer from a specific employer, whom you will work with for the duration of your stay. Additionally, you will need to be enrolled in studies to obtain a Co-op visa.


I am a Greek passport holder but currently working temporarily overseas, can I still apply for a Working Holiday Canada?

Yes, Greece does not have any limitations or restrictions for citizens living outside of Greece. What that means is that as long as you hold a valid Greek passport,m you are eligible to apply for a working holiday in Canada.

What are the financial requirements for Greek citizens to apply for a working holiday visa?

You don’t need proof of funds for the actual working holiday permit application to be approved. However, upon arrival to Canada, you must show you have at least CAD 2,500 (1,800 euros approx.)

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