Ideally situated between the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the Canadian Prairies, Calgary is a city that has an abundance of natural resources and endless outdoor activities at its doorstep. This is matched with a young, growing population, which is evident with its rapidly advancing economy and high level of construction. If you decide to choose Calgary for your international internship in Canada then you will be greeted with the famous Canadian hospitality in a city that has more sunny days than anywhere else in Canada. The locals are friendly, welcoming and will give you the best Canadian experience possible throughout your time here.

Due to its proximity to rich, natural resources, Calgary is a prime location to gain professional internship experience in various industries, offering but not limited to:

Calgary is recognized as a world leader in the oil and gas industry, which has paved the way for many engineering, mining, construction, manufacturing and trading companies to establish themselves across the city. Therefore, taking a professional internship here will allow you to experience, first hand, a thriving North American business culture.

Apart from the immense growth in natural resource industries, Calgary is also home to an outstanding and dynamic tourism and hospitality sector with multiple attractions both in the city and its surroundings. You can leave the city and be in some of the world’s best ski resorts in just 1 hour. Areas such as Banff and Lake Louise are just a short drive away so you can spend your free time hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding or even kayaking on one of the glacial lakes. Don’t be surprised if spot a bear, elk or even a moose during your adventure in Canada’s nature capital!

The downtown core of Calgary is a modern, thriving metropolis that gives a great variety from the wilderness, which all around. A growing mix of top restaurants, busy cafes and year-round tourist attractions makes Calgary one of the top destinations for visitors to Canada.

Taking a business internship in Calgary will allow you to experience all that Canada has to offer – with the perfect mix of city and rural life all in the same place. During your international internship in Canada you will be assigned a designated supervisor from your host company, who will guide and mentor you throughout your internship placement. You will learn North American business cultures, develop your industry skills, add international experience to your resume and make life-long friends from around the world. With Stepwest you can participate in the Student Internship Program in order to complete your internship in Calgary – one of Canada’s fastest growing cities or have a time of your life in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with our Working Holiday Resort Program in Canada.

If you are looking for a professional business internship as a part of your study, or you would like to gain international work experience to add to your resume, take a look at our Internship Programs in CanadaWorking Holiday Programs in Canada or Contact Stepwest for more info!

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