Canada’s largest metropolis and one of the most iconic cities in North America, Toronto is a central hub for industry development, tourism and ethnic diversity. Although it has the highest population in Canada, Toronto still retains its friendly nature and sense of community. It’s proximity to other major cities and its advanced transport network has led to the expansive development of core industries. The team here at Stepwest has developed strong and long-lasting relationships with some of the most dynamic Toronto based host companies in various sectors, offering but not limited to:

This broad variety of industries allows for an outstanding opportunity to obtain an international internship in Toronto in a professional setting. We ensure that each company will provide you with the best possible professional experience with the guidance of a designated supervisor, ongoing monitoring and support throughout your internship placement in Toronto. You will get the change to learn North American business cultures, develop an in-depth knowledge of your industry and add a life-changing Canadian experience to your resume.

As a city, Toronto is made up of many distinct communities and sectors, which gives a huge variety of things to see and do. Explore the residential communities in the suburbs, the giant skyscrapers of the commercial core or the many ethnic corners of Downtown. Due to its diversity, Toronto has an abundance of international culture, old and new architecture, outstanding education institutes and a friendly, safe environment. During your time here, you will not only develop your professional skills from your international internship but also discover everything Toronto has to offer from networking and making life long friends.

Toronto’s driving economy and large population has led to many multi-national companies to base themselves around the city.  This has also allowed for the growth of many smaller start-up companies with endless opportunities for career development. Therefore, its no surprise that taking an internship in Toronto will provide you with an excellent experience that will help you stand out from your peers when you return home to further your career.

With Stepwest, you have the option of partaking in the Student Internship Program in Toronto, which is open year round and available in over 20 different industries. If you are looking for an international business internship as a part of your study, or you would like to gain professional experience to add to your resume, take a look at our Internship Programs in Canada or Contact Stepwest for more info!

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