Architecture Internships

An international architecture internship in Canada is the perfect way to develop your portfolio and add an amazing experience with a North American firm to your resume.

Guaranteed Architecture Internship in Canada

Architecture is renowned for being one of the most challenging, fascinating and rewarding professions around. Pursuing a career in architecture will enable you to channel your creativity with science to shape the environment around you, improve people’s lives and earn a decent income. It’s the best job in the world.

However, architecture is also one of the most competitive and highly sought-after careers in the world. There are thousands of highly qualified candidates and graduates who need to find a way to stand out from their peers. This is where an international internship in Canada comes in.

As Canada is such a young country, there is a huge influx of new buildings and modern design concepts. This paves the way for a new generation of young, ambitious architectural firms who educate and inspire interns throughout the year.

If you are studying architecture, you’ll have already started developing wide-ranging skills in engineering, design and art. Now it’s time to put your knowledge into action. An international architecture internship in Canada will allow you to learn about different cultures, interact with architecture and develop the skills to create an environment to meet their needs – all of which are essential skills to build a successful career in architecture.

Why Choose Stepwest


Guaranteed Architecture Internships in Canada

We are passionate about helping you achieve personal and professional development, and will guarantee you the perfect architecture internship in Canada – or your money back! First, we’ll get to know your interests, work experience and goals, then our team of experts take care of arranging your internship, so you can focus on preparing for your departure.


Use Your Internship Towards Academic Credits

If you are currently studying architecture and want to use your internship towards academic credits, we’ve got you covered. From the internship agreement between your academic institution and your host company to the required report at the end of your internship, we make sure your work experience aligns with your university or vocational school requirements.


Our Internship Network

As a new country with many natural resources, a booming construction industry and a well-educated population, it is no wonder that Canada is attracting a plethora of ambitious architecture firms to cosmopolitan cities like Vancouver and Toronto. We have partnered with some of Canada’s most dynamic architecture firms, who thrive off new and energetic ideas brought forward by international interns.


Develop a Strong Portfolio

During your placement, you will learn from senior architects who will assist and guide you through your architecture internship. You’ll get to take part in exciting team projects, get an insight into North American company culture, learn about different environments and cultural focuses, and ultimately expand your knowledge in architecture – all of which will make you stand out.


Our Complete Support

You will receive our services and complete support prior to coming to Canada, to ensure you are well prepared for your international architecture internship. During your internship, our team conducts ongoing monitoring of your progress, to ensure you are getting the most out of your work experience.

Our Canada Architecture Internship Programs


1 - 6 months


Toronto Architecture Internships

Toronto’s multicultural roots make it a perfect place for an architecture internship. See how Toronto’s diverse cultural heritage has shaped the city, build a global professional network and gain hands-on work experience working in one of North America’s leading cities.


1 - 6 months


Vancouver Architecture Internships

Hailed as one of the most liveable cities in the world, Vancouver’s unique geography is responsible for its diverse architecture. From landscape design to sustainable construction, learn how different geographical elements, weather patterns and cultures have influenced the architecture of Vancouver.

May onwards

1 - 6 months


Summer Architecture Internships

Put your summer break to good use! On our Summer Architecture Internships Program, work for architecture firms and organizations across Canada and spend your time off experiencing an epic summer in Canada!


1 - 6 months


Green Architecture Internships

The need to protect resources and conserve the planet is only becoming more important. On our Impact Internships Program, join green architecture firms and work on projects focused on environmentally sustainable design and development.

Want to Learn More?

Want to learn more about our Architecture Internship Programs? Read our FAQs below or fill in the form and one of our team will be in touch to answer all of your questions.


How do I apply for an international internship visa for Canada?

First, you will need to check to see if you are registered as a student back home from one of the IEC countries that has an agreement with Canada. Next, your host employer has to take mandatory steps for you to apply for an international co-op visa, which includes paying a fee to the Government of Canada. Our host employers are aware of the process and are willing to support you through these steps to receive your visa. We cover this in more detail in our guide on Applying for the Canada International Co-op Visa.

What will I learn during my architecture internship abroad?

This really depends on the type of architecture internship you choose. However, broadly speaking, architecture interns will always assist with day-to-day tasks such as research and building logistics, as well as larger projects, such as presentations and making models.

What type of international architecture internship can I get in Canada?

We work with host employers in a broad range of architectural fields – no matter what your interest, we will find an architecture internship for you! For a flavour of what to expect, here are some of our most popular architecture internship placement fields: 

  • Commercial Architecture: work on the commercial design of public and private projects such as office buildings, shops and schools. 
  • Private Properties / Property Development: Hone your skills working on single-family residential architecture projects. 
  • Historic Preservation and Conservation: Work on projects to maintain or redesign spaces. 
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Architecture Design
  • Interior Design: Channel your creativity by renovating or designing new spaces for commercial and private clients
  • Green Architecture: Work on environmentally sustainable architecture projects from sustainable construction, creative materials and green design.

How do I apply for an international architecture internship in Canada?

It’s a good idea to have a portfolio to apply for an architecture internship in Canada, typically presented in a pdf or on a website.

Even though this is not an entry ticket, you can show potential host companies in Canada what you have achieved. It’s not a problem if you do not have professional work experience, you can showcase your university work. Host companies in Canada don’t expect to see super-advanced portfolios if you apply for your first or second internship in your architectural career.

Remember: It is important to show that you have some real skills to add to any architectural firm, but more importantly, strive to demonstrate potential and eagerness to learn. Showcasing a genuine interest in the companies makes a difference.

How do I prepare for an architecture internship in Canada?

Architecture firms receive and review many applications for jobs or internships throughout the year. Therefore, you must ensure your resume and portfolio shine – don’t put in everything you have done to date, just the best of the best! But don’t worry, our team will review and refresh your resume and portfolio so that you stand out from other applicants.

How can I ensure I make the most out of my architecture internship in Canada?

Hit the ground running! By which we mean talk to your supervisor about your goals, your strengths and what you can bring to the company. Be flexible and try to join your team for as many things as possible: activities, get-togethers, and client visits (you get the gist). You will have the opportunity to gain experience in the day-to-day activities of myriad fields: design, construction, administration, client relations, presentations, and so on. Lastly, be proactive so you can attend meetings with clients and consultants right away!