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September 26, 2014
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If you’re under the age of 35 (or 29 in the case of Mexico) and from one of many eligible countries around the world, getting a Working Holiday Visa for Canada will allow you to experience living and working in Canada, without undergoing the usual costly expenses of finding work sponsorship in advance or going on an expensive university exchange program.

That’s the reason why Claudia, before graduating in Mexico City with a degree in International Business, made the decision to apply for her Working Holiday visa to Canada! She wanted to improve her English and get some international experience abroad, but according to her, it wasn’t until she arrived in Vancouver that she fully realized what a great decision she had made by coming to Canada!

We met with Claudia to find out her opinion about our Working Holiday City Job Program right before the end of her international experience in Vancouver. It was impressive to see how much her English level had increased during her stay, as she herself confirmed that her English was not very good when she first arrived.

Claudia told us that she decided to join our Working Holiday City Job Program to be sure that she will have a job guaranteed shortly after her arrival; that way, she could start to work right away and quickly get an income so she could better pay for her expenses during her stay. With Stepwest help, Claudia landed an interview with a souvenir shop in the trendy and touristic neighbourhood of Gastown, and thanks to her positive personality and can-do attitude, she quickly showed the employer that she was the best candidate for the position. Thanks to the job she had during her Working Holiday in Canada, Claudia was able to not only pay for her expenses, but also to take short trips so she could discover more about the country; all while acquiring valuable work experience and speaking English for at least 8 hours a day with customers from all over the world.

After a whole year of travelling and work experience in Canada, Claudia is going back to Mexico now, but she doesn’t discard the possibility of coming back to Canada at some point in the future, as she mentioned in the video, she really loves Vancouver. Check out the video below to know more about Claudia’s story!

If Canada is at the top of your travel wish list, or if you have an urge to go travelling but aren’t sure about putting your career on hold, then a Working Holiday Program in Canada might just be the best decision for you! At Stepwest, we guarantee a job position and we make sure you have the easiest start to your international experience in Canada! Get to know more about our Working Holiday City Job Program on our website, and don’t hesitate to Contact us if you are thinking about applying for a Working Holiday Visa in 2015!

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