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May 1, 2015
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Paulina Stepwest Stories Working Holiday - Resort Job

Stepwest Stories is back! This month we’ve been kept pretty busy thanks to many countries in International Experience Canada Opening, but we didn’t want to start May without releasing our Stepwest Stories instalment for the month!

May’s star is Paulina from Chile! We had the pleasure of meeting her last month of February during our time in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. As you will remember from our other Stories, in February we spent some time in Banff, where we met our participant Javier from Chile and also we stopped by Sunshine Village where we met Oskar from Sweden during his Working Holiday Program in a Canadian Resort, and now it was time to stop by Yoho National Park.

We decided to meet Paulina in Emerald Lake, located in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, one of the largest of Yoho’s 61 lakes and also one of the must see tourist attractions in The Rockies; you cannot leave that area without taking in the breathtaking view of that lake.

For us it was quite a white lake, since our visit was in the middle of February and all the landscape was covered in white – it was really impressive! You really feel small when you look up and you see the slopes of the surrounding mountains and that huge lake totally white!

Paulina arrived to Canada a year and a half ago from Santiago, Chile. She spent around one month in Vancouver taking English classes to get ready for her adventure in the Canadian Rockies, since her English was not really fluent at the beginning. She did her job interview from our Stepwest office in Vancouver and right after she got hired by a Resort, located in the Canadian Rockies, she packed her stuff and left Vancouver to spend the rest of her Working Holiday Canada year there!

We arrived to the parking area of the staff accommodation of the Resort and we were smacked in the middle of Canadian nature! But let us tell you now that you can forget about the idea that your cell phone from Vancouver will be working there! You won’t have any signal! So we arrived there and we could not see her so we started to wonder how are we going to reach her! There are many different houses for all the staff and the resort is quite big… But the first person that we asked if he knew her was able to tell us where she was! We were so surprised! Paulina confirmed that since they all work at the same resort, everyone considers each other as their new Canadian Family! We took the Resort bus with her and went to Emerald Lake and Paulina took some time to show us around and tell us about her wedding! Yes, she got married with another Working Holiday guy from Ireland and that’s the reason why she is still in Canada!!

Paulina mentioned that people spend a lot of money to get married in the summer there, facing the turquoise water of Emerald Lake, and since she was working there for a year, the Resort wanted to give them both the gift of organizing their wedding for free. What a dreamy Canadian wedding!

During our time with Paulina, we had the chance to get her feedback about her Working Holiday experience in Canada: How can someone get used to living in the middle of the nature of the Canadian Rockies? How was her experience with us? What she would recommend to other people from around the world who are thinking to come to Canada during their Working Holiday program? Find out all her answers in the video below!

“I would totally recommend to come to Canada through Stepwest, especially if English is not your first language, it makes things way more easy!”

Now that you know what Paulina thinks about her international experience in the Rocky Mountains with our Working Holidays Resort Job Program, we are sure you feel interested to join our program too! At Stepwest, we guarantee a Resort job position and we make sure you have the easiest start to your international experience in Canada! Get to know more about our Working Holiday Resort Job Program on our website! If your country has already opened their Working Holiday application process, Contact us today to learn more about your job opportunities in Canada! Start your working holiday off on the right foot with arriving with a job secured!

Find out more about the Stepwest Stories we have shared from our previous participants on our YouTube channel!

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