Stepwest Stories – Martin, Business Essentials in Vancouver

June 30, 2015
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Stepwest Stories - Martin, Business Essentials Vancouver (June 2015)

Photo: Martin Kominek

The end of the month is here, so it is time for us to share stories from one of our participants in Vancouver who works hard and plays harder! Welcome to Stepwest Stories!

Mountain biking, outdoor activities, presentations, hard work and partying are the words best used to describe Martin’s stay in Vancouver, Canada. Martin arrived at our office last March from the Czech Republic. Determined not to let feelings of monotony overpower his life, Martin decided to take a break after he graduated in Europe and find something new. He always wanted to come to Canada and he describes it as a mountain-biking paradise.

He decided to put together two goals: 1) international study and work experience, and 2) mountain biking. To do this, Martin enrolled in our Business Essentials program through his agency in his home country and applied for his Canadian visa. A few months later, here he is. He has just landed in Vancouver with six months ahead of adventures, study and work in Canada.

“I just had the urge to do something different so I decided to have my international study and work experience abroad by myself in Canada, the best country to practice mountain biking, my hobby.”

Martin has now finished his study semester at Canadian Career College. He found the classes really interesting since the College was a doorway through which to meet great people, great teachers and also expand his knowledge of the English language. After completing his program, Martin confirmed that he feels very comfortable speaking in public to a variety of audiences; “We worked a lot in groups. That was great because this is how it works in real working life. The good thing about the College is that the teachers are still carrying out their own Business Projects so they bring all that knowledge to the class!”

Martin is dynamic and ambitious and he also works part-time to support himself. While interning in the insurance industry, Martin works at a bike store in downtown Vancouver and enjoys world-famous views of Vancouver’s beautiful mountains and ocean scenery in his free time.

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We have known Martin since day one and his arrival in Vancouver. After just four months, we can see how he has flourished living in the city: going to classes, mountain biking, working at the bike store and getting to know Canada during his free time. It is exciting to see how our participants, in such a short period of time, build their lives in Vancouver. Martin is always surrounded by good friends, and due to his great work at the bike store, everyone knows him there and jokes about his great opportunity to go and live abroad. In Martin’s case, this means spending summer in Vancouver which is a big deal!

We asked Martin about his thoughts about his experience with Stepwest and we are glad to hear that he felt supported during his whole stay. Martin has still some time left until he goes back to Europe, so we are sure he will be squeezing his days to make the most of his stay in Canada.

“I would definitely recommend Stepwest, they will help you with everything! They are all almost your age and have had the same experience in different countries, so they know how are you feeling (…) You have someone to rely on and you feel supported.”

Get to know more about Martin´s experience in our video below, he doesn´t miss any important details about what is to live, study and work in Vancouver! Check it out!


At Stepwest, we want to thank Martin for all his help. Since his first day, he had no doubts accepting the opportunity to join in on the adventure of creating a video that would summarize his experience working and studying in Canada through our Business Essentials Program. He has always been happy to help and has even been giving us ideas for the video. It has been a pleasure to create this episode of ‘Stepwest Stories’ with you, Martin! Our Stepwest team is sure you will have a great career and you will achieve anything you set your mind to! Thank you for your energy and smiles. It was a pleasure having you as Stepwest participant!.

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