Stepwest Stories – Valeria from Costa Rica & her Working Holiday in Canada!

March 3, 2016
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Valeria Brenes Stepwest Stories Costa Rica

To start the month of March off this 2016 we wanted to bring back our Stepwest Stories. Due to the busy ending of 2015 when we focused on projects like getting our new Recognized Organization Status, moving to our new office, launching our new outbound department called Stepabroad, we couldn’t launch a new post about our Stepwest Stories until now! For those who are not familiar with it, through Stepwest Stories we highlight one of our program participant’s experience, as this the best way to share with others their working holiday experiences in Canada.

To kick start our new series of Stepwest Stories, we are glad to present the experience of Valeria from Costa Rica. How can someone coming from a paradise like Costa Rica, where you live among stunning Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, with a warm weather all year long, decide to come to Canada for a Working Holiday and live up North? Well, here we have the best example of a “tica” in Vancouver, who not only rocked it professionally during her experience working as a culinary arts professional, but also feels like Canada is her new home now!

“Canada was always on my list of places to visit! When I realized that as a Costa Rican I could apply for a Working Holiday visa, I was sure I wanted to make the step! I chose Vancouver mainly because of its mild weather, I had no idea how amazing the city is at the same time! Today I would not change it!”

When Valeria arrived to Canada with her education and experience in the Culinary Arts, it was really easy for her to start to work in one the best restaurants of the city, specializing in seafood, where Stepwest guaranteed her position upon arrival through our Working Holiday City Job Program. Valeria mentioned to us that she never felt that it was difficult for her to get used to living in a new city by herself, although she had to leave behind her family and friends temporarily to experience Canada. And although at the beginning it was difficult, her positive attitude and her desire to make the most of her Canadian Working Holiday experience allowed her to have an excellent experience in Vancouver, where she was doing what she loves for work!

We asked Valeria if she thinks that this opportunity was worth it for her, to this she answered without doubt:

“Of course, my working holiday in Canada took me out of my comfort zone, not only professionally but also personally. I didn’t know I would be able to do so many things on my own, starting form zero, where you need to work out your opportunities. Working hard in Canada gives you the best results and the experience is helping me have an international curriculum that will help me in the future!”

Valeria arrived to Canada almost a year ago with us at Stepwest, and we’re glad to see that now she is going into a new opportunity under a young professional visa, which relates to her studies and experience in culinary arts. This allows her to extend her stay for another year, since she have the full support of her company, so Valeria will stay in Vancouver for another amazing year of work experience in Canada.

We are really proud to see how Valeria has made the most of her opportunities while in Canada and how her life has changed since she arrived to Vancouver with our Working Holiday City Job Program! She tells us:

“I would recommend Stepwest 100%. I arrived and after a week in Canada I was already working in the position that I was in until the very end of my working holiday! Nothing to say but how good Stepwest treated me during my year there, really organized and always making sure I was doing right! Totally worth it to count on Stepwest.”

Valeria Brenes Stepwest Stories Costa Rica 4

Like the sound of this? Find out more about our Working Holiday Programs and the rest of the Stepwest Stories we’ve shared from our participants here!  The 2016 International Experience Canada and its Working Holiday permits are already in process for all 32 countries with a youth mobility agreement and we’re taking applications already. Don´t miss this opportunity and participate yourself in a working holiday in Canada

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