Stepwest Stories – Felicia from Moldova and her Study & Work experience in Vancouver!

August 17, 2016
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Stepwest Stories Felicia I

We are really happy to introduce you to our Stepwest Star this month- Felicia, who comes from small country in southeast Europe called Moldova! Felicia is a Public Relations and Communications Graduate from University of Moldova, and Canada has always been number one on her list of countries she wanted to live in.

Without a shadow of doubt, Felicia is our most determined participant who proves that when you have a dream you can make anything possible. After a few unsuccessful study and work permit applications, she didn’t give up. She got in touch with us at Stepwest and with our help and the help of an independent consultant; she was successful and is now enrolled in one of our Study & Work Programs in Vancouver, Canada. 

“Getting information about the program was easy, thanks to the help and assistance Stepwest provided. They were able to make sure that my study and work permit application was successful, by suggesting I use an immigration consultant to guide me through the whole visa process.”

She arrived to Vancouver in May 2016 when she started her 1-year Business Essentials Program. From the first day she stepped foot in the office, we could feel she was a hardworking and ambitious girl who knew exactly what she wanted to gain out of her International experience in Canada. She told us that the study and work program was the best choice for her because she would be able to gain the required business knowledge, followed by the practical work experience in the field. She knew that colleges in Canada have a good international reputation for high quality education, so as she says: you get the full package!

Felicia is enjoying her study period, has a lot of fun with all her international classmates and is greatly improving her communication skills. While she studies at the College in Vancouver, Felicia  can work up to 20 hours per week, until she finishes her study term and after that, she will be able to work full time until she graduates!

This young Moldovan girl finds the time between her studies and work in Vancouver, to explore and before she came to meet us, she had just returned from a trip in Calgary, Alberta. When we asked her how she feels about living in Vancouver, her eyes opened up and she said : “BC 100% deserves its slogan  “The best place on Earth”, they don’t call it beautiful British Colombia for nothing!!”

Video by Devin Olsen

She is also very impressed with the diversity of cultures in Vancouver and says it proves how welcoming and warm  Canadian people are. She said she found it easy to adapt to the new lifestyle and meet people in Vancouver while in her study program. Everyone has been so willing to help and she finds that people are interesting in knowing more about her culture.

We were so happy to know that Felicia found us at Stepwest helpful and she says:

“If you want an unforgettable, safe, and enjoyable experience in Canada, I recommend that you do not to hesitate to choose Stepwest. I did my research, and everybody here is so helpful and caring. What I like most about Stepwest is that they do not just make promises, they keep them.”

It is always so amazing for us to meet young people like Felicia who are following their dreams and to know that we took part in making it all possible. If you are still hesitating on whether or not you should take the opportunity to study abroad take Felicia’s advice:

“Dare to dream big! Everything is possible; I promise you! Don’t let the fear of unknown keep you from the best version of yourself. Embrace the adventure, and follow your heart.”

“Îndrăznește să visezi, pentru că totul este posibil, crede-mă! Nu lăsa frica de necunoscut să te îndepărteze de ceea ce ești și meriți cu adevărat să fii – fericit! Savurează aventura și ascultă-ți inima.”

We want to thank Felicia for finding time to connect with us during her very busy study period. She is truly an inspiration and we are sure she will have a great career and achieve anything she sets her mind to! It is a pleasure having her as Stepwest participant and we look forward to seeing where her next dream will take her! Thank you for your energy and positive attitude Felicia!

Are you thinking about your next experience abroad? Why not study and work in Canada? Did your country run out of the Working Holiday visas or is it simply not amongst the 34 International Experience Canada countries but you still want to gain work experience in Canada? Participate in our Business Essentials Program or College & Internship in Hospitality Management Program and take the opportunity to gain professional work experience in Canada! Get to know more about the program and the Stepwest Stories of other participants, like Martin from Czech RepublicSilvia from Mexico or Charlotte from Germany!

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